rocket flying in plot roads

currently players cannot use rockets to fly with elytra outside of their plot, could you guys make it so that they can at least fly with rockets on plot edge roads?

#9579 - Status: open

1 month ago by C0lim0n for Creative


make creative 1.19

make creative 1.19 cuz 1.18 isnt enough

#9549 - Status: open

2 months ago by AlexBularca for Creative



please bring back /pvp or pvp arena warp,i liked it there

#9547 - Status: open

2 months ago by AlexBularca for Creative


Some 1.19 Features And "Illegal Content Filtered From This Book"

I was wondering if creative could get updated with some 1.19 features like frogs, frog lights, skulk sensor, skulk shriekers etc. also I think it would cause less frustration to people by removing "Illegal Content Filtered From This Book" in creative because some people hate it when they write a big book like a guide for new players but once signed they cant open it because of "Illegal Content .. See more

#9401 - Status: open

4 months ago by Microsku26 for Creative


Allow players to set use, especially to air (everything can be interacted with)

I could not set use to my plot (about 117 likes) for roleplay with MULTIPLE players to roleplay, but they could not interact with anything, I don't want to add/trust anyone else all my progress is in risk of getting griefed, I can't let this happen so please I need people to interact in other plots, I've had this experience in other plots as well where people can't add use.

#9287 - Status: open

6 months ago by FlameyosFlow for Creative


A couple things that was taken away after update...

1. Bring back the ability to teleport to houses with aliases. There were so many plots I only know the alias to and all I had to do is /p h (Alias). Now it only works on your own plots! For example, my plot is /p h freeshop. After the update, nobody can find my plot.
2. Bring back /plot flag set use. This was something that was only recently added several months ago. It worked great, everyone .. See more

#9045 - Status: open

9 months ago by filefolder3 for Creative


Can't use bows/crossbows in a plot until added.

Players need to be added to use bows and crossbows in a plot. Fix this, cant pvp with friends in my plot.

#9042 - Status: open

9 months ago by Voyager_AG for Creative


Re add spawning mobs

Spawning mobs was very nice and was a cool way to show the buildings on your plot like if you can spawn fishes/axolotls in aquariums it makes them look a little nicer so it would be nice but i know that some people would spam mobs so why don't you just make mob spamming punishable with warning/plot clear/1d ban/7d ban/14d ban/31d ban/perm ban

#8884 - Status: open

10 months ago by abigL for Creative



I suggest that maybe you update the creative server to the newest version, I'm pretty sure this will bring more players to the server because of course they'd love to use the newest blocks to build in their plots.

#8796 - Status: accepted - See reply

11 months ago by NightSoulPT for Creative


leaderboard for creative

make a leaderboard of how many people won build battle the most

#8735 - Status: open

1 year ago by ihate_pigs for Creative


BasketBall In Creative

basically SOME basketball head or something else just in a player's hand, where you can like Q or RightClick to just pass it or Throw it in the basket, and also a way for when someone touches the basketball (not the body just the basketball) it CAN be taken or something, this might just be rejected and I said this in a lot of my recent suggestions but I think its really cool.

#8714 - Status: open

1 year ago by FlameyosFlow for Creative


Creative top liked plots

a list for people who got the most likes on their plot AKA something like this
1st: NxDs
2nd: NxDs
3rd: NxDs
AND It goes on till there is only 1 liked plot or no likes, It's just a small detail It's almost like /baltop but in plot likes.

#8710 - Status: open

1 year ago by FlameyosFlow for Creative


A slime that doesnt die

A slime that doesnt die and doesnt move on its own so we can use it to do football stuf

#8689 - Status: open

1 year ago by xRekteD for Creative


Allowing more building stuff

As a person who plays creative a lot in the new packs i would like it if you guys could add the new blocks and stuff so theres more building possibilities

#8671 - Status: accepted - See reply

1 year ago by DxrkSunrxse for Creative


1.16 or 1.17 or 1.14 creative

it would be fun if extremecraft had 1.16 or 1.17 or 1.14 creative cause the new versions have so much more and 1.8.9 creative can be boring most of the times with 1.14 or higher you can use very good blocks for building/decorating and i think you should add atleast 1.14 or 1.16

#8600 - Status: closed - See reply

1 year ago by abigL for Creative


Creative should have /head list. So people can look for heads or search for it by the command /head search. For like example: /head search cake.

As they add /head list It will have limited pages. Like 190. It will be up to you to choose how much pages. When people can't find the heads they wan't , They use /head search (name). It is because It would be amazing If you could choose your own head easily and quickly. So at this point Adding /head list and /head search (name) , Would be amazing so you can find the head you want quickl.. See more

#8542 - Status: open

1 year ago by angelxllic for Creative


Preview Selection

Add a way to preview your selection while using world edit!

#8495 - Status: open

1 year ago by NotableOne05 for Creative



Add the possibility to add particles in your plot, this can be limited to a certain number of particles per plot to reduce lag!

#8489 - Status: open

1 year ago by NotableOne05 for Creative



i feel like the /afk command should be for everyone. all of my friends complain that they get kicked into lobby when they're afk as member/donor
it would be convenient if you guys did that <3 theres not much to this, sorry. but it would help the community (maybe)
thank you for your time! :3

#8487 - Status: open

1 year ago by blqckv for Creative


Plot Flag Use for Sign

Signs should be included in the Plot Flag Set Use list. Currently when you add "sign" (323) to the use flag, it shows up under /p i but it does not actually work. The reason I want this is so Teleport signs and Elevator signs can work for the public in my plot. (Although sign elevators don't seem to work at all right now)

#8478 - Status: open

1 year ago by filefolder3 for Creative


Plot Suggestion (Liking/Disliking)

I recommend to add a command for checking who liked/disliked to you for example "/plot Whodisliked" Or /plot Wholiked",
It's a really small detail but useful, I'm coming up with a really good suggestion soon.

#8466 - Status: open

1 year ago by FlameyosFlow for Creative


Purchasable Plot Slots


So recently I came to the thought that it would be a good Idea, if you guys would add "Creative Plot" as an Categorie in your Shop. I'm Nexus and I already know that I want to build more then on my 30 Plots. This might sound a bit absurd, but I think it would be a good Idea. The Price for a Plot should be (in my opinion) between 1 and 2 euros.

#8439 - Status: open

1 year ago by Dopachen for Creative



Worldedit is very helpful in Creative. But it has a few problems:

1. It has no visible timer which can be annoying sometimes because our work gets interrupted due to WorldEdit running out
2. It activates immediately after voting even though you weren't gonna use WorldEdit.

I have a solution to solve this:
First, add a visible WorldEdit timer on the scoreboard
Lastly, W.. See more

#8289 - Status: open

1 year ago by SaintKronos for Creative


Block glitch in parkour

people can still use blocks to block glitch in parkour....please let their items disappear when they start parkour

#8286 - Status: open

1 year ago by NightOmega_ for Creative


Parkour update

you can put players on invisibility with an item or a command

#8267 - Status: rejected - See reply

1 year ago by _Karim_DZ_ for Creative