Map Player Requirements

In SkyWars some maps require 4/8 or 8/16 players to join a map (or in the case of junkyard 6/12). This is detrimental to gameplay as in the slow hours when the range of players can dwindle to 2 online, it's boring to only be able to play 4 player maps. I suggest that we lower the required number of players for every map to 2. This would diversify the possible maps to play and could increase the number of active players, as the most popular maps are typically the 16 player maps anyways (such as OpTNT, TNT, and JungleWars.) Of course this doesn't mean that the maximum player count for each map should be lowered. That should stay the same, just make it so a match can start with only two players. and possibly raise the time to join a match to 30 seconds of this becomes a problem (which isn't likely in my opinion).

#6132 - Status: open

1 week ago by CloudSly for Improvements