We're thrilled to introduce new exciting features to enhance your gaming experience on ExtremeCraft:

Player Scores: Now, players' activity levels are quantified through a unique scoring system. The formula encompasses factors such as MinedBlocks, PlacedBlocks, MobKills, and PlayerKills, offering a comprehensive overview of engagement.

Player ELO Scores: Engage in PVP battles and watch your ELO rating evolve! This dynamic score is calculated based on the ELO ratings of both players involved in combat and is updated after every fight, providing an accurate representation of your combat prowess.

Enhanced Creative Experience: Schematics and More

In our latest update for the Creative server, we're excited to introduce:

Schematics Database

Create and download your own schematics directly in-game! Simply select your desired area, copy it to your WorldEdit clipboard with //copy, and save it using /schemdb save <name>. Access your saved schematics in the new "Schematics" section on our website, where you can download them for future use.

Easily load saved schematics using the /schemdb load <id> command, allowing for seamless pasting of saved creations.

Additionally, we're exploring the option for players to upload schematics, further expanding creative possibilities!

Towny Wars: Raid Banks and Seize Towns

Prepare for thrilling conquests with our Towny Wars update:

  • Bank Raiding: Capture bank plots during Towny Wars to steal 5% of the town's funds.
  • Town Takeovers: Victorious players now have the option to take control of towns, adding a new layer of strategy and competition to the battlefield.

SlimeFun: Performance Enhancements for Cargo Networks

We're addressing performance issues associated with large Cargo networks in SlimeFun. Our ongoing updates are aimed at optimizing performance and reducing lag, ensuring smoother gameplay for all players.

Server Performance and Connectivity

To prepare for the release of our Factions server and improve overall gameplay, we've implemented numerous performance enhancements across ExtremeCraft. From login system improvements to optimized profile lookups.

Notable Changes and Improvements

  • PVP Area Tweaks: Tipped arrows with invisibility effects are now disabled in PVP areas.
  • Villager Nerf: To address server lag issues caused by massive trading halls, villagers now have a 5% chance of losing their profession on Trade Replenish and a 2% chance of dying, discouraging excessive exploitation.

Apologies for the delays but here is the list of BuildBattle winners!

Creative is 1.20.4 and anyone is free to join! Congratulations to our winners!


1st Place - Priki (/p v 227,-78)


2nd place - Meowlody (/p v 205,222)

3rd place - Chxpped (/p v -22,229)


Towny: Introducing Wars

Posted by Dieu2 weeks ago

Introducing Wars

The latest Event War features a variety of war types to engage players in strategic conflicts:

  • Riot: Conflict within a single town where players choose sides between the city and rioters.
  • Town vs Town: Two towns battle against each other.
  • Civil War: Internal strife within a nation where towns align with either the capital or rebels.
  • Independence War: A town rebels against its own nation, with other towns choosing sides; rebel towns may secede upon victory.
  • Nation vs Nation: Two nations clash in all-out war.

Declarations of War are obtained using Tokens through the command /town redeem {wartype}. Tokens are earned by non-neutral towns each Towny newday, provided their nation is not neutral either. Towns actively engaged in war do not receive war tokens.

To understand server configuration, use the '/eventwar guide' command.

Declaration of War Books:

Players initiate wars using Declaration of War books, purchased with Tokens via the /town redeem command. Riot DoW books are the cheapest by default, with costs escalating for larger-scale wars. Therefore, riots and town wars occur more frequently than civil wars, nation wars, and global conflicts. Only towns within a nation can redeem tokens for civil, nation, and global war books.

To declare war, hold the book and use the /declare war [wartype] [arg] command, as specified in the books.


In wars permitting surrender, players can opt to concede defeat. For Riot, Civil War, Independence War, Alliance War, and World War types, surrender is executed via the /surrender command.

Riots allow universal surrender, while Civil War permits only mayors to surrender their towns. World War requires a king's surrender for the entire nation.

During Riots with conquering enabled, the surrendering Mayor cedes control to the highest-scoring Rebel. Similarly, in Civil War, the surrendering King results in the highest-scoring Rebel Town becoming the new Capital.

In Town and Nation Wars, surrendering entities must propose terms, including White Peace, monetary compensation, town exchange, or a combination thereof. The opposing side reviews and accepts offers, leading to the exchange of assets.

War Resolution:

Various conditions dictate the end of different war types, ensuring conflicts don't persist indefinitely. For instance, Riots conclude when all surviving rioters are jailed or when key figures surrender.

