OP Kits and Some Problems with maps in Survival Games

When i was playing survival games, i had a few problems that would make the game better if changed.
1. Some maps are maps that make you stuck in a hole at spawn. This would not be a problem if others can not escape. Sure we have the lumberjack kit but it is not permanent. (The blocks) I even got kicked. This also leads me to my next issue.
2. OP kits in VIP. If the map does happen which gets picked usually, people cant escape, they are just stuck. It makes the experience boring. Other than that, it more turned into a pay to win game, to get the op kits you must have a higher rank. Some ranked kits have enderpearls with full iron armor 2 hit weapons and potions. It is unfair to the people with only member ranks.
Maybe change the maps for it to be fair and not be stucked in a hole and maybe nerf the ranked kits for it to be fair.

#5511 - Status: open

6 months ago by L3G1T21 for GameModes