Banned DogeDoggieDog Legend rank

InGameName: DogeDoggieDog

Date Of Ban (Estimate if needed):

Jan 3, 2017 Doge thinks because thats when someone reported me

Why Were You Banned? (Hacks, etc):

I was banned using hacks (Triggerbot, Sprint)

Why Do You Think You Should Be Unbanned?:

It's my frist time getting banned and I also do have a rank on Extremecraft which of course makes me want to play here more! And it would be fine if I get 1 week ban from now on but not forever

Anything Else You'd Like To Admit?:

Just saying I am really sorry to people who I killed using hacks and Sorry to Admins and Mods and Helpers that I was hacking I havent been hacking for the whole time

Sorry again from -Legend Doge

Re: Banned DogeDoggieDog Legend rank

Respicious wrote:Not Just Because You Are Ranked You Can Be Unbanned Everyone Makes Mistakes By Using Hacked Clients/LabyMod Re-Make Your Appeal That Comes From The Heart But Anyways Good Luck.

Totaly correct but anyways good luck ! P.s remove the files you forgot to remove 1file hidden ._.

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