As part of our ongoing appreciation for your active participation, we are thrilled to announce the top voters for the month of January 2024. Each month, we randomly select 10 players who have demonstrated unwavering commitment by accumulating a minimum of 200 votes. Without further ado, let's celebrate and acknowledge the outstanding contributors who have been rewarded with vouchers:

Let the votes keep rolling in! Happy voting!

In preparation for the upcoming release of the Factions server, we're excited to introduce new Cannoning features now available for testing on our Creative server.

While we're considering expanding the number of plots in Creative for Cannon testing, we've decided to focus on testing Cannoning directly on the Creative server, as both environments share many similarities.

What's New? We've replaced the Creative .jar with a new .jar specifically designed for TNT Cannons. By default, explosions are disabled on creative. However, if you want to test your cannons, you can enable explosions using the /p gui command.

To streamline testing, we've introduced several new features:

  • /p tntfill: A command that fills all dispensers in the plot with TNT.
  • /bonetool: A special tool for quickly placing or removing sand or obsidian.
  • Protection Blocks: Currently, Emerald Blocks serve as protection blocks on creative, meaning explosions won't cause any damage if there are Emerald Blocks beneath them.

Over the past few weeks, ExtremeCraft has undergone a series of updates, bug fixes, and enhancements to elevate your gaming experience.

Let's start with a significant change – the renaming of HallOfFame Weeks to Rounds. Each round now spans two weeks, offering a fairer competition window. The /halloffame command has been revamped to provide accurate information about the current HallOfFame season and round. As Towny Rounds come to a close in a few hours, rest assured that vouchers will be automatically distributed.

Automated announcements have been implemented to acknowledge and celebrate players who receive vouchers for their voting efforts.

In the Towny realm, Fly is now activated automatically, and we've removed the fly cooldown to prevent potential exploits. To enhance chat readability, we've excluded the nation name from the chat prefix. Additionally, Town Chat and Nation Chat functionalities have been fixed.

For Skyblock enthusiasts, numerous internal fixes and updates have been applied to ensure seamless gameplay.

SlimeFun has received multiple updates addressing issues related to disappearing and bugging items.

Our AntiCheat system has undergone refinements to address and fix some false positives. If any issues persist, please don't hesitate to contact us with clear examples of how to replicate them.

Due to potential abuse, the number of affected spawners has been removed from SpawnerExtractors.

A 2% fee has been introduced for the /withdraw command to prevent abuse, trolling, and spamming.

Crates have been fine-tuned to fix chance calculation issues where the GUI would display 0% for all items.

Globally, we've removed or fixed many unused features and code, including addressing Skull loading issues.

On the website front, we've overhauled and fixed numerous issues, resulting in faster loading times and an overall more user-friendly experience.


Greetings, dedicated community members! As part of our ongoing appreciation for your active participation, we are thrilled to announce the top voters for the month of December 2023. Each month, we randomly select 10 players who have demonstrated unwavering commitment by accumulating a minimum of 200 votes. Without further ado, let's celebrate and acknowledge the outstanding contributors who have been rewarded with vouchers:

Let the votes keep rolling in! Happy voting!

Upcoming Changes and updates!

Posted by Dieu5 months ago

Servers with GriefPrevention:

Enhanced Control with GPFlags

We're thrilled to introduce GPFlags, a dynamic extension of GriefPrevention that puts the power in the hands of our players. With GPFlags, you now have the ability to set personalized flags within your claims. At this stage, we're eagerly welcoming ideas on which flags should be enabled. Our primary goal is to provide players with enhanced flexibility without compromising the integrity of their claims. Your input is crucial, as we strive to create a secure environment while offering a plethora of options.

Additionally, we've bid farewell to /transferclaim and ushered in a more intuitive system. The retired command has been replaced with /claim transfer [player] [optionalCost] and /claim accept [player], requiring confirmation from both parties. This not only streamlines the process but also introduces the possibility for players to sell their claims.

In terms of bug fixes, we're pleased to announce that Claim Fees are now processing as previously outlined. Furthermore, GriefPrevention's handling of Explosions has been fixed.


Our commitment to improving your Skyblock experience continues with these notable updates:

  • Island Fly has undergone enhancements to ensure it no longer disables Fly upon joining.

  • Fresh Island Flags have been added for ClearMobs, Upgrade, Inspect, and Lock commands, granting players even more control over their islands.

