Skyblock reset idea.

So i know the big reset is coming in the near days, but i have an idea. A lot of people dont want to reset as they didn't start too long ago and dont want to have to do it all over again. I think maybe you could add a command that we could use to save our islands. This way you guys could clear inactive islands, but if you want, you can keep your island. Please take this idea into consideration.

Thank you.

Re: Skyblock reset idea.

The whole point of a reset is to start fresh not keep your work from before.

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Re: Skyblock reset idea.

but some players will qiut our server ( and join to other server because they will be lazy so play at skyblock again. after the reset some player thinks that after they get rich again it will reset again. so they are joining other minecraft server. many people are disagree about the reset.

Re: Skyblock reset idea.

Yes yes, resets are hard, but all servers do this. Also, I doubt it would take too much time before people start building up big islands and set up their businesses of free iron grinders and shops.
Not to mention, it'd be nice to see new and active islands to visit. And also, maybe the reset might bring new features? And there will always be donators, so as I said before, the islands will build up pretty quick and things will go back to normal. It's like when a forest fire destroys a forest, there's always a few sprouts left behind and they grow up. Sure, it was horrible to see the whole forest die, but in time, everything grows back. It'll take a lot of effort, frustration, and time, but it'll be worth it in the end.
I'm hoping though we at least get an exact date or time frame it will reset.
Also, is the reset just for Skyblock or for all the other modes? Can I go play one of the other modes until the reset and not worry about losing progress there too?

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