Chesthoppers: Adding Red and Brown Mushrooms in the Item Configuration

Subject title is self-explanatory.
In an attempt to make a mushroom-cow grinder, the chest hoppers serve no additional assistance to auto-sell loot gained by mushroom cows. This is a suggestion in which would enable users and players to use the mushroom-cow spawners that they have obtained from the grid.

If any disadvantages arise from the addition of mushrooms in the Item Configuration menu.. See more

#9535 - Status: open

6 months ago by HqppyFeet for Skygrid


Quest Master

There should be a quest master and quest crate on skygrid as there are on other gamemodes.

#9372 - Status: open

9 months ago by RPGMuffin for Skygrid


Extra /pv in the store

I was thinking it'd be cool if you could buy extra private vaults in the store.

#9358 - Status: open

9 months ago by RPGMuffin for Skygrid


Void Auctions / It's Mechanism

Hello , Personally I feel like the void auctions would be more interesting if, the void auction included ANYTHING that fell into the void.

Since returning to ExtremeCraft I have noticed that no one partakes in void auction bidding, as most of the time all you get is a starter kit from someone new falling.

My Interest : For void auctions to include anything that falls into the void whether .. See more

#9331 - Status: open

9 months ago by RPGMuffin for Skygrid


Bring back Craftable Notch Apples

I resently started playing on skygrid again, and i see now that you cant craft Notch apples anymore. Pleas bring them back.
and maybe we will get some action in the pvp arena. for like it is now its Basicly noone in the pvp arena.
Miss the fun PvP aspect of the skygrid experience. i know you can buy em with tokens but takes forever to get enough for only for 1 desent fight.

#9220 - Status: open

11 months ago by 54321null for Skygrid


ChesHopper Golden Nuggets

ChestHoppers with AutoSell Upgrade are not capable to autosell Golden Nuggets, because they are not sellable in the /shop. It is "possible" to sell them via the Condense Upgrade, but this season it costs 10000000... Which is x100 as expensive as it was in last season.
Please do make Golden Nuggets sellable, or lower the price for the Condense Upgrade (10 mil is absurd).


#9216 - Status: open

11 months ago by gigioiop for Skygrid


Stackable mobs

Make mobs stackable again. The lag has increased enourmously with non stackable mob's grinders

#9207 - Status: open

11 months ago by gigioiop for Skygrid


Error in vkeys rewards

I think that there is an error in the rewards of vote keys in Skygrid. As rewards there are Nexus Helmet, Nexus Chestplate, Nexus Boots and Legendary Leggings. I do think that Legendary Leggings are an error and creators did want to insert Nexus Leggings.

#9206 - Status: open

11 months ago by gigioiop for Skygrid


Void Auction timer

I was playing around on Skygrid when a void auction popped up, I bid abt 20k and was winning up until the very last second when someone waited and outbid me. I had no time to react or bid higher which screwed me out of some pretty good stuff. So the people in chat and I came up with a solution. There should be a timer after each bid that increases the limit by 5seconds or something around there... See more

#9192 - Status: open

12 months ago by Sixstringmiles for Skygrid


Stackable spawners.

Why can’t we have the ability to stack spawners onto each other, so if you shift right click the same spawner onto the already placed one it will just double x2 x3 x4 and u can place as many as you want.The mobs will just spawn faster and at bigger rate.Just make a 6x6 spawner area so people can’t rly abuse it.

#9183 - Status: open

12 months ago by GoogleMeetings for Skygrid


Sweet berry

Can Sweet Berries be added to the Chesthoppers

#9171 - Status: open

1 year ago by ExcitedSquab for Skygrid



Reset Skygrid Because No One Playing There Right Now, And Lots Of Players Quitting From Extremecraft Because All Servers Are Already Dead, If You Guys Reset Skygrid, Your Server Can Have More Active Members then now! :)