Towny Server

Experience a new level of convenience and freedom on our Towny Server with these exciting additions:

  • TownyFlight is set to debut with the upcoming restart, allowing players to utilize /tfly for an enriched town experience. Please note that PVP will automatically disable fly mode, ensuring a balanced gameplay environment.

  • Embrace the convenience of new Towny menus accessible via /town menu, facilitating smoother interactions with the Towny plugin.

Other Updates

In our continuous efforts to enhance your overall gameplay, we've reintroduced the /sit command, and that's not all. Explore new possibilities with /lay, /crawl, and more!

We're also eager to hear your ideas and suggestions concerning Crates. While your creativity is encouraged, please keep in mind that a balanced approach is key. Loading crates with an excess of Spawners may have unintended consequences, such as devaluation and potential server lag. We value your constructive suggestions to help us shape a vibrant and balanced gaming experience for all. Your feedback is crucial as we strive to make ExtremeCraft even more enjoyable!

Numerous bug fixes have been implemented across various aspects of the system, addressing reported issues from our vigilant player community.

The Claim Fees system has reached its finalization stage. In the upcoming server restart, players who have claimed more than 250k blocks will face the imposition of daily claim fees. Failure to meet these fees will lead to the expiration of all their claims, underlining the importance of managing land resources effectively.

A noteworthy addition to our Towny server is the introduction of the Hall of Fame. This exciting feature will commence this Friday, accompanied by a one-week grace period. Players are encouraged to strive for greatness within the Towny realm, with the Hall of Fame recognizing their achievements and contributions.

Skyblock enthusiasts will be delighted to hear about the incorporation of Challenges into the server. Players can now engage in a variety of challenges using the convenient /is challenges command. This addition aims to provide a fresh and dynamic dimension to the Skyblock gameplay experience, encouraging players to test their skills and creativity.

Our commitment to staying current extends to the Slimefun addons, which have been diligently updated. Furthermore, in response to player feedback and balancing considerations, we have made the decision to disable the LiteXpansion nerf. This adjustment is designed to enhance the overall experience and balance of the server.

Addressing concerns within the community, we are pleased to announce the successful resolution of the Drop Party issue. Players can now enjoy a seamless and glitch-free experience during these exciting events.

However, with the positive changes come challenges. The recent Minecraft 1.20.4 update has altered the way in-game items are handled. Consequently, some old items no longer stack, though they remain usable. Unfortunately, this change will impact player shops, requiring those using old items to undergo a reconstruction process. We understand the inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience as we adapt to these Minecraft updates.

In addition to the exciting enhancements and adjustments, we are pleased to inform our community that issues pertaining to Pets have been successfully resolved across all servers. Players can now enjoy a seamless and trouble-free experience with their beloved companions.

Lastly, we've made significant improvements to the Void Auctions system. We've revamped the functionality, enhancing notifications for a more seamless experience. Additionally, in response to user feedback and to promote a more dynamic auction environment, we've reduced the auction duration limit from 15 to 10 minutes.

Over the last two days, we encountered connectivity problems, resulting in player disconnections, largely due to the update of ExtremeCraft servers from 1.20.2 to 1.20.4. While the updates didn't go as smoothly as planned, we've addressed most issues, and the situation is improving.

To prevent future occurrences, we're establishing a new testing server.

In the upcoming restart, an update to the anti-cheat system is scheduled, aiming to further reduce false positives. This update is designed to further refine the system, reducing the occurrence of false positives and ensuring a more secure and fair gameplay experience.

Despite our efforts, we acknowledge that some Pets and Emotes are still encountering issues. Please know that our dedicated team is actively working on resolving these problems and restoring full functionality.

As we bid farewell to the challenges of the past, we usher in a new year filled with promise and excitement. Wishing you a joyous and prosperous Happy New Year!

This marks the first-ever release of the Towny Server on ExtremeCraft. As pioneers on this blocky frontier, there might be a few bugs and quirks along the way. Fear not! We're working tirelessly to address any issues swiftly.

Share your suggestions and ideas. Help us shape the future of new Towny Server and make this adventure truly epic!

Also anticipate the following updates in the next restart:

  • Slimefun Server: Brace yourself for a boost in Bump Appraisals, reverting them to their original values!

  • Skyblock Server: The all-new Hall of Fame has just kicked off—get ready to make your mark!

  • SpawnerExtractors: Say goodbye to mobs that don't drop loot (or only do so when player-killed). We've fine-tuned the "Item Configurator" accordingly and enhanced drop rates!

