Opfaction Server

I would like to see him Opfaction server.
'Mr. Superman and other managers to think about it...pozdrav za server

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2 months ago by LazarL for Global


Shop /shop

Make certain item prices fixed (Enchanted golden apples) and some building blocks to allow new players to build.
Make dynamic shop prices reset or lower eventually
Add more stuff to the shop such as water bottles,water bucket,lava buckets qol stuff
add more types of armour in the combat and tool section and add swords axes
there is no point in keeping items in /shop if it cost around 10k (eg.. See more

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3 months ago by Maraapunisaurus for Global


Case sensitive commands

Hello Dieu, Previously, commands were not case sensitive, but now they are, which is kind of unpleasant. For example: /Help, /hElp or /help with a space at the end ("/help ") doesn't work, only /help (all lower case) works. I just want these fixed because it's presumably the case with the majority of the server commands, that's all. Thank you! 😅

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3 months ago by noeldeyzel for Global


Something that shows u where people are in ur plot


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2 years ago by xRekteD for Creative


Dig The Pit

I think there should be a Dig the Pit ban for any player that sabotages one. Today I got sabotaged bye another player and dropped from 2nd place to 5th place. He was hired from another player named BLACK_999 so he could win easier. This should result in a 12 hour ban from the server and a ban from Dig the Pit. Thank you and I hope this gets accepted.

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3 years ago by P3p3Th3Fr0gB0l for Prison


Creating a Gamemode named something like "Nexus"

Basically , There's 4 teams , Which there are maps with a beacon in the middle of theses bases.
You have to get stuff from ressources nearby (Trees , Stone , Ores) , but thoses ressources re-appear after 5 seconds or so.
You have to attack the opponents's Beacons with a pickaxe with a set health. ( Beacon could have like 200 Life before death. )
There also should be kits , Sign Shops .. See more

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3 years ago by Shtwick for Global



Add Semi-Rp Gamemode please i like this !

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3 years ago by Haruhito_Cotatsu for Global



I know I already added a grief command suggestion but I just wanted to add some more things for that suggestion. I think that some people in creative trust griefers who act like they are trustworthy. But some people who act like they are trustworthy are actually griefers who want to break stuff in your plot for valuable to the owners of that plot. And I just think that its not right for people t.. See more

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3 years ago by cosmicstarz for Creative


Creative Money

Money in creative is pretty useless so i was thinking of a way to make it useful.A shop can be made in creative which can be accessed by doing /shop where you can buy heads and world edit and maybe banners as well.It would also benefit the server since players would vote more often to get money and buy things at the shop.

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4 years ago by wesley128 for Creative