#8371 - Status: closed - See reply

1 year ago by Lion_Blood for Skygrid


Spawn griefing

So today SkyGrid spawn was griefed with lava casting, so i reported it and it got fixed but i found a way to stop lava cast griefing. And it goes like this, lava/water can flow into spawn protection so you can make lavacast from wild all the way to spawn, but water/lava cant flow into claims so if helper or the owner would claim the whole spawn protection are no lava casts could be made in that .. See more

#8110 - Status: open

1 year ago by Stanicko for Skygrid


Creeper Head

In Skygrid it is quite impossible to obtain a Creeper Head. In 12 months I didn't get any!
Therefore it is even impossible to create any of the banners that require a Creeper Head to be crafted.
Please add it in the /shop or add something that can turn a Creeper into a Charged Creeper, like a Lighting Sword!


#7950 - Status: open

1 year ago by gigioiop for Skygrid


Add /claim fly to skygrid

It would be nice to have /claim fly on skygrid so it would be easier to build in your own claim and make you claim look better. It would not diminish the concept of skygrid since you would still need to go out and get spawners and materials.

#7928 - Status: rejected - See reply

1 year ago by AtypicalMist for Skygrid


I don't understand it

Pls give a better understanding book to how to survive

#6655 - Status: open

2 years ago by zeyxon for Skygrid


Boss Spawn Items

There is currently no possible way to spawn a boss in skygrid, please add a spawn item into the website shop and into one of the crates. A few of us on skygrid would be interested in purchasing. We would appreciate more content like this in our game-mode.

~Don't forget about skygrid~

#6315 - Status: open

2 years ago by Ender_Camper for Skygrid


Arrow buildup in Chest-Hopper

When using a Chest-Hopper to collect drops from skeletons, the chest hopper backs up with arrows almost instantly. This is due to the fact that arrows are unsellable. This creates a problem where the condense feature becomes completely useless due to the lack of inventory space within the Chest-Hopper. My suggestion is to make unsellable items sellable through the Chest-Hopper, but for 0 coins. .. See more

#6295 - Status: open

2 years ago by Ender_Camper for Skygrid


Make Slimes Stackable

Since slime farms are popular now, making it stackable would seem fair.

#5790 - Status: open

2 years ago by Shqlom for Skygrid



Buy ranks with In-Game Money

#5536 - Status: rejected - See reply

2 years ago by Zerom_ for Skygrid



In Skygrid you can make money in 2 ways: shops or grinders.
You can set up a pwarp only with high ranks and mine spawners (to make grinders or to sell them in shops) only with Vip+ ranks.
I do understand that ranked players pay to obtain those privileges, but in other servers members can set up money generators or stuff like that!
Skygrid is a server that without ranked players would .. See more

#5117 - Status: closed - See reply

2 years ago by gigioiop for Skygrid


Claim Groups

Is it possible to add a feature that allows the claim owner to create some groups of players and manage groups' permissions?
This would improve players' way of playing as a team and make it easier to create large communities inside the server.


#5092 - Status: rejected - See reply

2 years ago by gigioiop for Skygrid



Is it possible to add more flags other than "allowpvp"?
This option is powerful when talking about players' cities and mini games.
It would open a whole new world of building and living the community life.
The best flag that I can think of is the one to allow players to break only one specific type of block (like /setclaimflag block-break minecraft:oak_log true).

Thanks for your time,
.. See more

#5091 - Status: closed - See reply

2 years ago by gigioiop for Skygrid


Stacked mobs from 1000x max to 100x max and chesthopper expansion.

The stacked mobs are now 1000x that is to much, 100x was perfect. The disk farms are broken now and to make it to 100x nothing will break you only will fix things. You added a chesthopper without melons to autosell and disks... It has a lot of items you can't sell that hes to be added. Ty alot.

#5022 - Status: open

2 years ago by WillieWalvis for Skygrid


Void auction for skygrid

I know that there is a void auction in the sky block game modes and skygrid is a similar game but with even. Ore people being killed to the void so I suggest the void auction should be added to skygrid. It would help everyone as gear lost to the void can be reclaimed and as a lot of good gear is lost would be beneficial to the higher players who have died to the void

#4720 - Status: shortlisted

2 years ago by llamakin15 for Skygrid