Re: Minigames Map Submission

ins4nity_ wrote:Map Name: HardCore

Your InGameName: Ins4nity_

Minigame its for: Eggwars


About the map: ITS SO HARD,
Gen Info is in the imgur link
BTW: I just added the signs for Info,
I wanted a really hard map so i want to submit this,
I ran out of EW ideas,
I added the glowstone and bedrock so i can count the amount of blocks.
This map will easily get rejected XD.
4 teams of 4.

Any other information: Yea, Nah

Opinion dudes?
Do you swear to follow the ECC's Rules?

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Re: Minigames Map Submission

Map Name: Town

Your InGameName: LightWayUp

Minigame its for: HideAndSeek





About the map: The map represents the environment of a small town, with different buildings like shops and parks.

Any other information:
This map is build completely by hand except the ground, so the size is a bit small (100*100), hope it's not a problem...
Build 100% by LightWayUp.
PS : Invisible boarders (barriers) are already built around the map.
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Re: Minigames Map Submission

Hi! Today i'll will submit my skywars map creations.

Please credit my name to the builds.
Map Created by; MCSlasher

i Called this map "GreenLand"

Here's some screenshot of my build:

Here's the download link: ...

Ok! please credit my names, and Stay tuned for more Minecraft Skywars maps...

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