Darkdisers unban

InGameName: Darkdisers

Date Of Ban (Estimate if needed): maybe it was [ from 2016/12/22 to 2016/12/30 ] [one of these days ]

Why Were You Banned? (Hacks, etc): using kill aura for one time

Why Do You Think You Should Be Unbanned?: i use hack and i dont say its a good thing but its fair to ban a normal player who killed by a player [kingofkoonz] and that player didnot wear armor and dont have a good sword [it was stone sword] but i was wear the most power full armor in RPG [lucky armor it has protection X] and then i turn my hack for my first time after 3/4 month to kill him and take back my lucky armor but he understand it and tell to his friend majisticliazard [ i dont sure i write his name correct ] to take a film from me [ before i go pvp i tell to that player i am coming killing you ] if you see my report [ darkdisers aura ] kingofkoonz dont attack he was just stand somewhere and hitted by me and tomorrow of that day i banned. i tell this cause i have many friend in RPG and i was 3/4 month i was playing and i love this server and his RPG pls unban me i swear i will not use hack again for any reason [ includ killing hackers ] if i hack again ip ban me and do something never i can get back

Anything Else You'd Like To Admit?:pls unban me and sent a player to server to check people to dont hack and someone of them have unban hack

Re: Darkdisers unban

Darkdisers wrote:Hi kiruze thank you you tell to my brother (mehan520) to tell me how to make an unban ap

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