PvP Tournament - Results

by NxDs Tue Jun 18, 2019 9:53 am


And here we are, just slightly late because of some technical issues

The results for the tournament:

Laggers (ping >=150ms)

1) DaddyMarc
2) HaniShaw_
3) Shxfter (banned :confounded: )


Pros (ping <150ms)

1) daddiealexx
2) 02hammy02
3) mercilessJan


The next time it will be organized differently :kappa:

Minigame Winners - May 2019

by NxDs Thu Jun 06, 2019 1:57 pm


Sorry for the delay but we wanted to make sure that the top players weren't cheaters :ok_hand:

Here's the list of winners:

Top Bedwars players
1. Remixt (55 EUR Voucher)
2. _Talented (45 EUR Voucher)
3. LunaIsHotAf (35 EUR Voucher)
4. A1k0_ (25 EUR Voucher)
5. WaridoIsHotAf (25 EUR Voucher)

Top Eggwars players
1. LaBarSwor (55 EUR Voucher)
2. dany9654425 (45 EUR Voucher)
3. Whyso007 (35 EUR Voucher)
4. xImMoroccan_ (25 EUR Voucher)
5. NoLyfeGamer (25 EUR Voucher)

Top Skywars players
1. SudsonPlayz (55 EUR Voucher)
2. _Talented (45 EUR Voucher)
3. xBrxkenH0ney_ (35 EUR Voucher)
4. HackingRn (25 EUR Voucher)
5. waddles627 (25 EUR Voucher)

Top SurvivalGames players
1. ps8383 (55 EUR Voucher)
2. aliMRV (45 EUR Voucher)
3. lyzeq (35 EUR Voucher)
4. IndianL (25 EUR Voucher)
5. _DeMaNiC_ (25 EUR Voucher)

Top HideAndSeek players
1. PxDzIsAlone (55 EUR Voucher)
2. mohamadalih81 (45 EUR Voucher)
3. RexarHunter (35 EUR Voucher)
4. wojdonikus (25 EUR Voucher)
5. ps8383 (25 EUR Voucher)

If you are a winner PM Dieu here on the forum to claim your reward by clicking this: ucp.php?i=pm&mode=compose&u=48 :+1:

BuildBattle Winners

by NxDs Sat Jun 01, 2019 2:01 pm


Sorry for the delay, this took way more than I planned :(

Here are the winners for the previous build battle:
1) papaatje
2) Zziu
3) MehVeheh
4) gablalon
5) mysteriaHD

If you're a winner you will be contacted by me on Discord regarding your rewards :ok_hand:

Prison Reset

by NxDs Thu May 02, 2019 4:23 pm


Last season you complained, a lot. We got it now.
Prison is resetting and it's going to look more like the good oLd PriSoN

Tomorrow, May 3 2019 :tada:

What to expect?
- Good old huge holes in the ground, mines won't be the respawning blocks of current season
- No XP to rankup, you will use money and yes, you can also boost friends with /pay
- 2 kinds of cell blocks, one with small unlimited cheap cells (everyone can rent one), one with big expensive limited cells
- New DigThePit event (like CTA/KOTH but for mining, no pvp)
- Balanced rankup goals that won't take you years to reach FREE but that also won't make you reach it in a day
- A FULLY OPTIONAL "New Game+", Prestige, where once you reach FREE you can start over from mine "A" but with extra perks and stuff that you can unlock
- New spawn, new PvP and new mines redesigned from scratch
- Enchanting will be the good old 1.8 enchanting, with lapis etc

There you have it.

BuildBattle and PvP Tournament

by NxDs Wed Apr 10, 2019 10:44 pm

You wanted some events, you got them.

Build Battle

Once again, we're going to host a new Build Battle.
The theme this time will be free (you can build anything you like)

How does it work?
1 - Build whatever you like on your plot on creative (you can't use merged plots!)
2 - Do /bb participate while standing on your plot
3 - That's it :ok_hand:

You have exactly 20 days from now to build and submit your creation, the 1st of May we'll close the contest and announce the winner the following days.

1st place - 1 title and 1 pet of your choice
2nd place - 1 pet of your choice
3rd place - 1 title of your choice

All the winning plots will be also copied next to the spawn

PvP Tournament

It's been a while since the last one.

How to participate?
Just post a reply to this announcement using the following format:
Discord ID:
Average ping:
How would you rate your pvp skills from 1 to 10:
Yes, Discord is required as we will invite you to a private server just for this event.
The tournament will start the 20th of April (that's when you won't be able to sign for it anymore) and it may last several days depending on the amount of participants.

1st place - [Champion] title and 30€ coupon
2nd place - 20€ coupon
3rd place - 10€ coupon


by NxDs Mon Apr 08, 2019 3:45 pm

It's been a month full of changes and updates so, just for you, a nice list of what we added.
Since they are really a lot of changes I separated them per server so you can read just what you care about, or don't.
Do whatever pleases you. :kappa:

Testing Server

No, we didn't forget about this server.
We set it up as a copy of Survival but here you get to try all the experimental and fancy new features.


Check it at /go testing
Duplication Glitching Rewards

We decided that rewarding people for finding duplication glitches (dupe glitches) would benefit everyone.

Definition of duplication (dupe) glitch that WILL be rewarded: any kind of action that leads to the unexpected duplication of any or valuable items.
If you figure out a way to duplicate dirt please report, but the only reward will be our gratefulness.

