Horse1v1 leaderboard

Why can we not see the horse1v1 leaderboard on the website? I cannot be that hard to add it. I think it deserves to also be shown on the website!

#9712 - Status: open

1 hour ago by boemstijn for Global


Reset Go PvP ELO

Ranked on go pvp has been dead for quite a while now since everyone is already high ELO. People only queue unranked, afraid of losing their ELO.
It has been 3-4 years since the ELO has been reset, it's about time to reset it again and make the server competitive.
It will get more people on PvP because everyone will grind ranked again and try to be the first to reach 2000 ELO etc..

#9711 - Status: open

1 hour ago by adwodbvysxkampaz for Global


How to make EC alive again?

i suggest if u guys could get a sponser with Salwyrr launcher it could help boost the server because with sponsered servers people will play on the server to get coins for their cosmetics and it will allow the server to be alive again

#9710 - Status: open

21 hours ago by oAppleTree for Global


DO events early

Do events early for asian players One Pro and 2 pro

#9709 - Status: open

1 day ago by CtaVote for Prison



You should increase the limit of Coinflip in prison to 10 billion atleast because getting money is easy in prison as compared to other gamemodes. Coinflip have 10 million limit right now and losing or winning this much amount is kind of negligible to most players.

#9708 - Status: open

1 day ago by Berserker_R for Prison


New staff

Make me a moderator

#9707 - Status: rejected - See reply

2 days ago by iusereachfr for Global


New Title: Tiger

Why Tiger?
Because tigers are known for their powerful and majestic appearance, which can evoke a sense of danger and excitement. Additionally, tigers are considered one of the most iconic and recognizable animals, making them a popular and recognizable addition to the server title.

In the game, tigers can be used as decorative elements or as in-game creatures that players can interact with... See more

#9706 - Status: open

3 days ago by Orwp for Titles



To ban ppl of your claims, is like an insta claim kick command, you can avoid grieffers or sus players

#9705 - Status: open

3 days ago by AbdoKing_ for Global


Bring back #memes

Bring back the #memes in the ec discord server, the memes can advertise server and it is a necessary object for the server
Also you should bring back vouchers for the meme contest winners so people have reason to make memes not for free
I don't see anything wrong with it, if you add it back, it's beneficial for the server literally beneficial for all

#9704 - Status: open

3 days ago by OmegaGodfather for Discord


Proximity chat

You should add proximity chat into the game because of the following reasons
1 it will be easier to use and it will help players who are laggy and have to open discord to talk with their friends if it was implemented into the game these players won't need to open other apps or tabs which would help them with lag
2 it will be easier fire players to communicate with each other and it will gi.. See more

#9703 - Status: open

3 days ago by Orwp for Global


Title : Lithuania

Lithuania is my country i want to use this title in-game !

#9702 - Status: open

4 days ago by gokeyo for Titles



i think faction is better server in ec let the verison 1.8 it's so much good

#9701 - Status: rejected - See reply

5 days ago by BLACK_999 for Global


Custom Enchant For Weapons And Tool

Custom Enchant Like Beheading Or Life Steel For Normal Sword And Op's Weapon

#9700 - Status: open

5 days ago by ARSYI1802 for Global


Withdraw in every server

i suggest to add like /withdraw 100B or like /withdraw 1000000000 64 to take easy stack cause we need it so much in prison like /withdraw 10b i don't know how to full mean but if you understand me do it please <3

#9699 - Status: open

5 days ago by AbdoKing_ for Global



I think you should add, for example, next to the name of the player's rank
Nexus: AbdoKing_ This is great

#9698 - Status: open

5 days ago by AbdoKing_ for Global


archery MCMMO

Archery Mcmmo is too op at the moment. I suggest "nerfing" it, maybe by removing the dizzy thing
Many players quit opsurvival becouse of that

#9697 - Status: open

5 days ago by q960 for Opsurvival


Slimefun Improvements ( big one )

rpg is kinda cool rn but theres alot of stuff that can fix it and since im assuming dieu is back which means we're able to modify server files, it would be a good idea to implement some things we've been asking for since reset

- Blade of vampire - this sword needs a nerf, considering rpg is filled with prot 10 and regen 4, its pretty hard to take damage in the first place. And being a.. See more

#9696 - Status: open

6 days ago by CherryBlo66om for Rpg




#9695 - Status: open

6 days ago by PrO___________ for Titles


Infinity expansion and extra TOOLS MORE ADDONS

+ join the party its the best party in the world also
its cool and tsuff
we up
bababadalgharaghtakamminarronnkonnbronntonnerronntuonnthunntrovarrhounawnskawntoohoohoordenenthurnuk is a word aq said so

#9694 - Status: open

6 days ago by Janorax for Rpg


Slimefun addons

We would like to see more slimefun addons on RPG , like InfinityExpansion , FluffyMachines , and there is more and more
it Will make RPG fun and more things to craft

#9693 - Status: open

1 week ago by Cha1nSaw_ for Rpg


EC is dead but it can be revived

It has been maybe a couple years since the server stopped getting people on and has become dead. So something needs to be done for the server to actually go back to when it got 2k players online on a daily basis. Since an Unban All isn't an option, which I still think would be a good one, here's some things the higher ups could do:
-Make a TikTok page and post promotional videos daily
.. See more

#9692 - Status: open

1 week ago by ____Shady____ for Global



McMMO makes too much damage, especially in opsurvival. With 1k axe level u can 3 hit a full dia prot 4 which is just weird. It should be less powerful by alot

#9691 - Status: open

1 week ago by SeniorZine for Global


Back HideAndSeek

Back HideAndSeek it will be good

#9690 - Status: rejected - See reply

1 week ago by AbdoKing_ for Hideandseek


Prison Updates

Since prison getting so much players recently and You guys can’t reset what about some Updates to make players have more fun and keep playing I Just thought of some things you might like it or see It funny
CTA Starter
What about making a something in crates like Event starter for Cta like item you get it from cta crate by low chance called CTA starter if u went to the area and right click it i.. See more

#9689 - Status: open

1 week ago by ArabicGirl874 for Prison


RPG /shop improvement

RPG economy is pretty lame rn, if you're extremely rich and have hundreds of millions then the shop is no use to you at all. I suggest adding a variety of more spawn eggs, obviously at an expensive price. These spawn eggs can include stuff like skeleton, blaze, enderman, anything thats used in farms that people cant obtain very easily. This will not only limit these spawners to spawner keys .. See more

#9688 - Status: open

1 week ago by CherryBlo66om for Rpg