  • ChestHopper: Experience smoother item pickup for piston farms, specifically Bamboo and Sugarcane.

  • Quests: Bid farewell to old and glitchy quests as they are now swiftly replaced with fresh, fully functional quests.

  • Claim Fees: We're diligently working on balancing these fees. While it's a work in progress, it should provide players with a preliminary understanding of what to expect. Stay tuned for more updates!

Introducing SpawnerExtractors

Posted by Dieu5 months ago

ExtremeCraft has just rolled out an exciting new feature—meet the SpawnerExtractor.


Curious about how it operates?

In a manner similar to ChestHoppers, the SpawnerExtractor is tailored for collecting items from farms. However, its unique focus lies in Spawners. Previously, players setting up farms using Spawners encountered challenges like crafting grinders, ensuring swift mob elimination, and navigating various intricacies.

Enter the SpawnerExtractor, solving these hurdles and minimizing lag caused by spawned mobs. Instead of the conventional spawn-and-kill process, SpawnerExtractors intercept every Spawner's attempt to spawn a mob, instantly eliminating it, and gathering drops on your behalf.

These Extractors exclusively capture spawns from Spawners within the same chunk and offer options to selectively capture specific mob types. Moreover, mob drops are managed as specified in the SpawnerExtractor's "Item Configuration." Prepare for a smoother, more efficient farming experience with SpawnerExtractors on ExtremeCraft!

We're reintroducing monthly vouchers for top voters, but this time, there's a new system in place. In the past, some players found ways to exploit the voting system, hindering others from receiving vouchers. To tackle this, we've instituted a fresh approach: to qualify for a monthly voucher, players need a minimum of 200 votes within the past 30 days. Out of those who meet this requirement, 10 lucky players will be randomly chosen to receive vouchers on the 1st of each month.

Updates in Skyblock:

  • Significant changes have taken place since the reset. Here's a swift rundown:
  • Access to /is fly now requires an island level of 1000.
  • Island level 250 grants access to /is warp.
  • To access the Nether, an island level of 200 is required.
  • We've enabled a new setting allowing players to utilize the "break spawner" flag.
  • Introducing a new Resource Crate and adjusted shop prices.
  • Numerous bug fixes have been implemented.

SlimeFun Updates:

  • Automatically removing disabled items that were glitched or crafted before their disablement.
  • Unfortunately, a few items causing crashes had to be disabled, but we've managed to fix some issues.
  • Seeking feedback on "Dimensional Homes."

Global Improvements:

  • The ongoing issue with slow mob spawning has been mostly resolved.
  • Addressing Pets bugging out (pending restart).
  • The team has begun work on the new Hall of Fame and Claim Fees. Note: Claim fees are currently for informational purposes only to provide players with an idea of what to expect. We'll release a detailed announcement once claim fees are officially launched.

Exciting news – our Skyblock server has undergone a recent reset, and we're thrilled to introduce an all-new Skyblock experience based on Minecraft 1.20.

This revamped Skyblock server comes with a plethora of new biomes and generators, adding an extra layer of challenge and exploration. However, unlocking these features requires a sufficiently high island level. To enhance your gameplay, we've introduced the /is fly command, accessible at an island level of 1000, and Island Warps, which become available at an island level of 250.

As you dive into the new Skyblock adventure, you can expect all the familiar goodies, including VoidAuctions, Quests, Events, and more. But that's not all – we're reintroducing Is Top with a 2-week grace period. Stay tuned for more details on that in the coming days!

It's worth noting that some commands have evolved since version 1.8. For instance, /is invite is now /is team invite, and there are more changes you can explore using the /is help command along with tab complete.

And here's the cherry on top: new pet types are now available in the store!

Party System Update

Posted by Dieu6 months ago

In response to the valuable feedback and suggestions we've received regarding parties on ExtremeCraft, we've carefully considered the concerns raised by our community.

To address the current dynamics, we are modifying the friendly-fire limit from 55 online members to 35 online members per party. Additionally, we are reintroducing party upgrades to the store, offering players more options to enhance their party experience.

We acknowledge that not everyone may be entirely satisfied with these adjustments, but we believe they are necessary steps to maintain a balanced environment for parties and PVP. We remain open to further suggestions from our community. It's important to note that merely adjusting the friendly-fire limit without considering broader implications may not provide a comprehensive solution. For instance, a limit of 55 would mean that one-third of online players could potentially be in the same party, given that 1.20 servers have a limit of 150 players.

