Crusader title

PLEASE ADD "Crusader" title ITS SO COOL!!!!

#10973 - Status: accepted - See reply

4 hours ago by LitRealm for Titles



Please add holograms of rules briefly so that new players would know about it
From what I have seen new players don't usually check the website
And up until now i have seen many new players getting banned for alting just because they didn't knew and I can guess some of them didn't rejoin again because that's was their first impression about the server
Along with holograms of.. See more

#10972 - Status: closed - See reply

10 hours ago by Ha_Rsh for Lobby


add bounty commands

i see over 130 players lets make some fun to them

add /bounty [Name player] [amount] [time]


#10969 - Status: open

1 day ago by iLosfer for Survival


a memory for one of the biggest projects on EC

title : ''Mall'' colours? since we want to make more and more malls in the future with our community of 160 people we currently have in our Dc! i would love to see the colours &6Ma&ell , since dubaimall wouldn't get accepted. as reminder we got the dubai mall colours,

This title deserves a spot in EC after recently hitting the 100 total members in the mall itself and over.. See more

#10968 - Status: accepted - See reply

1 day ago by stealself for Titles


/is addpoints

Converting balance to island points is the most painful thing in the universe. Please make a command like /is addpoints 100000 where it takes the respective balance (200000) and converts it to island points. Buying and selling glowberries just DOESN'T WORK for large amount of bals. Please consider asap as it is one of the most major problems of the servers imo.

#10966 - Status: open

3 days ago by StefXVI for Skyblock


Fix the Current Glitched Situation

Hey, first of all fix the bug with the squid pet. I would only recommend a tempban for those who abused the glitch but that´s only my opinion.
Rollback the Server to the point where the glitches did not happen yet, since it´s too much work to refund every player that was affected by this.

-Thanks in advance

#10965 - Status: open

3 days ago by EarlKaiden for Factions


Brake boats

Make it so you are able to break your own boat when u've ended up in someone's warp.

#10964 - Status: open

4 days ago by _Profile_ for Survival


Claiming Lands

My request and suggestion is being able to make claims not only in squares and rectangles, but also in different shapes. What I mean by this, is that you could shape your own claim, so for example if you have a big build around something like small islands around your main island, you could put the small islands in 1 big claim and the center would be the main claim with the build. Or if not this.. See more

#10963 - Status: open

4 days ago by MrkvaMajkl for Global


A title for the top skill players

Custom title for free to the top players in every skill mining woodcutting ex

Some ideas:
Miner: mole person
Swords: golden knight
Excavation: John Deere excavator
Agility: Simone biles
Woodcutting: wood pecker

#10962 - Status: closed - See reply

4 days ago by fishing_scout for Titles


New title: Mighty

I think "Mighty" as a title is pretty fire and I would def purchase one as it is part of my name :)

#10961 - Status: open

5 days ago by MIGHTYHAZE for Titles


Factions Need to fix again

Should we make sand drop when hitting non-solid blocks
Yes dont make ec have glitch [ its so ez to destroy any solid blocks ]

SandBot need to fix

Fireball dont need to dmg any durability blocks

make tnt fixed 50$ or 100$

this my Feedback at factions rn

#10960 - Status: open

5 days ago by iLosfer for Factions



When a raid start (pillagers one) if you have vindicators spawners the raid never ends you have to mine the spawners, kill all the vindicators end the raid and after you will be able to trade with villagers while ride is up villagers dont reset their trades and if you max trade an item you wont be able to trade again and if youre in a raid youre in trouble since you have to mine the spawners loo.. See more

#10959 - Status: open

6 days ago by ByCoffy for Global


Bring back Costum Enchants

Hello i would like to suggest to bring back old or add some new Costum enchants on factions. Make use of exp since noone is using it and like everyone is using kits to pvp and noone is enchanting stuff.

#10957 - Status: open

6 days ago by AnteCRO for Global


Fix discord link

Y'all's discord link is broken plz fix lmao

#10954 - Status: closed - See reply

1 week ago by SteamyMolecule for Global


Town Vault

Would nice if you could somehow incorporate a /t (/town) vault command that town members or higher ranks can use to store things in, this could be useful for people to store valuables that could be shared within the town. If not everyone in the town having the command maybe having somewhat of a "vault trust system"

#10953 - Status: open

1 week ago by iitsAlexii for Towny


Add event jump starter to skyblock

Skyblock votekeys are not very useful
The valuable things in the crate are spawners chesthoppers and spawnextractors which have a 1/5000 of dropping
Also events happen very rarely in skyblock
The event jump starter would be a great addition, maybe with a 0.2% chance of dropping so it's not way too common

#10952 - Status: open

1 week ago by Mfss for Skyblock


/t online

It just shows you who’s online just like in town, but it could be used for everything like sky block factions that stuff

#10951 - Status: open

1 week ago by fishing_scout for Global



My suggestion: Add the part name features in game so we can easily recognise party.

#10950 - Status: open

1 week ago by _Ezy__ for Global


slimefun voting rewards

well as long i saw sur had the event jumper in the vote key crates so im suggesting to add it in slimfun also
adding soul shop / shards shop will also improving more players to keep playing the game since alot of players stop because the cargo nodes got removed and buging slimefun

thank you for your time

hope it will be impelemented

#10949 - Status: shortlisted

1 week ago by MrNobodySurvive for Slimefun



a person who knows a lot about many different subjects
Links for meanings:

#10948 - Status: rejected - See reply

1 week ago by LuciferPolymath for Titles


Remove the ability of fireball that can destroy obsidian

In last season fireball can break obsidian, now its same fireball can break again the obsidian, just want to say that nerf the fireball, make it that can’tbe damage obsidian, anyone is abuse it, your base will being raided by fireball not a cannon, and it’s so annoying hope you guys nerf it so anyone can’t abuse it….

#10947 - Status: open

1 week ago by CzYumeii for Factions


Remove ability to buy tokens

It really just makes the game more pay to win and no one likes p2w

#10945 - Status: open

1 week ago by fishing_scout for Global


Finish the song

Big brother gives the start to a song and we have to finish the song

#10944 - Status: open

1 week ago by fishing_scout for Discord


Kill Counter

Please add the total kill counter on menu
Its very annoying to type /acc to see the kill
And add the K/D ratio feature also so we can see our K/D ratio

#10943 - Status: open

1 week ago by _Ezy__ for Survival


Skyblock points

Please add a feature (for example in /is who) so that we can see which member of the skyblock team has added how many points. It would be extremely valuable. Thank you!

#10942 - Status: open

1 week ago by StefXVI for Skyblock