» Dupe glitch for any kind of item (any server or not-minigame): coupon of 50€
» Dupe glitch only for specific items: coupon of 10€ to 30€ (depending on the items and the servers affected)
» Glitch that lets you earn money: coupon of 50€
» Dupe glitch on RPG (any kind): nothing to coupon of 5€

Note: we will reward only the FIRST reporter. If you report a glitch that someone else already reported you will only be rewarded with my appreciation and #rEsPekT

Note: this is not retroactive, we reward only dupe glitches found from now on

If you've been exploiting a glitch until now I'll be kind enough to NOT ban if you report it, it's not too late to stop being a bad boi, or girl.
New Commands

[+] Click to show the new fancy commands
You have now new ways to glitch into stuff, it's like /top but this tps you down. Happy glitching.
Suggested by SaeidTooosi

New RPs
There will never be enough RPs.
Annoy your friends with the new /shrug, /wink, /wave and the questionable /twerk


Quick RP toggling
Toggling RPs has never been this fast, no need to use menus you can simply toggle with /rp toggle <rp name>

If you think your chat is messy or for whatever reason you want to clear it now you can with /clearchat

Redesigned /sett
We redesigned the menu /sett
It is now more flexible and organized, it will have custom settings for each server lot of new stuff such as:

- Toggling for custom join messages and kills (for Nexus)
- Toggle for inventory sorter
- Toggle for instant teleportation (for Elite+)
- Other stuff. Just go check it out.


[+] Click to get your mind blown by these improvements
Global /staff
No need to go through all the servers and spam /staff, you can do it from the comfort of your dirt house and you will get a list of all the staff online with the server they're on.
Stalking staff has never been this easy.


Doubled the CAPS limit

Sell/Buy 64 in /shop
The /shop now has a sell and a buy x64 buttons :ok_hand:

Rank Commands Preview
You are now able to preview the list of commands that each donor rank offers, you can access this feature from /help

Mob Stacking
We introduced this long requested feature at last, mobs spawning from spawners will now stack together, the area of effect is 3x3 chunks centered in the chunk with the spawner.
The drops rate should increase as well since the mobs won't hit the cap limit anymore.


Now also compatible with disc farms and mushroom cow shearing.

Kicks for lag
You know those annoying kicks for flying and too many packets you get when the server is lagging?
They're still there but at least now if you're in PvP you won't be killed for quitting while being combat tagged, that's something.

New Chat System
This was explained in detail here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=64010

AFK Time
You can keep track of the time you wasted now, whenever you come back from AFK it will tell you how much time you stayed away.



[+] Click if you like gf/bf finders
Sit anywhere
Why wouldn't you be able to sit on the floor? Or on your friends? Or on your cat? Or on your friend's cat?
Well now you can with /sit


Nicknames in /p chat
That's right, RPs and inappropriate buildings have never been so fancy. Just set your nickname with /p nick <whatever> and you're good to go.
Yes, you can use colors too.


And for all the other sane persons who don't like messy chats, you can disable the nicknames in your plot with the flag /p flag set nicknames-disabled false

/p mute
Got annoying players using your plot chat? Mute them with /p mute. Check the mute list with /p mutelist and unmute with /p unmute
You will get to abuse the power of mute just like our staff but without having to apply. And only within your plot.

/p invisibles
Everyone hates invisible people so there you have it, /p invisibles to get a list of invisible people on your plot.
/p deny those nabs

/p random
If you're really bored and you feel like checking out some plot /p random is what you need.


[+] Click for cannon news
Factions Cannons
I know we said this already in the past and it turned out to be not entirely true, but this time it's true I promise.
We fixed cannons and they're not going to crash the server anymore.
We also increased the limit of pistons to 240 to make sure you can build any kind of laggy cannon design you like.

Servers with claims

[+] Click if you want people off your claims
/claim kick
Got annoying players roaming around in your plot? just /claim kick them :ok_hand:


[+] Click for the fancy island improvements
/is inspect
Just like /f inspect (factions) and /p inspect (creative) you can now stalk the people in your claims and see who touched your precious dirt blocks.

Improved /is clearmobs
Clearing ALL the mobs was a bit an overkill, you can now decide to clear only the ones you want
/is clearmobs hostile - will remove all the hostile mobs
/is clearmobs passive - will remove all the passive mobs
/is clearmobs <type> - will remove the mobs of the type you specify

Suggested by DyinqSoul_

There's actually plenty of other stuff I didn't mention, I'll do it in a new post in the next few days :tractor:

Chat Updates

by NxDs Tue Mar 05, 2019 10:27 pm


It's been a while since the last time we added changes to the chat so here it is.

We accepted a long requested suggestion of yours and we expanded it a little bit, you are now in full control of your chat and you can toggle almost everything as you like.

Chat Control

Here's the list of chats and things you can toggle:
- Public chat
- Private messages
- Party chat
- Swear filter (/tcf)
- Island chat (players standing on the same island)
- Island Team chat (players in the same team)
- Factions chats (own faction, ally, truce, ally-truce)
- Plots chat
- Claims chat
- Join messages (/tsm)
- Death messages (/tdm)

To tweak your chat settings you will just need to issue /chat and a fancy menu will open.
Yellow (click to see) = The chat is active, you will see the messages
Red (click to see) = The chat is not active, you won't see the messages
Green (click to see) = The chat is active and set as main chat, when you type a message you will send it there automatically

To enable or disable a chat you simply right click, to set a chat as main chat you simply left click.

It's not all, we also thought about our players that join with phones or console clients and that can't see the menus, you can toggle each chat directly from command: /chat public, /chat party, /chat claim, /chat plot, etc


Clear Chat

The chat is too messy? We got you, you can now (starting from the next restart) use /clearchat and instantly cleanup your chat