Void Auctions / It's Mechanism

Hello , Personally I feel like the void auctions would be more interesting if, the void auction included ANYTHING that fell into the void.

Since returning to ExtremeCraft I have noticed that no one partakes in void auction bidding, as most of the time all you get is a starter kit from someone new falling.

My Interest : For void auctions to include anything that falls into the void whether it's by a player's death or just what someone dropped into the void.

Server's Side : More people will be bidding for the unpredictable rewards that you can get from the new void auctions.

Current Problem : Void Auctions always have 15-25 items which is a starter kit and random junk , and therefore no one bids for it

Resolving of the issue : If Void auctions included anything that we (The Skygrid Community) drops into the void, for those dropped items to also be included in the void auction.

I am a long time player with a 3 year OG Badge , Nexus Rank , and a long time fan of Skygrid.

Please consider this as it would make the void auctions popular again and have people bidding thousands for something either good or bad.


#9331 - Status: open

2 months ago by RPGMuffin for Improvements