Adding spawners in Legendary Keys

Adding spawners in legendary keys might be worth it as there's still a low chance for us to get spawners in skyblock, Especially in vkeys which is very low compared to factions game mode. Factions game mode vkeys can get spawners in 1 stack of vkeys adding that same percentage of spawners rate to get from vkeys might be worth a while. To prevent players from saving vkeys and just use them based on their luck. Vote keys in skyblock are for points ONLY we've noticed that using vkeys there is very useless because of the percentage to get a spawner is very low compared to the factions server. Even in factions, you can buy spawners using in-game money. Well we wouldn't want that as the SKYBLOCK server is based on points which doesn't use SPAWNERS. Thank you for understanding!


#10986 - Status: open

3 weeks ago by Pyxieo for Improvements