Add new items

Just as the name says add new items like

-Instant TNT| for 30 diamonds (explodes in an instant)
-Blooddog 30 gold| (its spawns 3 dogs that will kill enimies)
- Teammate Revival| 5 emerald (when a teammate dies and the bed is destroyed the other teammate can buy it from the shop)
-New Bed|30 emeralds (It grants you a new bed to spawn with)
- Revival| 30 diamonds (it gives you buffs when the second you die like the totem of undying
- Vampire| 23 emeralds (If you hit and damage a enemies some of the damage will regen you and it only lasts for 90 seconds

#7707 - Status: open

6 months ago by _xHorizonAlpha28 for Improvements