reviving eegwars

For a long time no one cared about eggwars.
it would really be time to make some changes before he dies forever
we stop haxers on ew but server is total died in last time


First that everyone be equal. that beginners have a chance against older players.
when restarting the server to restart and money.

Some changes in kits for start in optrider add 16 dia with gold and iron that alex and stive can buy bow and make game more intresting
with that they would change for Marvel to finish in two minutes because after such a defeat they never log in to eggwars again.

Put some blocks in Tnt kit.
add some blocks in kit scout
remove pyromaniac, leather armor, bulder and make some new kit. that 3 kits no one use .
make something like kit with iron Pickaxe and 16 snow (snowman) 5k coins
(oposbi) 8obsi. 20k coins

so insert the whales that are useful

start with penalties against players fleeing the map i meen jail skybase player who from start buld up and camp.
lot of players hate that, and never return.
make jail punish for cross timing in team maps, that make unfair game to starter player to.

And on end make some new map, that will be intresting to new player who come.
They don’t have to be my changes just change something to at least liven things up a bit Eggwars


#6403 - Status: open

9 months ago by BarbyBoy007 for GameModes