Player Scores, ELO Ratings, Creative Schematics, Towny Wars, and More!

Posted by Dieu1 month ago

We're thrilled to introduce new exciting features to enhance your gaming experience on ExtremeCraft:

Player Scores: Now, players' activity levels are quantified through a unique scoring system. The formula encompasses factors such as MinedBlocks, PlacedBlocks, MobKills, and PlayerKills, offering a comprehensive overview of engagement.

Player ELO Scores: Engage in PVP battles and watch your ELO rating evolve! This dynamic score is calculated based on the ELO ratings of both players involved in combat and is updated after every fight, providing an accurate representation of your combat prowess.

Enhanced Creative Experience: Schematics and More

In our latest update for the Creative server, we're excited to introduce:

Schematics Database

Create and download your own schematics directly in-game! Simply select your desired area, copy it to your WorldEdit clipboard with //copy, and save it using /schemdb save <name>. Access your saved schematics in the new "Schematics" section on our website, where you can download them for future use.

Easily load saved schematics using the /schemdb load <id> command, allowing for seamless pasting of saved creations.

Additionally, we're exploring the option for players to upload schematics, further expanding creative possibilities!

Towny Wars: Raid Banks and Seize Towns

Prepare for thrilling conquests with our Towny Wars update:

  • Bank Raiding: Capture bank plots during Towny Wars to steal 5% of the town's funds.
  • Town Takeovers: Victorious players now have the option to take control of towns, adding a new layer of strategy and competition to the battlefield.

SlimeFun: Performance Enhancements for Cargo Networks

We're addressing performance issues associated with large Cargo networks in SlimeFun. Our ongoing updates are aimed at optimizing performance and reducing lag, ensuring smoother gameplay for all players.

Server Performance and Connectivity

To prepare for the release of our Factions server and improve overall gameplay, we've implemented numerous performance enhancements across ExtremeCraft. From login system improvements to optimized profile lookups.

Notable Changes and Improvements

  • PVP Area Tweaks: Tipped arrows with invisibility effects are now disabled in PVP areas.
  • Villager Nerf: To address server lag issues caused by massive trading halls, villagers now have a 5% chance of losing their profession on Trade Replenish and a 2% chance of dying, discouraging excessive exploitation.