slimefun voting rewards

well as long i saw sur had the event jumper in the vote key crates so im suggesting to add it in slimfun also
adding soul shop / shards shop will also improving more players to keep playing the game since alot of players stop because the cargo nodes got removed and buging slimefun

thank you for your time

hope it will be impelemented

#10949 - Status: shortlisted

3 weeks ago by MrNobodyFeels for Slimefun


Please bring back /afk messages

Used to be really useful for advertising shops. But the main reason being… I just really miss being able to let people know why I was afk! I’m not sure why it was removed in the first place, but maybe we can come to a compromise. Please consider EC team!~

#10939 - Status: shortlisted

4 weeks ago by OhCrackers for Global


Add new game mode?

Hello, I really like Minecraft pvp like in all servers but in this server there is no game mode of duels or practice something so I wanted to say that if it gets added I would really like it.
Thank you

#10908 - Status: shortlisted

1 month ago by LOLPLAYZ099 for Global



Please make it so we can /condense snowballs into snow blocks. (I believe the same is true for quartz blocks and maybe some other like bricks). Thank you!


#10871 - Status: shortlisted

1 month ago by StefXVI for Global


/printer command

Add a /printer command, which lets you go in printer mode which allows you to print cannons. You can make blocks like cactus, sand, sugercane, water, lava and anything that will change the eco or base building in any way not be placeable in printer.

This command will allow raiding and defending to be more enjoyable. You can set up cannons faster, you can side counter cannons faster and more!

#10835 - Status: shortlisted

1 month ago by minechats for Factions


Bring back Collectibles to the Lobby

To anyone who doesn't know/remember those, the old Lobby had 50 Heads across the entire map which could be collected.

So with that out of the way, if possible, could you guys please add those back? not only would it make the [LobbyExplorer] title obtainable again, but also make the Lobby more interesting

(I know the lobby is a lot smaller now but if that's a problem, then add less.. See more

#10639 - Status: shortlisted

4 months ago by KingNite for Lobby


The DC server would be popping more then it is rn,

last night i was doing a challange, and i wanted to stream it but bcs it was 3am there was no point streaming on twitch, so i wanted to hop in a call on EC server, and call with people who were willing to watch the process of opening 2300+ votekeys for a video, me, discocreeeper, and visualsFTW were sitting in the EC dc call but found out we can't actually screenshare on jump on our cameras,.. See more

#10637 - Status: shortlisted

4 months ago by stealself for Discord


a new feature that could be very handy!!!

its very simple.... add names of sellers to the /ah ( auction house ) history page, so u can see who sold a specific item maybe also add so u can see who BOUGHT the item,

#10635 - Status: shortlisted

4 months ago by stealself for Global


/Spawnmob Command

As many people may know, this command was purposely brought to summon villagers or valuable creeps to use, In case we couldn't find or needed certain resources. Over a long period of time this command was lacking all the newer mobs and fewer old mobs (such as Blaze) for needing a particular items from them to either craft or progress In our gamemode. Long story short, if possible would you p.. See more

#10632 - Status: shortlisted

4 months ago by JohnSeed26 for Global


Skyblock next reset.

Hello. On skyblock should be added mcmmo, because there still play people who dont do p2w. And minning will be more fun than /afk for blocks.
Maybe u can set dia block 300, ems 150point and gold 100 point.
There will be more fun on server, evryone quit after 40 days of reset, because if u dont do p2w or grind mine (24h/7) u cant actualy won anything. And there is not fun at all.
And how u .. See more

#10589 - Status: shortlisted

5 months ago by BabyCatMjauu for Skyblock


Update /spawnmob

So, mobs from newer updates can't be spawned using the command, as an example, axolotls, dolphins, glow squids, etc.

So please make it more useful by adding those mobs in.

#10571 - Status: shortlisted

5 months ago by KingNite for Global


Faction Suggestion

Disallowed Cannons:

Mid Air Cannons (At any Y level)
Any U-Fusions Cannons
Roof Cannons
Phase Cannons
Corner Cannons
Push Cannons
Left/Right Shooters
Cannons must be raidable once the cannonbox is breached (No fully watered cannons).

