tnt fill command needed

Please add tnt fill command in cannoining server.

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5 months ago by 2Fast2Soft for Cannoning


Nice Stuff To Add For Factions And Cannoning

hello Good evening / morning !
Since now we have a better jar for /go cannon (No Offense)
I'd like to suggest these stuff to add for the Cannoning Server first of all :
*Tick Counters - It would be nice to have a tick counter instead of counting in our heads or a calculator or on a piece of paper its much easier
*Magic Sand - its basically sand that refills itself when ever there is the.. See more

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2 years ago by ImSkillyPanda for Cannoning


New commands and improvements

there should be a /wall <wall type> <height> that lets u auto create basic faction walls and stuff like obby gens, lava gens and cobble gens. also, allow redstone to be world editted but keep a redstone limit in a plot to prevent lag machines

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2 years ago by ProPlayerH0rse for Cannoning


Redstone wiring to not be altered when using world edit commands. + fix to /button

//move up should include redstone wiring too, its annoying when i make a cannon too low, and then i have to redo all the redstone again. I dont see a way this can be abused by with lag machines
also /button works only when redstone is directly connected to it, can you make it so it actually powers the block its placed it? It doesnt do that at the moment

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2 years ago by BluemingxIU for Cannoning


Add Gametick Counter Tool

A game tick counter would be great for EC cause it means people can build cannons from scratch much easier which means a higher playerbase for the server. Adding this tool will allow people to actually build a cannon specifically a big one from scratch. Without it, they'll just scratch their head and go to another cannoning server with a gametick counter. I feel like the server right now is .. See more

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2 years ago by jewnik for Cannoning


/firebutton and water not destroying redstone

Heyy everyone,

I would like to ask for a /firebutton where you can connect a button with a command and than doing /fire to trigger it.
Also add in the cannoning server that when water is flooding away it doesnt destroy any of the redstone you placed.
I hope this will be added

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2 years ago by ThatsNick for Cannoning



Being Able to Paste our schems using world edit
An Announcement channel that states changes to ticks/how the server works/how cannoning works
This would make our lives Way easier.. ty

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2 years ago by DragSensei for Cannoning


Adding Generator Buckets To Cannoning

Dear Staff,
Hello today i want to share a ciol suggestion that adding Generator Buckets To Cannoning so we can test if cannons are good or not instead of making weak water wall that anyone can destroy and also we can test our walls defend if it good
Thanks you for time and understand
Kindly Regards,

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2 years ago by LuckyLimor for Cannoning


Regarding the Updated Cannoning Changes

Faction players would like an announcement on the cannoning changes made. Too many cannons that worked prior to the update don't work anymore but work perfectly on a different server. This should not be happening, where you have to change the ticks on a cannon just to adapt to EC. An announcement highlighting all the changes or revert back to the original settings is in order.
As for an ac.. See more

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3 years ago by BlazedbyBlazer for Cannoning


/fire,/lever and tick counter

I spend so much time on cannoning and I think it /fire,/lever will make testing cannons much easier and also would like an object that counts ticks for you/tick counter like blaze rod or something like that

#5118 - Status: shortlisted

3 years ago by kolikosamstar for Cannoning