OPSkyblock Reset - Poll

by NxDs Wed Jun 21, 2017 11:29 am

After several requests by a lot of users we decided to make a poll regarding OpSkyblock reset.
If the poll will reach enough "Yes" votes we'll reset the server shortly.

A lot of people complained about a lot of things after that problem we had a while ago when the plugin stopped working.
The reset will:
  • Remove your island and its content
  • Clear your enderchest/inventory/vaults
  • Reset your balance
  • Remove everything from /ah
We will keep the poll running for 7 days, using alts to vote will lead to a permanent ban on both accounts (eventually account reset too).

Updates for EC - June 2017 - Pt.2

by NxDs Wed Jun 21, 2017 10:23 am


We're back with some more updates for this June :D

New /settings
With /settings you can now tweak your settings with a nice and easy nub-proof menu instead of digging into /help and lose yourself in a sea of commands that nobody remembers.
Additionally you can also show/hide other players! Pls don't forget to turn it off when you don't need it anymore and then cry because you can't see your other friends :(
Yes. RP commands everywhere. Again. /highfive your friends, /facepalm, /scared and /stab

New Global /mails
We entirely remade the /mail system and now mails are global, if you send a mail to your friends on /go creative they will be able to read it on every other server as well.
Not just this, you can read mails by specific players with /mail read <name> or you can remove mails from specific players with /mail clear <name>
New /ignore
We also remade the /ignore command and we made it a bit more user-friendly, you can use /ignorelist to see the list of people you ignored and /unignore to unignore them.
And as always, it's not done yet. More to come, soon™

New Anti-DDoS - User Feedback

by NxDs Sat Jun 17, 2017 7:55 pm


We recently changed our Anti-DDoS provider in order to prevent attacks from externals and grant you more stability and faster connections.

Since the service we're relying on is in beta we would like you to offer us a feedback on the server in the next (and past) few days.

Please let us know everything opening a support ticket here:

Some questions that might be helpful to you when filling the ticket:
  • Are you noticing any difference?
  • Are you being randomly disconnected or kicked?
  • Is your /ping worse than usual?
  • Is your /ping fluctuating irregularly?

We appreciate your collaboration and we hope to improve everyone's experience on our server :D

Updates for EC - June 2017

by NxDs Mon Jun 12, 2017 1:48 pm


We worked non stop in the past few days to bring you some more updates and interesting things today, we hope you'll like them :D
We digged into suggestions on forum, Discord, PMs, homing pigeons and we added what we thought the community could like the most

Item Filtering
Donor+ can now filter the items that they will be able to pick up.
With /itemfilter you open a menu in which you'll put all the items you don't want to pickup, this is useful for PvPers or Miners that don't want to pick up garbage dropped by other slaughtered players or useless dirt blocks.

Donor and VIP will have 9 slots available, each rank after will add 9 more slots.


RolePlay Color Selector
You can now select which colors your RP commands will have! Just use /rpcolors and a menu will show up, there you can pick your favorite colors (or color) :D
Each rank unlocks 2 additional colors.
[+] Click to show/hide
  • Member - 2 colors
  • Donor - 4 colors
  • VIP - 6 colors
  • MVP - 8 colors
  • Hero - 10 colors
  • Legend - 12 colors
  • Elite - 14 colors
  • Extreme - 16 colors

Moar RPs!
We know you'll never have enough of RP commands so just for you 3 new commands! /boo /evillaugh and /dab
I wonder, how could we survive playing on the server without being able to /dab.


Legends, Elites and Extremes will have access to /nightvision that will enable or disable night vision effect for respectively 5, 10 and 15 minutes! :dark_sunglasses:


Organized KitPreviews
/kitpreview will now open a well organized menu with the preview of kits, no more random bunch of items thrown in there.


But that's not over yet, we have many more suggestions and updates that we would like to add and we'll deliver everything ASAP so stay tuned for moar additions in the near future.

Also I promise I'll make better lightweight gifs the next time, be gentle this was my first attempt.

SkyGrid Reset - Now!

by NxDs Sat May 20, 2017 2:57 am

It took us just 2 years and few weeks, but we got it done. SkyGrid got the reset it deserved and that we announced since a long time.

You will find a brand new spawn and the NPC shop plugin :D
The economy will be a bit more balanced with less spawners spawning naturally and with the removal of /ps.
Yes, we removed /ps sue us. We don't want laggy servers with broken economies 1 week after the reset anymore.

The spawn was entirely built by SierraBlocks Build team, now merged with Shapescape.
Go check them out here:
And follow them on Twitter here:

We also prepared a presentation trailer for the new building:

Entity Builds - Builder Team

by NxDs Sun May 07, 2017 5:01 pm


And there you go, for the past few days we have been talking with a talented build team, Entity Builds, we finally sealed a deal and we're now going to collaborate in order to bring new awesome buildings for the server :D
We hope that this collaboration will be a step in a new direction and for us to get our server some incredible & beautifully crafted builds.


Interested in what they have to offer? Check them out here:
Entity Builds Website -
Portfolio -

I won't leak what are they working on, just not yet, but they already sent me some pics and dam that's some good stuff if you won't be as amazed as me when we'll release that then I'm ready to resign and quit.
I won't actually do that, no luck for you

New Emoji Pack for the Forum

by NxDs Thu Apr 27, 2017 5:17 pm


With the website restyle we couldn't keep those ugly standard default old emojis, we wanted something new and here's just for you a new pack of emojis based on the pack that Twitter and Discord are currently using :D

You can now react with a facepalm :facepalm: and with Kappa :kappa:
I know you were waiting just this.

We added exactly 849 new emojis and you can see them below
(WARNING: they're a lot and the page could slow down a bit)
[+] Click to show/hide
"O MA GAAAWWDD nx stop working on this useless stuff and work on pvp jeeez....."
yes, we're working on it.