Minigame Winners - September 2019

by Dieu Sun Sep 08, 2019 2:10 am


Sorry for the delay but we wanted to make sure that the top players weren't cheaters :ok_hand:

Here's the list of winners:

Top Bedwars players
1. _xNyks (55 EUR Voucher)
2. zFallenEvil_ (45 EUR Voucher)
3. BigBosstun (35 EUR Voucher)
4. 9000Cps (25 EUR Voucher)
5. 9000Ls (25 EUR Voucher)

Top Eggwars players
1. Dicte (55 EUR Voucher)
2. TheNightKing_ (45 EUR Voucher)
3. xMidnightWalker (35 EUR Voucher)
4. King_OF_Nons (25 EUR Voucher)
5. Hakoz (25 EUR Voucher)

Top Skywars players
1. mr_azadnya (55 EUR Voucher)
2. 9000Fps (45 EUR Voucher)
3. FreakMafia (35 EUR Voucher)
4. Zolied (25 EUR Voucher)
5. AdMiRaL___M (25 EUR Voucher)

Top SurvivalGames players
1. OctavianBoss (55 EUR Voucher)
2. nikaisthebest (45 EUR Voucher)
3. DyingPS (35 EUR Voucher)
4. HashemWarrior (25 EUR Voucher)
5. Nik4 (25 EUR Voucher)

Top HideAndSeek players
1. wojdonikus (55 EUR Voucher)
2. mr_azadnya (45 EUR Voucher)
3. PxDzFTW (35 EUR Voucher)
4. Cyp (25 EUR Voucher)
5. _WhySoSerious_ (25 EUR Voucher)

If you are a winner PM me here on the forum to claim your reward by clicking this: ucp.php?i=pm&mode=compose&u=48 :+1:

BedWars and Quests Updates

by NxDs Sat Aug 17, 2019 10:22 pm


It took just 1 year but the long awaited updates have been delivered :kappa:

I and our awesome team of developers listened to your feedback and complaints and we came up with a more balanced and fancy version of BedWars that we hope you'll like.

What changed? Quite a lot.

Cosmetics and Unlockables
We added several effects and stuff that you can unlock, things like sprays, kill effects and target break effects.


Crates and Quests
Oh yeah. We added Quests that you can complete in order to get BedWars Keys to use in crates and unlock the fancy stuff.

If in crates you unlock something you already have you'll earn 1 BedShard, use those in the GodlyShop to buy Godly effects.


Quick Buy Shop
Save up a huge load of time by adding the items you commonly buy in the quick buy shop.


New Generator Designs
New. Simple. Totally original generators. And these will not throw items directly in void.


New Bonuses
We replaced the annoying bats flying everywhere with these cuties.
Easier to murder without wings.


Revamped shop items and prices
We reworked entirely the prices and items sold in the shop, they're now a lot more balanced and everything should be a lot more simplified.

A way fancier leaderboard
If you're in top 5 you'll have the honour to be displayed at spawn and brag about it.


New Game Mechanics
- The deathmatch will start after 20 minutes instead of 30
- If everyone leaves a match except you the beds will not break automatically giving you the chance to go and break them to gain points.
- Rejoining is not automatic anymore, if you get kicked (for flying) or if you disconnect you can still rejoin the match with /rejoin (within 30 seconds)
- Bonus mob effects are now more balanced
- Improved/Fixed several gadgets and team upgrades (give a chance to those you never tried)
- Removed some unused team upgrades and gadgets
- You can place water next/on your bed
- Glass is invulnerable to explosions
- Boosting prevention should be fixed and you won't be unfairly blocked from earning points

Revamped/new Maps and Spawn
Also from your feedback we got our fancy builders to rework several maps, they should now have fewer decorations in the way, bigger islands and most importantly the new waiting lobby because jumping around in an invisible box SUCKS

We also changed the spawn area, it's cleaner now and we decreased the amount of NPCs, which by the way are now fixed.


