Gapple1v1 Tournament

by Guitar_Strings Sun Nov 12, 2017 6:28 pm

During the tournament, the tournament managers will be using discord to communicate with the players. Therefore you won't be able to enter the tournament if you don't have discord.
Players will be 1v1'ing using the standard gapple kit from the pvp server on a dedicated server for the tournament. There are 64 spots open with 12 of those spots being reserved for players ranked amongst the top pvp'ers of the server(Those players will be decided via results of previous tournament and current pvp leader boards).
A double elimination bracket will be used.

Important links
Challonge/Bracket: Will be made available once sign ups are complete

Date and Time
The tournament will be held on the 25th of November starting at 1pm(GMT) according to calculations it's going to take around 5 hours for the tourney to be finished, but try to be available until 10pm(GMT) in the case of unexpected server sided problems or matches taking longer than expected.

Huge thanks to stacey2231 for helping me build them on such a short notice.

The tournament will be held on a dedicated server. You can access the server by connecting to and then joining with /go testing.
Further instructions will be given either on discord or in game.

Do NOT sign up if you're not sure that you can attend the tournament. If you don't show up you will be disqualified from this tournament as well as future tournaments. Sign ups will close on 22 November at midnight(GMT).
Players can sign up for the tournament by joining this discord server: and posting the following in #sign-ups:

In Game Name:
Average ping:

In addition to the above you must also acknowledge the following by copy and pasting it on your sign up:
I acknowledge that if I do not attend this tournament I will be disqualified from this tournament and may be disqualified from future tournaments.

I will not be babysitting players signing up, so if you use the incorrect format you will just be kicked from the discord server.


In addition to the rules below, all Extremecraft rules apply during the tournament.

The following offenses may warrant a disqualification and or a ban from Extremecraft without warning and will be harsher than those normally given out:

Usage of unauthorized client modifications/hacked clients will lead to a perm ban with no chance of being unbanned, bought unbans will be revoked.
Usage of any external keyboard or mouse modifications that gives the player an unfair advantage over other players will lead to a perm ban with no chance of being unbanned, bought unbans will be revoked.
Threatening, harassing or bullying other players.
Failure to follow directions given by Tournament managers/staff.
Any actions that cause disruptions to the event.
Any form of poor sportsmanship and/or disrespect, publicly or privately.

Note1: We reserve the power to decide if you may participate if you have been banned for any reason in the past.
Not2: We reserve the power to decide if you may participate if your average latency is higher than 220ms

October Minigames & Voting Winners!

by Dieu Wed Nov 01, 2017 2:05 am


Top Voters in October:
1. _butterfly (55 EUR Coupon)
2. kinsheng (45 EUR Coupon)
3. julitocrafter (35 EUR Coupon)
4. xylox123 (25 EUR Coupon)
5. kulveer123_yt (25 EUR Coupon)

Top SkyWars players in October:
1. _Butterfly (55 EUR Coupon)
2. Maryonette_ (45 EUR Coupon)
3. GamingMaster125 (35 EUR Coupon)
4. alphandre (25 EUR Coupon)
5. rafindran (25 EUR Coupon)

Top Eggwars players in October:
1. Ignee (55 EUR Coupon)
2. cyprian123 (45 EUR Coupon)
3. xFlameBirdXV (35 EUR Coupon)
4. FreakP0k3R (25 EUR Coupon)
5. AmyTimes (25 EUR Coupon)

Top SurvivalGames players in October:
1. SuicideFleX (55 EUR Coupon)
2. SuperLordSword (45 EUR Coupon)
3. BlackAurora (35 EUR Coupon)
4. CryingUnicorns (25 EUR Coupon)
5. OctavianBoss (25 EUR Coupon)

Top HideAndSeek players in October:
1. GetDerpedZ (55 EUR Coupon)
2. IBimsLeader (45 EUR Coupon)
3. Midical (35 EUR Coupon)
4. GeenIdee (25 EUR Coupon)
5. jmtjcb (25 EUR Coupon)

Congratulations to all winners! :ok_hand: Please PM me on forums to claim your Buycraft vouchers (your forum username should be the same as your ingame username). ;)

Prison Reset - Beta Release

by NxDs Sun Oct 29, 2017 9:06 pm


Boi oh boi didn't that take a while... Months of delays, work, effort, crying but at last the reset has come.

In order to deliver the best, flawless, bug free experience possible we decided to release it 1 week before in beta testing just for a limited amount of volunteers that have a good amount of experience on the gamemode.

This Friday 3rd November the server will be released to the public so be sure to not miss it, we fixed a lot of issues that affected the old prison, just to name some:
  • Unlimited cell blocks
  • Balanced rankup requirements
  • Balanced economy prices
  • Better buildings
  • Better looking mineable areas
  • Added several features and new stuff (haste pots, xp boosters, miner keys, and much more)
Not just this, I know that a lot of you were a bit sad because we will reset after the Halloween Sales and for this reason we are going to apply discounts to the prison section as well after its release waww :o
(we will also add all the missing stuff in store such as legendary keys)

Here's the trailer for the server:

As sort of double announcement, we will now use the beta testing team for every reset we will do that will bring major changes to the game mechanics.
Every time the team will be composed by different members and only by people that actually play the server and that know what its players want to see.

