Tax in Coinflip,Key House

Hello All!
I think that the 20% tax in coinflip should be removed or lowered to like 10%. My second suggestion is that many players want to trade keys. They go around many gamemodes before they find what they are looking for. Instead of Wasting time, u can add a command like /kh (Key House) which is like the auction house /ah. On the /kh you can list the keys u wish to trade and your demands. Example, u want to trade 6 vote keys for 12 vote keys, you type, /kh trade 6 demand 12. That will list it on the /kh. Keys on /ah should can only be traded of the same type and only cross gamemode. Please add it cuz it will save time (and not waste space in the chat)


#4930 - Status: open

6 days ago by H4V0C for General