- Unban All: The Revival of EC -

Before we start, we should inform everyone that we are on the same side as the staff members. We don't want to hurt the server, or be negative. This is just our views on the server, and a request for change.

This will also be our last suggestion related to this matter, as we've posted many others in the past.

We have decided to post one last suggestion to outline the importance an.. See more

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1 year ago by Caspey for Global


comments on suggestions

Allow everyone to comment on a suggestion to know everyone's opinion on a specific suggestion.
It's basically like voting but with typing like the old forums where we sent +1 along with our opinion.
With that, whoever considers the suggestion can know most people's point of view of it and can decide whether it should be accepted or not.

#4436 - Status: shortlisted

3 years ago by SlimeDce for Website


The Flaws of EC - How To Fix Them

- Friday, April 16th 2021 -

// What is this?

This article was composed to pin point the incalculable misconducts and/or the one sided preferential/prejudiced judgmental activities done by the Staff Team against players. This article moreover contains the various imperfections EC has been encountering for ages (with evidence) , Guidance on how to ace evasive maneuvering and evade the predi.. See more

#8013 - Status: open

2 years ago by Caspey for Global


unban all 2.0

Would be cool if there was another unban all, especially considering how successful the last one was. After the previous unban all player count increased a lot and everyone was having a blast with pvp/gamemodes ect. "What about all the hackers that got banned" one might refute. To this I would say almost all the cheaters will get quickly sorted by the anticheat which doesn't suck anymore... See more

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2 years ago by mandown3120O for Global


add for nexus

Why we don't make a new command for the nexus
Thank you :D

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3 years ago by NIGHT92SPEED for Global


PVP Server Revamp

The PVP server has become dry over time and a revamp would be good

ELO reset/rewards - grinding ELO nowadays is boring and not impressive, when elo first reset being above 2k elo was impressive and was for the best but now anyone can get it because once you're 2k its difficult to get higher and people dont wanna play it therefore the competitiveness died. I'd say GAPPLE and BOW are th.. See more

#4601 - Status: shortlisted

3 years ago by urbentmate for Pvp


Stacked Gen Buckets

Add stacked gen buckets for more convenience making bases. Buying them one inventory at a time is time consuming/ hassle. Please consider my suggestion for Factions and OpFactions.

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3 years ago by HibouSoup for Opfactions


Depth Strider on Hero+ Kits

Depth Strider really needed for Hero+ Kits. Because I don't see any Drawback for adding that. We know Thorns enchantment causes double armor damage. But Depth Strider don't. So please add that.

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3 years ago by Nyxella for Global



#unbanall yes yes and Thz if you reject this you're not cool!

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2 years ago by minechats for Global


New title

i would like to suggest new title { Chain } With Light Gray Color

#5566 - Status: accepted - See reply

3 years ago by Cha1nSaw_ for Titles


Starter kit removal

The anarchy already isn't exactly anarchy with /tp, /home, and bunch of other commands, but I think Starter kits are a bit too far. I think they should get removed. A bunch of people from anarchy will agree with me.

#5822 - Status: accepted - See reply

2 years ago by SunnyJeward for Anarchy


Unban all

I think it would be a good idea for an unban all because it would up the player base and everyone's friends are in this server so it would give them reasons to come. I think this would benefit the server having more people on because a lot of stopped playing because there friends getting banned or false banned so they stop playing to go on other server with the people they like to play with... See more

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2 years ago by IReachFR for Global



You should add a 20v20 on /go pvp so they can Training for TeamFight!

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2 years ago by 1111ms for Pvp


Unban all

Unban All the server will be Alive like old

#6935 - Status: rejected - See reply

2 years ago by Icujuv for Global


Allowing fireballs to be used when enemies are near

The new rule of disabling fireballs when enemies are near is just absurd rule. How are we suppose to fireball spawners if a base has been breached? Staff may say use creeper eggs but in the event of not finding a spot to creeper egg from is most likely to happen. During the process of countering a enemy cannon box on your base, you can just have someone afk your cannon and the opposing faction .. See more

#6965 - Status: accepted - See reply

2 years ago by CheesyXDD for Global


Sumo gamemode

Add a gamemode where 2 players are standing at a platform with a 5 seconds countdown. Players are gonna try to knock off each other off the platform into water. There is gonna be 3 rounds.

#5178 - Status: shortlisted

3 years ago by sushivuitton for Pvp


Am WhySoCrazy

I think a title Vendetta would be great

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2 years ago by WhySoCrazy for Titles



It will be good idea to unban all players on our server EC .

#6941 - Status: rejected - See reply

2 years ago by _MrWalid for Global


New start for EC

If there can be an unban all and major improvements to getting people banned that will be great. Many of you staff don’t find any hacks on people and still get them banned, and when we want staff to ss someone you don’t take part in that action and consider it accusing when you guys don’t take a simple action to ss them. It’s bullshit how this server runs sometimes and that’s just facts. You don.. See more

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2 years ago by tkev for Global



Hi, today i wanted to make a suggestion about the thing we asked for a thousand times, trinom is a title that around 20 people would buy right after it gets added. Trinom means victory in german and it doesnt have a bad meaning or not to flex, just like guardians, who have a guardian title which was perviously added before people make a suggestion for it, And ecsfinest, yeah its too old but we.. See more

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2 years ago by Nightmqrish for Titles


unban all 2.0

staff already rejected a lot of suggestions like this one... maybe saying that it was a one tume thing, maybe saying everyone got his oportunity there... but the server is dying, also not everyone got am opportunity... like my friend ProNotHacks_ , who didnt got his opportunity to change...

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2 years ago by DisapointedDelta for Global


unban all

Unban all and revive this server

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2 years ago by Stockman4 for Global


Improvements for PVP.

Hello! I decided to suggest adding new stuff for PvP so It'll be better.

- Rename Gamemode

Rename the 'PvP' gamemode to 'Practice'

- Reset ELO

I think that reseting the ELO every 4 months will be good, everyone should start playing from 1000 ELO.

- ELO System

The current ELO is really bad, make it so you get 12 ELO against anyone and losing like 15 ELO, no m.. See more

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2 years ago by volaku for Pvp


Unban all

It’s been made evident over the past couple days that an unban all is what the majority of the player population wants. Personally I’ve seen servers die before and, from what I can see, ec is up next. While an unban all will of course bring back past hackers it will ultimately be worth it in the long term and hopefully save the server.

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2 years ago by okcapo for Global


/withdraw max

This feature will withdraw all your balance for convenience pls upvote ty 💛

#7570 - Status: open

2 years ago by funkie360 for Survival