Dear EC Staff and Fellow Players,

I get that the EULA has changed and it was decided to make ranks per server instead of being global, It has been quite some time I'll say And I just wanted to say that if bringing back global ranks are not possible then you should really bring rank upgrade for those who already have global ranks ! It would be really nice if this was implicated and acc. to current prices it's way to expensive for a player to get global Nexus and price being one factor why this is bad:

Let's say there's a player, He's nexus in Survival and he doesn't play any other mode, now one day he gets bored on survival...so he dicides to play on other server let's say opfac ! now there he's only member so if while playing there he would not be able to do many things as he could do as a Nexus so he would lose interest easily and will not play opfac, while if he had Nexus there too, he would know that he had perks there too, like /f se So if would fell nice and would play there maybe regularly making ther servercount for opfac +1 and thus gaining more members. (It's just an example to show that global ranks were better).

Thank you for your time,
-x0x_Devil_x0x <3

#8533 - Status: open

1 week ago by x0x_Devil_x0x for General