Happy Halloween - Discounts and Stuff

by NxDs Wed Oct 25, 2017 12:01 am

Happy Halloween from all the staff :D
This year we are going to celebrate Halloween like we've always done, that's right, discounts everywhere wawww

Be sure to save up some money for this Halloween because the 30th, the 31st October and the 1st November we are going to apply a 75% discount on all the items in the store!
Don't miss this rare chance to get that rankup you wanted since a while, it's also the perfect time to start trading with other players (watch out for scammers)

This year, for the first time ever believe it or not, we also managed to get a Halloween themed lobby :ghost:


Yes, prison is going to be released this week pls stop asking :(

Voting Rewards - More, always more

by NxDs Tue Oct 03, 2017 11:16 pm


As you may have noticed yes, we changed voting rewards.

We saw that voting for some of you that are already in an advanced stage is just useless...
Why bothering voting just to receive a key and then get 3 coal and 3 enchant bottles?

Well don't worry, we are now handing out $10,000 on each non-minigame server which gets doubled to $20,000 if you're Donor+
And for minigame servers instead we are giving away $1,000 for members and $2,000 for Donor+

For some of you it may still be not much but we're sure that it will keep things interesting for some time even for more advanced stages :D

Voting for our server has never been more rewarding, remember that we offer you the chance to win coupons for our store as well! Just be sure to reach the top 5 of this leaderboard each month and you will be able to get free/discounted things.

Money, free stuff and soon enough you can take my cat, my gf, my house even my clothes if you like and everything for just few votes :(

Factions and Minigames Reset

by NxDs Sun Oct 01, 2017 9:42 pm


Factions Reset
Believe it or not we did it, you were expecting Factions reset since too long we know, sorry for the delay :(

We listened to your requests and we enabled chest accesses everywhere :o
Not just this, we also introduced several fixes to cannons and blocks glitching like sand on soulsand and glitching in general with pets or whatever.

Here's the trailer just for you:

Minigames Reset
You may have noticed we also reset all the minigames leaderboards omg why would we ever do that out of nowhere...
We decided to do monthly resets for all the minigames from now on AND we will reward the top 5 players with coupons from our buycraft store just like with monthly voters!

Waw, getting free stuff for playing? And there's no trick either
Don't worry about potential hackers stealing your top position, we will strictly investigate on everyone found in top leaderboards and we will proceed to reset their accounts and ban forever and we'll ban them irl too if necessary.

Now go. Go play, vote and get stuff, money, a gf, a life, success*

*you will not actually receive these things, we held no responsibility for the sudden loss of the aforementioned.

EC Updates - Resets, New Gamemode, Top Voters, Suggestions and more...

by NxDs Thu Sep 28, 2017 9:40 pm


Today it's updates day.

We decided to close the suggestions section on our forum and we decided to open a new one in form of tickets here:
It's going to be organized in categories and it's going to be fast and maintained, suggestions being handled after 2 years will be just a bad memory of the past and suggestions will be handled daily/weekly by a specialized team of experts. Me.

Monthly Voters
Ok we get it, voting is not fun for some and for some others is also useless if you already are the richest player on the server.
Then so be it, each month we will see who has been the player that voted the most and we will reward him/her with a discount coupon on our buycraft store!
That's right, you will be able to buy stuff for free (or at least discounted) from the store! Believe it or not.
You can see the updated ranking of voters here:

I'm going to ruin myself, we won't pick the best voter... We will pick the TOP 5 voters. Ahh yes that's right each month the players in top 5 will receive rewards from the store, how cool is that

Factions and Prison resets
You asked so much about them, too much.
Factions is going to reset this Sunday already wohoo
As for Prison if everything goes as planned we'll reset already next week, worst case the week after :O

Discord Bot
As some of you may know our beloved BigBrother went on a vacation but don't worry, he's gonna be back and it's gonna be better than ever, just wait for it.
Music, not inappropriate and quality images, more insults, more commands, bug fixes, and I don't know other stuff too.

New Gamemode
We got a suggestion for a new gamemode, since this seemed easy for us to set up we decided to release it on Testing server (/go testing)

It's just a test, if it will be welcomed we will release it as full server, if it will be a flop hey, no hard feelings nobody loses here.
It's going to have some features of Skyblock and some of Survival + some small additions, you'll see when we'll release it this Friday yey
Of course we hope you will like it :D
(It's not a minigame, don't start with your fantasies, just not yet.)

Staff Management
You will be glad reading that we decided to lower the minimum age to apply for staff, the minimum age required is now 15 years old.
Enjoy 15 years old people of the world, enjoy it while it lasts.

It's been a month full of stuff and things, it's not nearly half of what we're planning for the future just give us some more time
What a roller coaster of emotions.
Yes, I will be working again on the anticheat as well. :rolling_eyes: