Make a rule that crossteaming (2 or 3 teams vs 1 team) is disallowed

Hello !
Can you please make a rule that the crossteaming is not allowed in team maps in eggwars too,same like it isnt allowed in solo maps. I have a problem that 3 teams crossteam (12 players) against me and my team (3-4 players only) and by the current YOUR rules it is not punishable,and it is completely unfair cuz it is punishable in solo maps when 3 teams (3 players) go on 1 team (1 player) and the same situation (12 players on 3-4 players) is allowed in team maps,WHY? It is unfair,imagine the situation if that 12 players have dmd kits or at least half of them? Why should that crossteaming be allowed,if your team is not good enough,there is no need that you crossteam with all others on map to win against someone,right? Thanks in advance for making this rule become punishable.

#6109 - Status: open

10 months ago by The_F4th3R for General