My advice for survival

we get the info when spawner will be removed from / shop and / ts.. and so I think this is bad, indeed our spawner what we have will not be deleted or pull in behind, but we need to think.... if new player into join the server and when I realized that, where prices nather wart / potatoes are more expensive than iron ingot surely they do not need vip rank for / afk because here it is impossible to use /afk in nather farm or potato farm, /afk would be no point in in the farm ....
so my conclusion, we can remove the spawner inside / shop but we can still buy spawner in / ts and we just need to change the price of spawner spawner may be slightly more expensive to be in survival is not going to happen in financial ruin as what happens in the old survival, then we need to add more Iron ingot price.......

I apologize for my english, this is why I was rejected for being one of the staff :D
Staff need approval from existing members so that these servers will not reap fury
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