I played here for about 4 years, and I think a serious makeover or reset should be done on bedwars. I have tried a few other bedwars' servers but I think what ec needed to do now is design it more towards the most famous minigames' server - hypixel. I know this is ridiculous to say it out here but I'm not saying copying completely the same. Jarte* and Pik* are 2 of the most well-known cracked server out there and what they are doing is the same. I understand why they are doing this because of cracked users wanting to try out the hypixel things. They are constantly hitting a huge population about 500-600 everyday in just a minigame. I do understand ec is building new maps and different things to keep away from copying them but this is seriously not the best way, our bedwars is not attracting others to play. What I would suggest is keep the lobby but the generators and items are one of the big factors that makes the difference. For me to even suggest this is hard because I know Ec is imo the best cracked server, all these memories I have here. But in the end I just want to help ec by just giving what I think is really affecting the low number of players here. I saw someone wrote 40v40 in discord, but we barely even hit 80 players in bedwars. I just don't want bedwars to become the same storyline of eggwars. Thanks and have a nice day.

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10 months ago by Bag for GameModes

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6 months ago by NxDs