PVP Plugin

This is partially a suggestion and more of an announcement.
Developers CANNOT add new gamemodes or new features to /go pvp since the plugin they use has an unknown source and they need to make their own plugin for them to add newer gamemodes. Its not a small task and we understand that but in 3 years of suggesting it, NxDs gave us a date for March 2021. Now he has gone off for a break and the pvp plugin has been further delayed due to the bugged bedwars release. We insist that you finish the pvp plugin before fixing bedwars as it is very clear that PVP has a much larger playerbase than bedwars. Bedwars has received multiple updates over the past years but the pvp plugin has never been changed.
Work on the PvP plugin so the server can once again have a better chance of revival, thank you.

#7969 - Status: open

1 week ago by FxtalityNova for GameModes