Exp + Money withdraw plugins

This mainly goes to sky block and sky grid (also some others)

• Think about it.
You have 30 levels of experience..you have no friends to give your experience to.

Then. BOOM! You fall off your island/base! You lost all your levels.

Or.. perhaps you are trading lots of spawners (with the /trade command) and they want 5 million for all the spawners. AIN'T NOBODY got time to click that 1k button like 500 times!!

This is why we should have the plugin of

/xpbottle (withdraw amount)


/withdraw (amount)

I was on another sky block server.. (Not mentioning) I used to play a lot. And they have it!

I'd also suggest a /enchanter (We can make this server rich on just EXP.. )

Buy craft can also sell EXP bottle for money!!!!

Players will pay about $5 (I'm American) for 50,000 levels of EXP.

This can make the server more fun, and make it so that the items in the vote crates aren't that rare. (You guys can increase more exp bottles in the vote crates.. Ik there are already some.)
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