TikTok Contest, new Creative / Cannoning .jar, Towny Battle Sessions, Lobby Gadgets

Posted by Dieu1 month ago

TikTok Contest

We're thrilled to announce our TikTok Contest, which will run for the next 14 days.

How does it work?

Anyone with an ExtremeCraft account can participate. All types of entries are welcomed, whether you're showcasing your creative builds, explaining server features, demonstrating your battles, or simply playing with friends.

Your submissions must be identifiable to you (with a visible username either in the video or within its title/description) and must relate to ExtremeCraft (playing on other servers won't count, but content related to ExtremeCraft is acceptable, even if it's not gameplay).

Submit your entries here: https://www.extremecraft.net/tickets/new/12/

After 14 days we will pick 5 winners that will receive Vouchers.

Creative: Cannoning Additions

Our Creative server now features a new cannoning .jar.

Unfortunately, the previous cannoning .jar experienced some issues, which we believe have now been resolved.

Additionally, we've introduced PlotHider, allowing players to conceal their plots from others.

Towny: Battle Sessions

We've added Battle Sessions, designated time periods during which scoring and PvP kills contribute to the ongoing war.

For more details, consult the "/eventwar guide" book.

New Commands:
/eventwar battlesession - Displays information about the next battle session or the remaining time.
/eventwar battlesession bossbar - Toggles the battle session boss bar for a player.

Furthermore, non-peaceful towns now receive 2 War Tokens per Towny day.

Lobby: Gadgets

Cosmetics and Gadgets have made a comeback to the ExtremeCraft lobby!

This includes Hats, Animated Hats, Particles, Suits, Gadgets, Pets, Miniatures, Morphs, Banners, Emotes, Cloaks, and Mystery Boxes.

You can acquire cosmetic items by using Mystery Dust to purchase or open a Mystery Box.