Change Grow Rates Of Crops Back To Normal Rates

It seems dieu has made some changes in the rate of growth in crops, the change of growth rate has made the server towny unplayable. Since growth rates of cactus and other crops dropped about 80-90% you cant do anything in towny to make money, the entire eco is ruined and new players cant do anything to make bal anymore. I have a farm about 8 chunks making me when growth rate was normal about 1.5mil an hour. the growth rate dropped so low that i only make 200k per hour with 8 full max chunks of cactus. this needs changed back to the old growth rates or this server is done for, maybe its a glitch or bug but this needs changed or fixed ASAP. please upvote to get this fixed

#11013 - Status: open

1 week ago by iH4x0rSnail for Improvements