Similarly, Towns and Nations can be eliminated through loss of key assets, such as homeblocks, leaders running out of lives, or successful surrender negotiations.

Alliance Wars end when participating nations withdraw or lose all towns. Civil and Independence Wars cease when the capital or all towns on either side are incapacitated, or when surrender is accepted. World Wars conclude when a single nation remains or when all nations ally.


A variety of commands facilitate engagement and understanding of war mechanics, including /eventwar and /towny war for information and management purposes, /town redeem and /nation alliancewar request for resource management, /declare for initiating wars, and /surrender for conceding defeat with specified terms.

  • /eventwar
    • /eventwar guide: Opens a book for the player, explaining how EventWar works, based on your server's config settings.
    • /eventwar guide riot: Opens a book for the player, explaining riots.
    • /eventwar guide townwar: Opens a book for the player, explaining town vs town wars.
    • /eventwar guide civilwar: Opens a book for the player, explaining civil wars.
    • /eventwar guide independencewar: Opens a book for the player, explaining independence wars.
    • /eventwar guide nationwar: Opens a book for the player, explaining nation wars.
    • /eventwar guide alliancewar: Opens a book for the player, explaining alliance wars.
    • /eventwar guide worldwar: Opens a book for the player, explaining world wars.
    • /eventwar guide conquering: Opens a book for the player, explaining how conquering works.
    • /eventwar guide townblocks: Opens a book for the player, explaining how the TownBlock HP system works.
    • /eventwar guide money: Opens a book for the player, explaining how money affects wars.
    • /eventwar guide winning: Opens a book for the player, explaining how to win wars.
    • /eventwar guide points: Opens a book for the player, explaining how points are scored.
    • /eventwar guide jails: Opens a book for the player, explaining how jails and PoWs work.
  • /towny war
    • /towny war hud: Opens a scoreboard for the player, which details points and properties of the townblock they are standing in.
    • /towny war participants {page #}: A list of towns and their nation who are in each on-going war. The list highlights enemies, allies and capital towns. While war is in effect, each competing town has a health points property attached to it.
    • /towny war stats: Shows stats on the player's current war.
    • /towny war scores: Shows the scores of the player's current war.
    • /towny war types: Shows the settings of various war types (mainly for debugging now.)
  • /town
    • /town redeem {wartype}: Used to purchase a Declaration of War of the given war type.
  • /nation
    • /nation alliancewar request {allyname}: The primary nations battling in an Alliance War can use this command to request their allies join the war (when they are not already automatically added.)
  • /declare
    • /declare rebel: Used to side with the rioters/rebels in Riot, Civil and Independence Wars.
    • /declare government: Used to side with the city/capital in Riot, Civil and Independence Wars.
    • /declare war {wartype} {args}: Used while holding a Declaration of War book of the given war type, to start a war.
  • /surrender
    • /surrender: Used to surrender in Riots, Civil Wars, Independene Wars, Alliance Wars, and World Wars.
    • /surrender money {amount}: Used in Town and Nation Wars to surrender for money.
    • /surrender towns {town1 town2 town3}: Used in Town and Nation Wars to surrender for towns.
    • /surrender money {amount} towns {town1 town2 town3}: Used in Town and Nation Wars to surrender for money and towns.


As part of our ongoing appreciation for your active participation, we are thrilled to announce the top voters for the month of January 2024. Each month, we randomly select 10 players who have demonstrated unwavering commitment by accumulating a minimum of 200 votes. Without further ado, let's celebrate and acknowledge the outstanding contributors who have been rewarded with vouchers:

Let the votes keep rolling in! Happy voting!

In preparation for the upcoming release of the Factions server, we're excited to introduce new Cannoning features now available for testing on our Creative server.

While we're considering expanding the number of plots in Creative for Cannon testing, we've decided to focus on testing Cannoning directly on the Creative server, as both environments share many similarities.

What's New? We've replaced the Creative .jar with a new .jar specifically designed for TNT Cannons. By default, explosions are disabled on creative. However, if you want to test your cannons, you can enable explosions using the /p gui command.

To streamline testing, we've introduced several new features:

  • /p tntfill: A command that fills all dispensers in the plot with TNT.
  • /bonetool: A special tool for quickly placing or removing sand or obsidian.
  • Protection Blocks: Currently, Emerald Blocks serve as protection blocks on creative, meaning explosions won't cause any damage if there are Emerald Blocks beneath them.