There any chance survival gonna reset????

Reset the survival💪

#9878 - Status: open

1 week ago by Undef3tead for Survival



Hello, Im here as an old minecraft player who recently joined back and found minecraft has changed alot since my last stay here. I've been playing solo survival 1.19.4 and has so much features and new stuff it feels like you're playing modded minecraft. I had extremecraft has one of my favorite servers so I decided to come back, and it's really different, somethings changed to good, .. See more

#9871 - Status: open

1 month ago by x69_ for Survival


Reset survival

My opinion is that it is time for a reset. Survival has not been updated for almost three years now. Thanks to the new money generators, the server has now become an afk place, the economy is basically dead because of them, and no one plays the game any longer, they simply afk. To restore life to the server, you must reset it or add something new to it. In general, the server is dying, so it is .. See more

#9864 - Status: open

1 month ago by Yonaal for Survival



You should make clans in survival.The clans will be up to 20 players.There will be clan fight between clans to earn stuff,points,money,fame and glory.The clans should have their own banner and the people needs to be active.Also all clans should have leave,co-leader,helper and members.All of the different roles for the clans must have their own acces to commands and stuff.All clans also needs to .. See more

#9851 - Status: open

1 month ago by ShadowThePenguin for Survival


Whats The Point Of /Marry Command Alone?

The Marry plugin is such a beautiful idea but the /marry command being the only command in it isn't that wonderful, i suggest adding more commands to the plugin, such as "/marry home", so they can build them house together and do "/marry sethome" there and teleport to it, or such as "/marry warp" or "/marry teleport" to teleport to each other with no need to accept the teleport, also... i do.. See more

#9831 - Status: open

1 month ago by On013 for Survival


Ban Accusers

Accusers are the most common rule breakers and annoying in the game and it ruins the enjoyable game from new players
You should ban accuser from the game so we can have a peace
for example I know a guy called Stealth_Banana08 is getting accused of so many random shits all day and one of those accusers called TixneLL
this guy is just jealous of Stealth_Banana08 and he tries to put some accuses.. See more

#9804 - Status: rejected - See reply

2 months ago by SlotzS for Survival


xp grinders

can you remove stack mob? or atleast can someone remove it in his claim area.

#9800 - Status: open

2 months ago by PAOGATE13 for Survival


Auction House

can u increase the limit of /ah to like 10b well iam not sure if 10b or if its not possible then like 1b ? or maybe 5b would be fine in short just increase the /ah limit according to economy like 5-10% of total balance of server

#9743 - Status: open

3 months ago by Ha_Rsh for Survival



reset survival. i think its time cuz many people are playing and i want to remember the old good times at this server

#9732 - Status: open

3 months ago by PAOGATE13 for Survival



Hey, just noticed that there are a lot of items in /shop but there is not wood which is basic thing for survival. would you add that to shop?

#9729 - Status: open

3 months ago by Harel_NTH for Survival


Enable /sit command

We bought rank to get special commands, and /sit feature is disabled in Survival, Prison. /sit command should be enabled there.

#9675 - Status: accepted - See reply

4 months ago by xXDraculaXx for Survival



The last Survival reset was a really long time ago and i think it should be reset but not to 1.18 beacause i think people prefer 1.8.9 rather than 1.18, 1.8.9 pvp is alot better and actually takes skill.

#9306 - Status: closed - See reply

1 year ago by Darkiplex for Survival


Reset Survival

its been just over 2 years since the previous reset. The main attraction of ExtremeCraft is survival and there is currently only 3 players online as i'm typing this. I can guarantee if survival was to be reset there would be an insane increase in players, resulting in more profit for you... Its a win win scenario in my opinion. surely the community can come together and upvote this suggestio.. See more

#9057 - Status: closed - See reply

1 year ago by steexy for Survival


Concerning Custom Named Tools & Armour

Please give the ability to remove or change the name of tools and armor with custom lore (aka Sword of Atilla, Chestplate of Achilles). When trying to combine my shovel named Monks Spade with some diamonds to repair the durability, I was greeted with the message "You cannot rename items with custom lore." This pertains mainly to survival, but it may be a problem in other server types so please c.. See more

#9047 - Status: open

1 year ago by ItsMixed1 for Survival


Bring back the good.

