Extremecraft Please take care about this !

Keeping ec is just a vain thing from now
because mods and staff managers are abusing their power and not punishing all the rule breakers
since half of still active community are ban evading/duping/xraying and acting like legit people, everyday the server is receiving spam bot attacks and there are lot of other mistakes can explain, also you said everyone have feel free to make a ban appeal but I heard most of their ban appeals easily got rejected.
so if you want to have a great server please resolve these issues as you can, Thanks and wish luck.

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2 weeks ago by savageboy123_ for GameModes

Answer: Closed

I'll explain again. If there are staff members abusing or not doing their jobs properly, then you are free to make a report on the website. Players who don't get their appeals accepted means they have clearly done something to cause them to stay banned such as ban evading. Which they typically only need to wait a week till they can appeal again, if they haven't done anything wrong then they will be unbanned. It's really as simple as that.

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2 weeks ago by GuitarPro