Back HideAndSeek

Back HideAndSeek it will be good

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1 day ago by AbdoKing_ for Hideandseek


HideAndSeek Back In Lobby

If you can make a HideAndSeek map, it will be great, it will be more fun and more players,
Many players come to the server to play this game mode
So run this game mod HideAndSeek Run
Open this game HideAndSeek <3
Thank you to all the server staff

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4 months ago by _TitsMehdi17 for Hideandseek


Bring back HideAndSeek it was lot of fun


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5 months ago by OmegaGodfather for Hideandseek



bring HideAndSeek back pls i miss it

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6 months ago by AlexBularca for Hideandseek


Get hide and seek back

There is one my humble request that hide and seek come pls extremecraft do something about this.

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1 year ago by Naiteek2118 for Hideandseek


Stop hiding it!

Can we have hide and seek back?

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2 years ago by Jooooohn for Hideandseek


spec on hideandseek

anyone cant spec on hideandseek for this reason we cant record cheaters or violators ez. add /spec cmd just for staffs to record cheaters or violators

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2 years ago by _rexser for Hideandseek


hideandseek staff

hi. when a player using bugs and cheats secretly we cant record him. and if we have spec cmd,all players can see secret places so this is not good. add /spec just for staffs or a new role with hideandseek spectator name to spec and find cheaters and who use bugs.

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2 years ago by _rexser for Hideandseek



Alexey40rus was hacking during hide and seek games. He was using flying, ant-knockback and killaura.

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2 years ago by Billmamo for Hideandseek


Kicked For Hacking

Getting kicked Everytime when Playing As Hider

Saying "BadPackets related hacks (122)"
Or "Speed related hacks (147) [V]"

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2 years ago by Beast5098 for Hideandseek


People leaving hide and seek

People leave hide and seek when most of the people are in a game and if someone comes late then they get bored of waiting and then they leave that server. Hide and seek is a good game and to make it better my suggestion is that we add a spectator mode where we can go in a already started game to spectate it and for no cheating staff can add spectator chat so players can not cheat also. Thank You.. See more

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2 years ago by allbest for Hideandseek


added leader board players in hide and seek [[bed wars have]]

do it for this everyone join hide and seek and watch who number 1 or who number 5 + everyplayer playing hide and seek

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3 years ago by ImD4rkness for Hideandseek


Karma problem

I noticed that, normally, when we convert karma into money we are supposed to have more money if we converted more karma at once, for exemple :
500 karma give 100 coins
1000 karma give 300 coins

But if I want to convert 2000 karma, I will only have 500 coins, in this case is not profitable because if I convert 2 times 1000 karma I will have 600 coins...
(I don't know if you und.. See more

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3 years ago by AmixemDiePie for Hideandseek


Make Map In One

Hey There Dear Admins/Owner
I play a lot of HideAndSeek and i noticed that sometimes Newbie players play and LOOK only at right side of maps. My suggestion is to make all maps on one wall like at eggwars or mke it like at skywars. Like open inventory where you see all the maps. It would be easier to start games :P

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4 years ago by BloodyMoonZ for Hideandseek


Remove HideAndSeek

HideAndSeek is one of EC's latest mini-game being released by Dieu or could be NxDs:

I would like you to remove HideAndSeek, why you may ask? Well that's because there aren't even enough players

0 players online - 10+ players online starting from Monday - Friday (Weekdays)

10-30 players online starting from Saturday to Sunday including holidays (Weekend)

If you have any o.. See more

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5 years ago by SeaguII for Hideandseek


Make it kind of like murder mystery and hide and seek (mixed)

example: Some person be a seeker and need to kill the hiders but there are some CPU players also roaming around so if seeker hit they lose HP.

Hider must have a objectives to complete to win.

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5 years ago by XEvolved_TigerX for Hideandseek