can you made a coman to pay token . if u can it will be very useful for trading stuff and thank you

#9838 - Status: open

1 month ago by Liamneverdie for Opsurvival



add marry in opsurvival like survival
add abbreviation /pvp2 /pvp3 Instead of /warp pvp2 /warp pvp3

#9829 - Status: open

1 month ago by XoverIsHere for Opsurvival


remove debuffs or crossbows

remove debuffs on pvp maps zuwahhaha

#9820 - Status: open

2 months ago by iownyourmom for Opsurvival


Return the OG OPsurvival

Would be fun to play the old type of OPsur with p11-p13, sharp13 etc cos there is nothing that is op in the current survival

#9813 - Status: open

2 months ago by DefinedK for Opsurvival



Opsur should have 1 map with mcmmo and 1 map without mcmmo , it would be unfair if u guys remove mcmmo with a poll , alot of guys grinded months for mcmmo and u guys removed it in a week ..... So it would be great if u add mcmmo for 1 map and non mcmmo for other it will be fair enough

#9809 - Status: closed - See reply

2 months ago by IamJogi for Opsurvival


Allow People To Join in 1.8 verison

If You Allow The People To Join OpSurvival In Extremecraft Verison : 1.8+ it Will Be so Good Because Alot Of people too lazy about changing Verison and this things i hope this suggest accept !

#9801 - Status: open

2 months ago by AbdoKing_ for Opsurvival



Replace pvp2 or make a pvp3 map, i'd love to see a map made like a stadium where people can watch sitting on the stairs people who jumps can pvp, maybe add little doors/spaces in the walls so teams have a little stand off or something, basically like an old colosseum.

#9795 - Status: open

2 months ago by Yonaal for Opsurvival


Re-Claiming used land

I believe we should be able to claim land or have land unclaimed of players who have been banned forever or who have been offline for over 250 days and show no signs of returning through any means.

#9772 - Status: open

2 months ago by HBoogieMann for Opsurvival


Disable CrossBow

Crossbow is getting really OP in opsur. Ppl are just spamming it to win fights.. You Should Disable them.. as it will be the pvp alive!

I Hope The Community Agrees With me and we can finally remove crossbows!

#9766 - Status: open

3 months ago by FlickstrX for Opsurvival



Please add commands that can withdraw the tokens it would be cool if will be added. And its way to earn money to new player aswell sell to player who buy tokens. Lastly new player will be motivated to vote from vote links and its a win win for ec, more votes and review from minecraft server list, etc.

#9751 - Status: open

3 months ago by Kennsaur for Opsurvival


About CTA Crate Remove items

I think it's better to remove things that were added in chest cta like sword and axe and bow
Because we do not need it because there is already a leg key

#9733 - Status: open

3 months ago by YF_Hawk for Opsurvival


archery MCMMO

Archery Mcmmo is too op at the moment. I suggest "nerfing" it, maybe by removing the dizzy thing
Many players quit opsurvival becouse of that

#9697 - Status: open

4 months ago by q960 for Opsurvival


Remove/adjust mcmmo

I suggest making mcmmo less over powered, the fact that you can basically punch 3-5 times and kill a person in full netherite is insane, and what's more insane is getting killed by some no lifer that's invis with 1k mcmmo, by hand. It isn't fair for the new players either, they have to grind a lot to at least have a chance at fighting, And the crossbows, there are so many people with.. See more

#9668 - Status: open

4 months ago by Yonaal for Opsurvival



we should stop harting the ppl..
like my case, im some one who psychologically tired coz of ppl keep saying im scammer without proof !
im not scammer and i never scammed some one but they saw some one who said " sweetxgirl is scammer so every one will use this words and all of the server will think im a bad peroson
and i will lose evrey thing like ppl trust and cant trade with any one also my.. See more

#9630 - Status: rejected - See reply

6 months ago by SweetXGirl for Opsurvival


Less Damage to armor

listen here, if you want your server to be alive on opsurvival gamemode you should do this:
You should nerf armor impact from axes
ss: https://prnt.sc/t4a4nW1Fs3a4
fight would be more interesting and would last longer meaning more players coming on for CTA's and fights meaning poeople would actually play. More players means more money that server is earing better economy some people aren.. See more

#9624 - Status: open

7 months ago by Nezeri_ for Opsurvival


/Tokens [give] [name] [amount]

/Tokens [give] [name] [amount]
for sell tokens for ingame-items or money or anything beyond that.

