add ces

pls can you add every custom enchanted book to the shop so we can buy with money each ce we need

#8415 - Status: open

7 hours ago by MasterSweter for Global


Pearls more effective on Warzone/wz Claims

Warzone in opfactions has been getting very boring, Since most factions have tons of Wz claims and there is 0 Point of Pvping when they could just run to theyre Traps and hide.

Make pearls Efficient like in 'Nodebuff' on /go pvp, But Efficient pearls are ONLY enabled when 4 chunks outside of Wz, and disabled at 5 chunks so Bases cant be glitchable, Only on Wz traps.

Anyone could ju.. See more

#8413 - Status: open

12 hours ago by TargetOnMyYawa for Opfactions


Addition to the removal of P2W From EC

Since EC ranks are now based for each gamemode instead of being global, I feel it necessary to have a balancing mode of redeeming store items. The HOF feature got removed too so vouchers are only available to Factions and Opfactions players for the time being and this makes it impossible for any non factions player to get them without spending their real money. EC is now going towards a fully mo.. See more

#8412 - Status: open

1 day ago by thighsavelives for Global



We need STAFF in dtp so we can report who are sabotaging player or some hacker cause like me and someone cant record or dont know how to record in the game

#8411 - Status: open

1 day ago by ZZoeDD for Global


PvP gamemodes/maps

Add other gamemodes in /pvp like bridge, boxing, Combo, spleef, and stick fight. These gamemodes are the most played in pvp servers! Re-create NoDebuff for example add pearl cool down, and better Instant Health II animation. Maps, add larger maps, that won't get you FPS(frames per second) drops.

#8409 - Status: open

1 day ago by 0mp_ for Global



so the new rank system is a gamemode only so players who has nexus in skyblock will not have it in other game mode
my suggestion here is to either low the rank price for each gamemode or just make it global except the factions and opfactions gamemode

#8408 - Status: open

1 day ago by nightomega for Global



Hi there, can u guys add cooldowns on pearls for Nodebuff its really annyoing if someone spamming pearlss Ty.

#8407 - Status: open

1 day ago by Ze3ma for Pvp



would be good to see bridge on gopvp think this was suggested before but doesnot look like anyone taking care of it so just to remind work on bridge and add it thankyou haveaniceday

#8406 - Status: open

2 days ago by RillyFYB for Pvp


Hall Of Fame

I want to talk some things about HOF

As we all know that HOF has been removed from all servers except opfaction and faction

they told that becz of HOF the server is turning to Pay to Win server soo they removed it , but that is not true

if i talk about skyblock , we need ore blocks to level up our island and from spawners we can get ore blocks ,example :- iron golem spawners / witch s.. See more

#8405 - Status: open

2 days ago by NyabDce for Global


remove new ranks ASAP

so i just saw the store and are u guys in ur mind? like it was pay2win before which was lets say okay. but now its worse. this is the most pay2win server i ever seen. and u have to pay the same amount for the ranks for 1 server like for example in survival so ur telling us to pay like 2k euros in a mc server
i am warning u guys. Mojang will shut down the server soon cuz of this pay2win as moj.. See more

#8404 - Status: open

2 days ago by OutrageousGurl__ for Global


Improve the server

The server is dying, and if that isn't t obvious idk what is.
I suggest to reset every server at the same time so people have equal start.
Also a UnBanAll which would really boost the player base. also make the server not Pay to win because mojang might shut down the server which will be devastating to the community, also please do not make the server 1.17 make like 1 or 2 servers 1.17 lik.. See more

#8403 - Status: open

2 days ago by OutrageousGurl__ for Global


Lucky Blocks and bombs

As I noticed, the quest bombard is kind a very hard to be done [ its rare to get bombs for it] So, I think you have to make a new crate after reset [Bombs crate] that gives all bombs with different chances [like 3or5 % for Nuke bomb] and key can be gained from /store , lucky blocks , and quest crate too! . "That will make prison better and fun"

I think lucky blocks should be ab.. See more

#8402 - Status: open

2 days ago by YOYO96GAMER for Prison


DTP is dead now :(

few time ago you accepted "filip_zd" 's suggestion [ #8273 ]
but i think it would be better to make DTP as it was before that suggestion , I mean, that players cant give TNT for others, and TNT mustn't be underground cuz every time I mine TNT some players starts annoying and tagging as hacker/xray-er and that is just because they are mining at top layer of DTP arena . SO, i suggest to r.. See more

