Factions Server

  • SandBots Update: You can now toggle SandBots on and off. Additionally, each faction is limited to a maximum of 64 SandBots.
  • FactionShields: Shield duration has been reduced from 8 hours to 6 hours. We welcome suggestions, especially from new and smaller factions.
  • New Feature: FreeCam/Roam mode is now available and can be activated with the /freecam command.
  • Creeper Drops: Creepers now drop TNT, and there's a new recipe for Enchanted Golden Apples.
  • Claim Requirements: Chunks must be claimed for at least 48 hours to be included in the Hall of Fame score.
  • TNT Cannon Fixes: Issues with TNT cannons have been resolved (TNT will now load chunks)

Important Info on Faction Shields: While a faction's shield is active, explosions are disabled in its territory, preventing raids. To raid other factions during this time, you must unclaim your cannon.

Upcoming Feature: Due to players making spawners obstructed/unraidable, we are introducing the SpawnerDeobstructor item soon.

Towny Server

  • New Rank: A new CoMayor rank has been added, inheriting most permissions from the Mayor rank.
  • Economy Improvements: Enhancements have been made to the economy system.

Global Changes

  • CombatTag: Increased from 15 seconds to 20 seconds.
  • EnderPearl Delay: Now set to 10 seconds, with improvements to reduce glitches.
  • Shop Improvements: Commands, GUIs, and currencies have been revamped, along with better shop categories.
  • Drop Calculations Fixed: This should resolve issues with SpawnerExtractors not collecting enough loot.
  • Spawner Upgrades: Spawners can now be upgraded using Souls.
  • New Soul Pouches: We're rolling out new Soul Pouches!
  • Riptide Disabled: Riptide is disabled for CombatTagged players.
  • Performance: Addressed many lag and performance-related issues.

We've made some adjustments to McMMO based on feedback! Unarmed is now disabled in PVP, but still active in PVE. Additionally, Axes have been tweaked, and the recipe for Enchanted Golden Apples has been added to all McMMO-enabled servers.

Towny Server

For our Towny server, we've implemented economy updates, including adjustments to mob drops and fixing the price of Cactus. We're also contemplating introducing a Co-Mayor rank and gathering suggestions for the permissions it should entail.

Factions Server

Exciting news for our Factions server: SandBots are now available! These bots automatically spawn sand while you're using your TNT cannon. You can purchase SandBotSpawners from the in-game shop and manage your SandBots with the /sandbot command.

On the Factions server, we've raised the limits for TNT, Sand, and Redstone to better align with TNT cannon compatibility.

Furthermore, we understand that players have real-life commitments, so we're introducing Faction Shields. Faction owners can control their Faction Shield using the /f shield command, while all players can check the current Shield status of any faction with /f shield <faction>.


And finally, introducing the Event Jump Starter!

The Towny server has just reset, accompanied by updates to its configuration aimed at fostering more enjoyable and engaging gameplay, including the introduction of both improved Town Wars and a new Hall of Fame system.

The new Hall of Fame now focuses on block values rather than Town money, providing a more balanced and fair recognition system. Additionally, new commands such as /t halloffame, /t value, and /t values have been added to facilitate interaction with these features.

Furthermore, a stunning new PVP arena designed by our builders has been introduced, adding to the immersive experience of the server.

Adjustments have been made to the McMMO configuration, and the Shard Shop and Soul Shop have been added to enhance the player experience.

Factions server updates

McMMO Steel Arm Style was nerfed in order to balance PVP.

We've deactivated TNT spread/velocity and prevented fluids from disrupting redstone mechanisms.

Concerns regarding sand and redstone have been addressed.

Exciting updates are on the horizon, including the introduction of Sand bots for Factions and the implementation of Upgradable spawners across all servers!

Factions Server updates

Posted by Dieu2 weeks ago

Factions server faced a challenging start, with unexpected bugs and delays ranging from DDoS attacks by fellow players to migration issues from 1.8 and the old Factions plugin. However, we're pleased to report that most of these issues have now been resolved.

Issues such as the Infinite Buckets and Wall Generators have been addressed, and there have been significant improvements to the economy. Additionally, we're excited to introduce SandBots and a new Soul/Dust currency to ExtremeCraft in the near future.

As the grace period comes to a close, we've updated the rules accordingly, including regulations on raiding and disallowed cannons. For those eager to start cannoning, we've implemented measures such as disabling TNT stacking against WorldBorder and World Height to prevent abuse. Furthermore, TNT radius is now consistent, and TNT will not cause lava to explode or flow when pushed by water. Parity is enabled, and concrete will solidify in water.

In recent days, we've also implemented numerous updates aimed at reducing lag and addressing performance issues that players have been experiencing.

As part of our ongoing appreciation for your active participation, we are thrilled to announce the top voters for the month of April 2024. Each month, we randomly select 10 players who have demonstrated unwavering commitment by accumulating a minimum of 200 votes. Without further ado, let's celebrate and acknowledge the outstanding contributors who have been rewarded with vouchers:

Let the votes keep rolling in! Happy voting!