omg this is huge problemo for member rank lol kit abusers in skywars omg so stupid why don't u add a cooldown to kits I think its more ez to kill a hacker than a stupid player with a full enchanted iron and a sword with pearls and they always win the leader board and get vouchers n its pay to win and mojang might shut down ur server and me going to be sad and also it giving us an unfair advantage but please Im serious add cooldown to kits the jumper kit and enderman kit is so overpowered and it ruins our experience and idc if it decrease scores but them having 20 wins every 20 seconds of stupid gameplay and we don't want it and its more easy to kill hackers than those kit abusers thank you for reading it...its just kit cooldown i wanted to be thank u for reading

#6496 - Status: open

1 week ago by MeNotHaxMeGud for GameModes