I started playing EC survival in 2017, and it was the best time I've ever had on a Minecraft server. A fully thought-out economy, a thriving player base that was helpful and friendly, and just an amazing administration that protected player to player trades. Ever since the latest wipe the economy has been completely destroyed, the player base has left (for the most part) and there's almo.. See more

#8720 - Status: closed - See reply

1 year ago by VIKDIDER for Survival


Turn on Keep inventory on death at Boss Fight Arena (Survival)

Greetings, EC staff & Fellow Players. Read my whole suggestion and upvote it to show your positive interest in it and so that it can/maybe accepted.
Boss Fight in survival is a necessary and enjoyable thing which happens in boss fight arena when a boss is summoned by a player. Unfortunately, any boss is hard enough that if you want to defeat it then you will surely die several times while fight.. See more

#8650 - Status: rejected - See reply

1 year ago by AngshuDhar for Survival


what all players hope for

That is the sentence we want, people have retired on this server and make this server boring maybe this can be the last unban all or maybe every 2 years Depending on how many new players join this server, but if unban all it is agreed that there will be a lot of increase in revenue on this server and also Interest in new players, in fact many have suggested unban all and you rejected .. See more

#8616 - Status: closed - See reply

1 year ago by Luciddsz for Survival


Auto removal of Unused or Inactive Claims of left players.

Greetings, EC staff & Fellow Players. PLEASE READ MY WHOLE SUGGESTION & UPVOTE it.
Ban the claims of such people who have been inactive for a very long time(2,3 or 4 months maybe). Because many players often, joins the server(survival), Claim huge land next to you, plays for somedays and then leaves forever! which creates a quite serious problem for the player who lives next to inactive player.. See more

#8536 - Status: rejected - See reply

1 year ago by AngshuDhar for Survival


1.17 or 1.16 Update on Survival

Greetings Guys,
I've been playing on this server(survival) for months now, first it was super exciting but later it was getting boring day by day because of it's outdatedness(Version 1.8). Huge number of People/player are also leaving this server because of it. I love the survival server, I don't want to see it die, So please Update the current 1.8 survival server to 1.17 or 1.16. .. See more

#8535 - Status: closed - See reply

1 year ago by AngshuDhar for Survival


/warp pvp2

use the old quartz map that was used in the previous season its bright and flat also gives good fps for low end pc users, and gives good vibes in general, thx.

#8316 - Status: closed - See reply

1 year ago by kubye for Survival



I have a very good pc and wifi but then also server glitch a lot please fix

#8313 - Status: rejected - See reply

1 year ago by ARNAV_GAMER123 for Survival


Add mobgriefing in claims setflag

Mobgriefing is disabled and villagers can’t pick up items. This restricts players from being creative in farms making because almost every farms requires mobs griefing.
It should be upto the player to decide if he wants to enable it or not. It should be disabled by default

#8054 - Status: shortlisted

2 years ago by Galvix for Survival


(survival) Pvpmap

I think it would be better to return the old map because it is too big and it is easy for the opponents to escape if you notice during the fight the map is semi free spaces because the map is too big so I think you should return the white map which was from the previous season or 2 seasons ago I do not remember exactly. would be really fun for all three teams. If you regret deleting the map just.. See more

#8017 - Status: closed - See reply

2 years ago by Royalise for Survival


Increase active player count: Discourage tp-killing in survival and survivalplus

I would like to propose that mods consider discouraging tp-killing in survival and survivalplus. Either make it punishable or make recently tp'd players invulnerable. Reasons are as follows:

1. Primary victims of tp-killing are new players - new to the server or new to Minecraft in general. Being tp-killed is one of the worst things that could happen as it ruins the player experience for .. See more

#7999 - Status: accepted - See reply

2 years ago by Kirschoff for Survival


Keeping the current party friendlyfire limit

I suggest that staff keep the current limit on parties; parties over 30 members should have party friendly fire disabled. There's a few good reasons to do so, and quite honestly looking at the past few posts to remove the limit on parties (all made by the same pvp party of course), I don't see any reasonable arguments for removing the limit.

" You should return the old friendlyfire l.. See more

#7981 - Status: open

2 years ago by ChuckeyTheBear for Survival