#9619 - Status: open

7 months ago by XoverIsHere for Opsurvival


Boss Crates

I hope Boss Crates get added back in opsur. It should contain 1 sharpness 7 unbreaking 6 fire aspect 3 axe, Protection 6 unbreaking 6 boots pants chestplate and helmet.. it should also contain a sniper bow and 10 enchanted golden apples. You can purchase some boss keys on the website or we can make it so people have lets say a 0.5% chance that they will get a key in the cta crate.. just a sug.. See more

#9614 - Status: closed - See reply

7 months ago by Brine___________ for Opsurvival


Add totems / wither skeletons skulls to chesthoppers

it would help us a lot for the sorting systems and stuff if totems were part of the chest hoppers so the wither skulls I think it would be a handy thing to be added on 1.18 servers :)

#9609 - Status: open

7 months ago by LabRit for Opsurvival


Nether Resets for OPsurvival

Hi I am Blackcube12,
I think on OPsurvival that the nether should be reset weekly or monthly depending on how Extremecraft admins want to do that.

Why do I think this?:
I think this would help improve gameplay for many new players and old ones. This would help because it would give everybody a chance to get netherite gear as well as supporting the in-game ecconnmy.

Thank you if you are r.. See more

#9540 - Status: open

10 months ago by Blackcube12 for Opsurvival


Unarmed mcmmo

The mcmmo plugin has been pretty fun until some players started to exploit the unarmed one in specific and it was very unfair for everyone else who didn't have it. some players got levels up to 1200 and started doing about 4 hearts to full protection 4 netherite players. In my opinion it should be nerfed because if you combine it with an invis potion you would do about 4 hearts a hit without.. See more

#9509 - Status: closed - See reply

11 months ago by Amc1 for Opsurvival


Mcmmo Unarmed

you should remove unarmed , because the potion of invisibility + high unarmed and autoclicker kill very fast and it's very annoying we work to get our items and they come with invis and auto clickers and take everything

#9505 - Status: closed - See reply

11 months ago by Soares7 for Opsurvival


Reset OPSurvial

Please reset OPSurvial! Update it to 1.19!

#9490 - Status: closed - See reply

11 months ago by Flacson for Opsurvival


Idea for next season

Idea for next season:

Make the world (or part of it)
Amplified, so people like me can make huge buildings, and so that it is a little more challenging when roaming around.

#9479 - Status: open

11 months ago by Ainoue for Opsurvival


Axes OP

Axes need nerf atm it's nothing more then s10 vs p4 in 1.8 it's way to op axes need alot of nerf to be balanced people are dropping people with iron and stone axe specially people with high mcmmo but pls don't remove mcmmo it's good for PvP instead reduce damage on axe also idk if it's possible now but next season keep kits and stuff p10 s5 kit map ty

#9385 - Status: closed - See reply

1 year ago by Wrathfully for Opsurvival


Regarding Server Restart AFKers auto-reconnect

According to what I have research about the Auto-Reconnection system for player who are /afk before a restart is that; It does the job of autoreconnecting the players which is good but, There is this one issue, which makes me feel that there isn't a point of autoreconnecting players who are AFK. The issue is as follows;

When the server restarts, It does connect the AFK palyers automatical.. See more

#9349 - Status: closed - See reply

1 year ago by yohazz for Opsurvival