Constructive suggestions should not only focus on changing the limit but also propose effective ways for other individuals or parties to engage with a party comprising 70 players online.

Our goal at ExtremeCraft is to avoid scenarios where a single party dominates the entire server, as this would undermine the essence of having diverse parties on ExtremeCraft.

After carefully considering and addressing numerous player concerns regarding world size limitations, looted spawners, chests, and more, we are excited to announce a groundbreaking solution. We've pondered this extensively, and as a result, we're proud to introduce the new "Expandable World" feature across all survival-like servers—currently implemented on Slimefun, Skygrid, and Survival. Of course, this enhancement wouldn't be applicable to servers such as Skyblock, Prison, or Creative.

How does it work, you ask?

Players now have the ability to expand the world border by contributing funds to the World Expansion Fund. Once the required amount is reached, the world border will automatically expand, granting players the option to collectively invest in a larger map if they so choose.

To facilitate this, we've added the new "/expandableworld" command along with "/expandableworld deposit " command, providing an accessible and user-friendly way for players to participate in expanding the world and shaping the server's landscape.

In a significant transformation, our RPG server has been rebranded as the Slimefun server, aligning with its primary focus on the beloved Slimefun plugin. The update brings a multitude of changes to enhance the gaming experience.

First and foremost, the server has been fully upgraded to Minecraft 1.20, ushering in a wave of new possibilities. In a strategic move, we've replaced mcmmo with various Slimefun addons, aligning the server more closely with its unique theme.

Numerous new features, familiar to players of our other servers, have been introduced. These include the BattlePass, Events, an improved Shop, Token shop, and more. To maintain balance, we've buffed kits and crates to bring them in line with the powerful Slimefun items.

The Slimefun server now boasts several expansions, each contributing to the overall gameplay experience: Gastronomicon, FastMachines, SoundMuffler, Bump, SfChunkInfo, DynaTech, ExtraGear, SlimefunLuckyBlocks, ExoticGarden, SlimeHUD, InfinityExpansion, LiteXpansion, ExtraHeads, FluffyMachines.

However, due to bugs or imbalances, certain items and features have been temporarily disabled. These include, but are not limited to: Grappling Hook, Pickaxe of Containment, Blade of Vampires, Helicopter Hat, Scroll of Dimensional Teleposition, Tome of Knowledge Sharing, Jetpacks, Jetboots, Soulbounds, Backpacks, Barrels, Multi-Tools.

With these changes, we aim to create a more immersive and balanced Slimefun experience for all our players. Dive in and explore the exciting new features awaiting you in the Slimefun server!

We're thrilled to announce that our SkyGrid server has just experienced a refreshing reset, bringing a wave of exciting changes to enhance your gaming experience. Here's a detailed breakdown of what's new:

  1. Server Upgrade to Version 1.20: The entire server has been meticulously updated to the latest version 1.20. With this upgrade, you can expect to encounter a host of new mobs and blocks that will undoubtedly add a fresh dynamic to your adventures.

  2. mcmmo Makes a Comeback: We've brought back the beloved mcmmo features, allowing you to hone your skills and engage in immersive gameplay. Whether you're a seasoned player or a newcomer, mcmmo adds an extra layer of excitement and progression to your SkyGrid experience.

  3. Revamped In-Game Economy: A brand-new economy system has been introduced, featuring in-game currency and tokens. Dive into this revamped economic landscape, earn money through your in-game endeavors, and collect tokens to unlock special perks and items. This dynamic economy is designed to enrich your gameplay and provide new avenues for exploration.

  4. Quests and Achievements: To spice things up, we've incorporated a variety of quests and achievements. Embark on challenging quests that test your skills and unlock achievements to showcase your accomplishments. These additions not only provide goals to strive for but also reward you for your dedication and expertise in the SkyGrid world.

With these comprehensive updates, we aim to create a more immersive, engaging, and rewarding experience on our SkyGrid server. Dive in, explore the new features, and let the adventure unfold in this revitalized gaming environment!

Creative: Updates and fixes

Posted by Dieu7 months ago

Our creative server experienced a significant update not too long ago, and while it ushered in a variety of enhancements, it also brought along a handful of glitches and malfunctions that needed our immediate attention.

We are thrilled to share the positive news that our dedicated team has diligently worked on resolving most of these issues, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable experience for our community. As part of these efforts, the map has been meticulously updated to version 1.20.2, addressing specific concerns related to scoreboards.