Patching with gen buckets, schematica or sandbots when under raid is not allowed.

Insiding is not allowed.

Make Creepers Damage Obsidian.

.. See more

#10564 - Status: shortlisted

5 months ago by Danyial for Factions


Town Rank permissions

The assistant rank has permission to override switch and item but does not build and destroy, is there a way around this or please have a look to allow it so that it can override build and destroy as well

#10560 - Status: shortlisted

5 months ago by iitsAlexii for Towny


Nations Flying

Being a part of a nation should allow its members to fly in towns that are associated with said nation.

#10556 - Status: shortlisted

5 months ago by iitsAlexii for Towny


Revert hall of fame back to 2 weeks instead of 1.

Its very hard for other islands to catch up to the island top #1 and #2 if they get vouchers every week. We should revert hof back to 2 weeks to make it more competitive and fair for everyone else.

#10523 - Status: shortlisted

6 months ago by BloodNoon for Skyblock


Adding a parkour

Same as skyblock
a small and decent parkour w top players based on best timing :)

#10520 - Status: shortlisted

6 months ago by xStop_Scam for Towny


Group responsibility

Make it so that if an offender is caught on an island for example as recently very often afk mining the islands gets punished by for example removing 20% of their value. Don't let dishonest players get away with it by just temp banning for 1 week the AFK miner. Not only do they still profit from all the blocks he mined but he gets unbanned very fast.
You can also make a "Strikes" system wh.. See more

#10489 - Status: shortlisted

6 months ago by Skiuba_ for Skyblock


continued useless eco on slimefun

still cant do anything with economy, /shop only gives stuff like blocks and farmable stuff, im not sure what to add but something half-useful should be added so the economy isnt completely 100% player-based (only use of money is stuff on /ah or chestshops etc)

Maybe even slimefun items in /shop idk might progress too fast but it'd be something to buy, we're already at a level of enoug.. See more

#10430 - Status: shortlisted

7 months ago by 4cherry for Slimefun


Mob Event

Hey, can you make it possible to mobs drop experience during the mob event. Like this, Mending can be used for something useful, instead of bringing several sets and not having enough space to get items from the mobs. Kind regards, x69_.

#10419 - Status: shortlisted

7 months ago by x69_ for Survival


Make Ancient Helmet Protection 6 and remove Heavy Helmet(or just make it protection 5)

Make Ancient helmet protection 6 cause there is Ancient Chestplate(p6) Ancient leggings (p6) Ancient boots (p6) but Ancient Helmet protection 5 make it protection 6 so we can have a full set and be nice and organized


#10414 - Status: shortlisted

7 months ago by CanBeDamaged for Global


Survival Chesthoppers

It would be very nice to see chesthoppers do the same thing as spawners and pop into your inventory after breaking. A lot of chesthoppers are by cactus and makes for very hard moving of them.

In addition to this, I'm not sure if possible. but a "change all" setting to chesthoppers would be sooo handy. Example: switching all chesthoppers to sell collect/autosell/ignore a specific item

#10387 - Status: shortlisted

7 months ago by sebastianx57 for Survival


Add [AFK] when pressing TAB

Adding [AFK] behind the names of the people who are AFK can help not tag them and make them come back.It would be really helpful Thanks.

#10373 - Status: shortlisted

7 months ago by CanBeDamaged for Global


/shop search

/shop search
You put in the name of the item you want to search for in the text bar and the item appears below

#10340 - Status: shortlisted

7 months ago by Tuberz_ for Survival


Add title "Valhalla"

Valhalla is a party in survival and alot of people would like the title

Extremecraft pls add it

#10334 - Status: shortlisted

7 months ago by CanBeDamaged for Titles


Adding Total Achievements and Completed Achievements

So basically, in the /quests GUI when we click Achievements, or when we hover on Achievements button, If it can show how many achievements we have completed in total out of how many remaining like "100/400" like, Just for us to know how much we have completed

#10313 - Status: shortlisted

8 months ago by yohazz for Survival