Leg key

Can someone add Legendary key to the vote crate like in other gamemodes? Would be nice thanks.

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3 months ago by colleo for Skyblock



Personally I think the Skyblock server could use a reset.

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1 year ago by OnlyDelta for Skyblock


reset skyblock


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1 year ago by Nezeri_ for Skyblock



All I know is every year is the reset but its more than 1 year and you guys are sayin you have other priorities how does that make sense?

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1 year ago by iownyourmom for Skyblock


Pvp + Mine

I want the old pvp that have a big cube that you can mine ores in it pls bring it back

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1 year ago by Abskhiron for Skyblock



About Skyblock, I will give some feedback about this,

- The Economy is 100% messed up. 1 Spawner is around 20-30m in skyblock and the top is never can be reach because they boosting each
other.That's no point to play skyblock because you will never get top unless you pay for those spawners and someone boost you (most
important).For an example,FlipperLicker.He spent around 300-40.. See more

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2 years ago by wtfjian for Skyblock


Reset skyblock

Reset pvp in Skyblock it's so bad

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2 years ago by AbdoKing_ for Skyblock


/is addlevels to MultiTool

Pretty much self-explanatory, adding the /is addlevels to the multitool would be great, whenever you right-click a chest the blocks in there gets added to is levels.

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2 years ago by NotableOne05 for Skyblock


reset skyblock no?


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2 years ago by y9m for Skyblock


I want to get a rank.

I want to get this rank in order to improve the server conditions and deliver this server to the largest number of members and I can volunteer to post this server on my Instagram i have 3.000 followers

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2 years ago by YS_SY for Skyblock


(New) block(s)

Dear ExtremeCraft,

I think that composters and observers would be very helpful for auto farms with sugarcanes and standard crops. Players can spend a lot of valuable time harvesting and replanting instead of something useful like getting iron from grinders. Why not let villagers and Observers doo the hard work for you? That is what I think.


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2 years ago by jl45d for Skyblock


Party pff member limit

i am saying to increase party pff limit to 60-90 instead of 30 , well i know that you guys have added a limit soo that there is less team fights (big team fights) and there will be more teams, not only one powerful team but 30 member limit is too short atleast increase it to 60-90 and i have a question ,if u wanted to add limint for this, then why do u guys sell party slots??, if limit says .. See more

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2 years ago by Nubye for Skyblock


Make The Arena bigger and lower the combat tag time

Dieu can you ask your builder team make a new pvp arena for skyblock? it is too small for a big team fight .I hope u can make it more bigger and also low down the combat tag time.

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2 years ago by wtfjian for Skyblock


allow ender peal and pvp mine in arena

first of all hi, i want to allow ender peal in pvp arena that was realy cool, also make combat time from 30 to 15 sec 30 to much, and if it is possible from next seasson to make pvp mine again it was realy good, thanks for reading

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2 years ago by minerisOPkiler11 for Skyblock


Fix/fixall sign

It's a sign for the /fix and /fixall command for players that do not have the necessary rank to use the commands. There's a usage cooldown and it costs in-game money for the use. I think this is a very good way to support/help f2p players keep going. Basically players right-click the sign with the tools/armors they want to repair or they can simply click the repairall sign.

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2 years ago by Enryurii for Skyblock


The arena and the combat tag

The arena has been changed and most people don't like the new arena. I would tell you to change it back to the old one(last season). The combat tag has been increased to 30 seconds and that's just absurd. When people want to get out of the area, they are going to have to wait 30 seconds till they can and that's just way too much. No one likes it and people complain about it all day. .. See more

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2 years ago by Mathreflexes for Skyblock


Skyblock Reset

Hello staff team,
Could you reset skyblock at 6 months of it running (in 1 and a half months)? There's no chance for new players to reach island top at this point of this season because the island level needed to reach it is too high. The economy is already broken too, random spawners went from 30mil to 55-60mil and more in like 2 days. Everyone is stuck, we can't compete or actually d.. See more

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2 years ago by Raulpokermaster for Skyblock


Reset skyblock pvp arena

Reset skyblock pvp arena like you guys did to survival pvp arena last season

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2 years ago by zgch for Skyblock


30 sec ct? Really?

30 sec ct in factions is ok bc not only is there a massive pvp arena, but faction fights are way more coordinated on each side but in skyblock REALLY?? 30 second combat tag??? Rods and snowballs aren’t hard to get and the pvp map is tiny compared to both, yeah there’s parkour but bring a kb2 or a punch 2 and parkour isn’t a problem to knock people off of. Fights in skyblock are normally small th.. See more

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2 years ago by zgch for Skyblock


Make resets more frequent

Resets happen annually I think, been a while since I’ve looked. Making resets more frequent will definitely increase players for skyblock, considering after about 3-4 months of reset it goes right back to being a dead zone and on top of that, after a little while /is top becomes something that’s completely unreasonable, more frequent resets will rack up more players AND give those who want to ma.. See more

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2 years ago by zgch for Skyblock


/is settings

Island Settings should be Allowed To be changed by island owners even if they don't have a rank because It's their island and It would be nice to toggle use of lever/button and other stuff as people can come to your island and use your farms/ personal areas .

Thank You

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2 years ago by x0x_Devil_x0x for Skyblock



What The Fuck is wrong with People ?? It is the second time Someone Just Entered my island And pushed my Resource pets into Lava. Like What The Fuck. The first time I reported No one answered and I let it go, but this time, both of my pets were found in lava when I logged in. It is no more funny. I asked a staff and I was suggested to lock use of lever.....and guess what, I need a rank for that .. See more

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2 years ago by x0x_Devil_x0x for Skyblock



The pets you can acquire in the game (fisher cat, butcher, engineer) are awkward to move around! If you could “re-egg” your pet, (maybe a limited amount of times per pet depending on rank) that would save a lot of people stress.

Thanks for taking the time to read.
Kind regards
Alexander Barrett
(aka SimplyAlexYT)

#7431 - Status: open

2 years ago by SimplyAlexYT for Skyblock


50 Million island level color

Currently, the color for 50+ million island levels is gray in chat, which is very lame. My suggestion is to add a unique color for the 50+mil island level number in chat, making it stand out.

#7337 - Status: open

2 years ago by EricGoesMiao for Skyblock



Are you kidding me? I remember when skyblock was very fun and active full of people trying to make great islands. What do you have now? People SPAMMING golden blocks, diamonds, anything to give them points to get euro vouchers? Spawners costing over 20mil when they used to be 4mil! A skyblock island with lvl 41639056! Euros in the HUNDREDS place given out for free each week if you just paid to w.. See more

#7275 - Status: open

2 years ago by inklxng for Skyblock