Furthermore, we are excited to introduce a new Sitting plugin, enhancing the interactive elements of our server. To complement this addition, we've introduced new commands like /crawl, /sit, /lay, and more, providing users with an expanded range of actions and possibilities.

Acknowledging the importance of user convenience, our team has also addressed and fixed the tab complete functionality, refining it to ensure a seamless and efficient user interface.

The Extremecraft Minecraft network's Survival server has just undergone a complete reset, ushering in the latest update, version 1.20.2. While the reset did take a bit longer than expected due to the extensive work required to fix and enhance the server, the end result is a survival experience like never before.

Here's a closer look at the notable changes and exciting features:

1. Merging of Survival and OpSurvival Servers: In a significant move, the Survival and OpSurvival servers have been merged into one, providing a more unified and enjoyable gaming experience.

2. EULA Compliance and the Introduction of Tokens: To ensure compliance with the Minecraft EULA, some perks and server elements have been reworked. As a result, a brand-new in-game currency, known as Tokens, has been introduced. Players can acquire Tokens through gameplay, including completing quests and achievements, or by purchasing them from the server's store. Crates and similar items can no longer be directly purchased from the store, making them part of the in-game experience. This change enhances the fairness of the server's economy.

3. Adjustments to PvP Commands: In line with the EULA compliance changes, certain commands that could provide advantages in player versus player (PvP) situations, such as /feed and /heal, have been disabled. This ensures a more balanced and competitive PvP environment.

4. Exciting Additions: The server reset is not just about EULA compliance; it comes with a host of exciting new features. Players can now participate in the BattlePass, engage in various events, and enjoy a more dynamic gaming experience. Additionally, a new Shop and economy have been introduced, giving players more opportunities to trade and interact within the server.

5. Ongoing Improvements: While the Survival server is already back online, the team at Extremecraft is hard at work, continuing to improve and enhance the gaming experience. There are plans to bring these exciting changes to other servers as well, so stay tuned for more updates.

This reset and the subsequent changes mark an exciting new chapter in the Extremecraft Minecraft network's Survival server. With an emphasis on fairness, balance, and a more immersive experience, players are encouraged to dive back in and explore all the new features and possibilities. Whether you're a long-time player or a newcomer, the revamped server promises endless adventures and endless fun!

We're thrilled to announce that we are currently in the process of updating our server/network to bring you an even more immersive gaming experience. Our team has been hard at work implementing changes and improvements to enhance your time on ExtremeCraft.

In addition to these updates, we are dedicated to ensuring that our server complies with the Minecraft End User License Agreement (EULA). This means that we will be making some adjustments to align with the latest EULA guidelines, ensuring a fair and enjoyable environment for all players.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this transitional period. These changes are designed to elevate your gameplay and create a more compliant and welcoming community for everyone.

Stay tuned for further announcements as we roll out these exciting updates.

Events QnA

Posted by _OnePro_10 months ago

We've received several questions and queries about our events and I'm here to answer them! Starting off we have:

"Who can participate in events?". People who have less than 7 days of registration cannot participate or claim any prizes due to abuse of this in the past.

"What happens if I see someone not following the rules in the events?" Players who are not following the event rules should be told to the event managers who are there to let them know in case this has been missed.

"What if I win an event, how can I claim my voucher?" You can claim vouchers here:

"Can I win a round in an event more than once?" Usually no unless there are exceptions that are made by the Event managers at the event that's being done.

If there are any more questions then feel free to ask me or the Event Managers and we will update this page!

Attention, everyone! We are thrilled to announce that our events are making a comeback! If you're interested in participating, we have a special role available for you in the "roles" section. By obtaining this role, you'll gain access to exclusive event channels and stay updated on upcoming exciting happenings.

We understand that you may be eager for proper updates or resets, but please bear with us as we continue to work on these aspects. Rest assured, our dedicated team is committed to enhancing your gaming experience, and we appreciate your patience and understanding in the meantime.

If, unfortunately, you find yourself banned from participating in events, we have a solution for you. Simply make a ticket by visiting this link: Our support team will be more than happy to discuss the possibility of an unban, allowing you to rejoin the events and enjoy the fun-filled experiences once again.

Your enthusiasm and engagement in our events are what make them truly special. We value your presence and encourage you to actively participate, collaborate, and create memorable moments within our community. Together, let's make these events an unforgettable part of our gaming journey.

Thank you for your continued support, and we can't wait to see you at the upcoming events. Keep an eye out for announcements, gather your friends, and get ready to immerse yourself in the excitement. Let the games begin!