#8401 - Status: open

2 days ago by YOYO96GAMER for Prison


Remove New Separated Rank

Just separating rank makes it more p2w than it was and already EC loosed it too many player base and making it more p2w some more player base would quit I just recommend u to make prices of rank to half of than it's now or just remove that separated rank's that will be better u can also see EC has hardly 500 online in its peak time and making EC more p2w in it's dying state u can j.. See more

#8400 - Status: open

2 days ago by harshjain2005 for Global


RPG million rank

Please add kits and ranks in shop, we hav to buy then for millions. the children are suffering.i, as a parent am saying please add ranks and kits in shop for the donor one 2 mill and sooo on please accept.... i request u. my kids are suffering

#8399 - Status: open

2 days ago by GlazyPie for Global



Don't you see that you have improved so much in the game that you have to bring it back to how it was?
I don t know about you but i don t even think joining orbitwars or any other map win at it just want you be faster than other and go rush them before they take anything from the chests or just any randow join use that kit Minigun bow with punch and shoot you when the game just started i do.. See more

#8398 - Status: open

2 days ago by _Jumball_ for Global


Escapist removal

Hello. So at the start of OPFactions reset there was a problem with buffed ces (Chainer particularly) and armor breaking at the speed of light. Hyper fixed it and now armor nearly doesn't break. The only way to kill a person is by quickdropping them. Still, there is a custom enchant called "Escapist" which basically saves your life every 30 seconds. YES. 30 seconds. If you get below 5 hearts.. See more

#8397 - Status: open

3 days ago by Terifying for Opfactions


Online friends

Hello this is MQssir

I'd like to suggest adding an option to see who of my friends is online when /friends/friend command is done,

Because some might got like 100 friends and the friend-list and he/she will take much time to search for who is online and who isn't,

So adding a button or an option to see who is online would be a good add,

Thanks for reading,
Much love MQ

#8396 - Status: open

3 days ago by MQssir for Global


extremecraft atlas

since hypixel added their community anticheat called atlas a few months ago, i would suggest adding extremecraft atlas, and make it for voters and people with ranks, not members (bc they sometimes think the newbies who reported a person is hacking) basically it should be a community anticheat where u can spectate players from anonymous footage to see if the person who was reported, was cheating .. See more

#8395 - Status: open

3 days ago by bruh2828 for Global


New Title

add the 'ArmorSmith' title plz. It could suit some players who sell armor on servers

#8394 - Status: open

3 days ago by har2slol for Titles


New game Op prison

I suggest Create Op prison and gets some eff 10 pix axe and some more have private mine and need less 20% fees in private mine then other game

#8393 - Status: open

3 days ago by killerpvp123 for Global


Competitive Bedwars

You should add a game mode to bedwars that has an elo system that people can grind instead of leaderboards, stars, and with the choice of solo and teams.

Here's how it could work

Elo system - There should be ranks based on how much elo you have

0-99 - Coal
100-199 - Iron
200 - 299 - Gold
300-399 - Diamond
400-499 - Emerald
500-599 - Ruby
600-699- Saphire
700-799 - Amethyst
8.. See more

#8392 - Status: open

3 days ago by SithV2 for Bedwars


A New SkyBlock Mode (RPG in Skyblock)

I have gone for like 4 months and just came back earlier . I see theres a bad status signal for ExtremeCraft , kinda sad but EC is like a childhood to me . Today I'm here to offer a new OPSkyblock Season changes

- We need the command like /level or /rankup on OPSkyblock

How does it work ?
For example , All players will start at lvl 1 , they must collect all the required items to level.. See more

#8391 - Status: open

3 days ago by KewLinh for Opskyblock


/Rickroll [player]

When a player puts in this command from the /rp, it will show as:
* [player] Rickrolled you...
And etc.
This is from trippysnake
Have a great day ♡

#8390 - Status: open

3 days ago by trippysnake for Global


EC Coins.

I suggest adding a feature called EC coins these coins can be used in different servers (can be allowed to become money/keys..)they can be a great way to trade between players.These coins can be acquired by playing minigames or voting something like that.If it would be possible if the player had allot of those coins they can get a perk/pet/rank/title it doesn't have to be used for those but .. See more

#8389 - Status: open

4 days ago by kamm__ for Global