Since our incredibly awesome team of devs had to rush this update in just a week because we need to work on the update that will stop LAG... There's absolutely no way that no bug slide in :D

Quests (not BedWars ones)
They're now organized in a fancy menu separated by difficulty.

Oh, you know those absurd quests such as walk a couple billion blocks on foot? Yea they're actually balanced now.
We also introduced several new kind of quests such as taming, fishing, smelting, eating, etc etc

You can now reset your quests once daily if those you have don't satisfy you, simply /quests reset


BuildBattle - Winners

by NxDs Thu Aug 08, 2019 2:59 pm


Here we are with the results of our last BuildBattle event:
1) maknaee
2) Alc0h0licEmilia
2) Snow3y

So there you have it, I'll be contacting these people to give them their rewards, for everyone who participated: better luck next time :no_mouth:

SkyBlock - Top Islands

by NxDs Sun Jul 28, 2019 12:11 pm


Another season just ended for our SkyBlock, here's the list of the winners:

1. HarleenFQuinzel (100 EUR Voucher)
2. Silencex96(90 EUR Voucher)
3. Nefariously_(80 EUR Voucher)
4. zcv7853(70 EUR Voucher)
5. SharpSenses(60 EUR Voucher)

If you are a winner PM Dieu here on the forum to claim your reward by clicking this: ucp.php?i=pm&mode=compose

SkyBlock Reset

by NxDs Fri Jul 26, 2019 3:42 pm


That's right. It will reset.

Tomorrow, Saturday 27 July.

What changed?
- New spawn and new PvP arena
- Replaced SellTool with MultiTool
- Added ChestHoppers
- Added new ResourcePets
- Added Quests
- Added lottery
- More island sizes, the starter island will be 32x32 upgradable up to 192x192
- BossFights

The screenshot of the island top will be taken in 1 hour from now, after that nothing will matter anymore. Life will be an empty void.
After that we'll start handing out free stuff to fill the void :ok_hand:

BuildBattle - Announcements

by NxDs Sat Jul 20, 2019 12:35 pm


New BuildBattle

Here we are back at it again, we're announcing yet another BuildBattle event on our Creative server.

What are the rewards?
Just like the previous BuildBattle these will be the rewards:

1st place - 1 title and 1 pet of your choice
2nd place - 1 pet of your choice
3rd place - 1 title of your choice

Additionally all the winners will have the chance to become Builders

What is the theme?
This time you can decide between 2 themes.

Must include: a rocket, a meteor, has to take place in space

Must include: 2 dinosaurs, a cascade, has to take place in a jungle

How do I sign up?
You simply build the plot and then use /bb participate on our Creative server when standing on the plot.

How much time do I have?
You have time until the 4th of August (until 23:59 of 3rd of August) to submit your building, we won't accept any more entries after that.

Previous BuildBattle and Punishments

Unfortunately we caught the previous BuildBattle winner copying the buildings from the internet, that is an unacceptable behavior that was not (and shall not) be tolerated.

These are the updated results of that battle:
1) Zziu
2) mehveheh
3) gablalon
4) mysteriaHD

If you're in this list please contact the HeadBuilder Ivri22 for your rewards.

Copying buildings from other servers or anywhere on the internet may, and most likely will, be severely punished with a permanent ban.
It may not be worth the risk after all.

OpFactions Reset - Winners

by NxDs Sat Jul 20, 2019 12:30 am


OpFactions just reset and as always this is the list of winners:

1 - The Uprising (xHibou) - Reward: 300€ Coupon or 150€ on PayPal
2 - Trinom (KlausR) - Reward: 200€ Coupon or 100€ on PayPal
3 - TheFallen (Cybzr) - Reward: 100€ Coupon or 50€ on PayPal
4 - ThePescadonaters (ZachDaEGril) - Reward: 70€ Coupon
5 - FloofyOwls (LiquidSolids) - Reward: 50€ Coupon

If you are a winner PM Dieu here on the forum to claim your reward by clicking this: ucp.php?i=pm&mode=compose&u=48 :+1:

Regarding the reset we might apply some changes to the economy and add some new features in the next few days :no_mouth: