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The changes being made are unnecessary. The price change for item are messing up the economy. The lag is getting ridiculous. The server has been down. The skin set plugin is messed up. Im really upset this all keeps happening. Ive been playing on this server for almost a year and a half. We already had a survival reset that was "SUPPOSE TO FIX" the economy and the lag. The staff set the prices and now again they are changing them. why does it matter what people have in game? Worry about making money IRL on the server store so you can fix your damn host problems. Let players make money in game, its easier to enjoy the game. Apparently all the stuff yall wanted to fix with the reset is going to crap again. So what is there to do?

Re: Just my opinion

Caderyn19 wrote:Well... you can still make money easily, you just have to actually do something besides being lazy about it and walking away from the computer. The lag is ridiculous because there's too many entities spawning... see this post i just wrote that explains it.

I have 1 ig spawner and we know thats not enough, ive been making money other ways, i just hate not having a constant.

Re: Just my opinion

I agree the new prices changes in survival really did make it impossible for anyone to catch up to chief_mccloud at baltop he is a 100 million over the 2nd person on baltop also these changes made it where its no longer worth afk at free farms and all the members that doesnt have /sell hand is now wasting their time at the shop to sell stuff and not seeing as much as they were getting i do agree with him yall are worried about the in game when you guys all should be trying to get this server right again as much money this server makes a week there should be no problems so come non where is all of our money going in NxDs and DieU pocket?

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