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Glitching commands
I'll add another voice to the removal or changing of /jump and /top, at least in claimed lands (not just enemy, because that's trivial to work around). Sure, you have Extreme members who paid for the ability to glitch into any base, but you also have other paying and potentially future paying players who give up on Factions because what good is a Factions server if you don't even have to bother cannoning into a base? If you don't believe that unpunished cheats and staff who don't seem to care can't drive people away from the server, go talk to the owner and a bunch of members of Fabulous - if you can find them on whatever server they've moved on to spend their money at.

If the exploitable commands can't be removed then they at least need to be modified - not working in claimed territory, automatic console jailing or tempbans if they're used too fast, whatever. I suspect it'd be pretty darn easy to log on the server every time someone uses /top or /jump and look at those logs for signs of abuse. I'm not sure what would need to happen to fix /jump, but one thing that might help with /top would be make any spot with 2 transparent (not just air) blocks above a solid block a suitable destination.

Another thing that would help is not allowing /sethome in claimed chunks unless it was your faction or possibly an ally. I'm pretty positive that this is just a flag in the settings, because I've played on another server where our fac specifically didn't Ally anyone in order to keep people from being able to sethome within our bases, because allies can be temporary. This would also cut down on the glitch abuse problem - right now you just have to glitch in once, sethome, and you probably have full easy access to their base any time it's convenient. We're pretty much having to abandon a really nice base because of it - it's still a great base that'd be a challenge to raid without cheating, but god only knows how many sethomes people have in it after they glitched in so there's literally no safe space within it that we can use.

World Border
I was one of the voices agitating for a world border before the last reset because it makes sense to keep the size of the world under control, but if glitches make bases unprotectable then removing or expanding the world border actually makes sense - at least that way a faction can have a good chance of remaining hidden with an unclaimed base and can save the effort building defenses. With defendable bases I think the 50k border is much too large, but with trivial glitching I'd say it needs to be at least 100k or larger.

Shop design
I know it's supposed to feel like a little village shop area, but what it really feels like is "Where the H*** is XYZ? Is it even in here?"

Re: Factions Suggestions

/jump and /top modifications.

These commands need to be changed so players can only use them in wilderness and land claimed by their faction only. That would eliminate most glitching, not all.

Those of us that payed for them, use them all the time in base construction and to generally get around the world. Removing use from claimed land other than the faction they are in makes complete sense.

I also agree with sethome changes that fencepost mentioned above. If its not your claimed area OR the wild, players should not be allowed to set a home. This would also discourage insiding as well.

Players should not be able to /back into claimed faction land (of another faction). I personally know players to keep a /back for long periods of time just for this purpose.

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Re: Factions Suggestions

epw wrote:1. Remove /top and /jump and change it to /ehome (u can tp home in enemy teriotory) and /etpahere and /etpaccept
2.U can open chest in claim lands
3. More pvp Arena
4. Change the Shop

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Re: Factions Suggestions

1. Stackable Buckets (16 water 16 lava etc.)
2. Gold more cheaper (you need 72 gold for a gapple which is 17k and gapples shouldnt be worth that much money they should be atleast 8-12k
3. Make raiders use enemy chests.. come on really? we need a cannon or cegg for each chest we want to raid?? look at all the famous servers they have it that way.. srsly 80k per chest? just no.. it makes raiding like no no
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