Anarchy Reset

I know this has been requested many times, but it has been stale and no one's playing on it. Most regulars already have EVERYTHING so they lack motivation in playing and leave. Also, the entrance in the north spawn is full of crap that placing blocks at the very edge of the safe area is buggy af.

I'm asking at most, a full reset, which would wipe all the players' inventory and ge.. See more

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4 months ago by SaintKronos for Anarchy


update pls

update anarchy to 1.12.2 or higher, t's been a really long time since anarchy got an update, it would bring alot of players to anarchy again

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5 months ago by batonchikas for Anarchy


Update to 1.12.2

Can you please update the anarchy section to 1.12.2 or just make another server for anarchy(which allows hacks and doesn't have ranks).
Every anarchy server I have ever played on is either on 1.12.2 or higher.

#9141 - Status: open

8 months ago by PortMonster2891 for Anarchy


isn't 400k so small for anarchy

i would like to say that is 400k is so small for anarchy Why?
Becuase people hunt down the bases and they drink swiftness they go to the border so fast
that the border tp is just 200k
like can u make it 800k or something bigger please
Because i have some problems my with my base getting hunted lol

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10 months ago by HeyIamTrusted for Anarchy



Reset anarchy it's already dead all the players that played anarchy agree it would bring back players.

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10 months ago by har2s for Anarchy



This command should be completely removed, its just a pay to win feature that makes the game unfair, Elite rank+ can use /near to find underground bases easier than hackers, this also makes invisible potions useless, if you wont remove the command, please, at least change it so they cant detect players with invisible potions.

#8570 - Status: open

1 year ago by J04C for Anarchy


Vote Keys/Crates

The actual vote crates are a good source of materials for every single player, the possibility to get the items are good, but i think that changing some things would be better for the server
1st) The spawners/eggs as squid spawner/squid egg and wolf/spawner wolf/eggs are needed, I a think that if staff answers this saying that wolf eggs/spawners are useless just remember that there is ocelot sp.. See more

#8511 - Status: open

1 year ago by J04C for Anarchy


Lack of eggs/spawners in crates

Add squid and wolf eggs, spawners to Vote crates.

#8510 - Status: open

1 year ago by har2s for Anarchy



the curent worldborder is only 190k+ blocks it tooke me 1 hour o get to the worlborder, it would be good if u extendedit plase and thank you.

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1 year ago by har2s for Anarchy


Anarchy quests

can you add quests at anarchy

#8324 - Status: open

1 year ago by Lxster for Anarchy


If Combat Tag is to be removed, also remove instant tp

I just saw a poll at anarchy about enabling combat tag or not and the majority of the vote i saw is to remove Combat Tag. So if Combat Tag is to be removed, i suggest to also remove instant tp as it would be very unfair when pvping other players.

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1 year ago by YeppyNope for Anarchy


Remove Combat Tag

Remove Combat Tag in Anarchy

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1 year ago by YeppyNope for Anarchy


Allow us to rename items with custom lore (Vote Crate/OP items)

Other gamemodes already allow you to rename OP items, and I think Anarchy should too.

There's only 5 OP items in Anarchy, and being able to personalize them would be a great feature.

#8179 - Status: open

1 year ago by Laztec for Anarchy


Add an Anarchy Guide Book or Update the How-To of Anarchy

Most new players don't really know what to do in anarchy so most of them either leave the game immediately or follow the instruction at spawn to go straight and get killed by players at the north side of spawn and ragequit so I suggest adding either an Anarchy Guide Book telling new players what to do, how not to die at spawn and some useful commands that might help them.

#8154 - Status: open

1 year ago by YeppyNope for Anarchy


Anarchy revamp

To make anarchy a bit more harder (and maybe fair) for players, I'd suggest:

Nerfing Op Tools
Reducing the number of sethomes for people with ranks
Expanding world border without reset

#8146 - Status: open

1 year ago by SaintKronos for Anarchy


Remove "/back location" in anarchy

Remove "/back location" in anarchy

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1 year ago by YeppyNope for Anarchy


Update the server from 1.8 to 1.12 and allow 13+ stuff in Anarchy

Allow 13+ stuff in Anarchy like mild profanity. Some mods and helpers said that saying inappropriate things in chat is not allowed but why add /tcf (command that removes the censorship of words in chat) if profanity is not even allowed? This is Anarchy were supposed to do whatever we want here. Also, make it so that /tcf also works with renaming items in an anvil lol

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1 year ago by YeppyNope for Anarchy


Starter Kit- Remove Wood and Iron Tools rather than Diamond Tools.

Earlier there was a suggestion on the topic of removing the starter kit as a whole, if that is too much to do I believe that changes to the kit can at least be made. To start off with I'd like to say the removal of wood, wood is an essential block in Minecraft for many reason. However, I think it would make more sense if this block was more scarce allowing for new players to go out and searc.. See more

#7455 - Status: open

1 year ago by Looptic74 for Anarchy


Spawn directions

There are floaty texts at spawn that give new players directions on how to leave spawn. These floaty texts only point new players to the northern part of spawn, which is the most destroyed and difficult part of spawn to escape , that results into new players going north, falling down or getting stuck and immediately leaving the server. Other parts of spawn are in much better shape and more new p.. See more

#7439 - Status: open

1 year ago by papaRanku for Anarchy


Add more building blocks to /shop

Most builds in anarchy are just stone bricks because thats the only think you can buy from /shop. I think adding blocks like glass, quartz, hardened clay, colored wool would lead to larger and more impressive builds increasing the popularity of anarchy. EC's anarchy is different from every other anarchy because of how little grinding people have to do, and honestly most people who build on e.. See more

#7344 - Status: open

1 year ago by MattPcGamer for Anarchy


Adding mcMMO to Anarchy

I have been playing on the Anarchy server for a long time (2+ years), and I am a different type of player then most on Anarchy who is a builder and non-pvper. I think adding mcMMO to a server that never resets is awesome because I spend allot of idle time in Anarchy doing basic stuff like farming/building/etc. I don't think this will overpower people too much in Anarchy, and we already have .. See more

#7266 - Status: open

1 year ago by Flimasterlini for Anarchy


combat tag pearl removal

please make it so you can pearl during combat it makes pearls use and combat not fun and riskier

#7223 - Status: open

1 year ago by danstriker for Anarchy


Just wanted to reply to a previous suggestion made by bossface

Adding items such as tnt and obsidian would be nonsensical, the game is easy enough as it is. You'd be taking away the fun of being a person who is able to manually acquire such items through such work. Do not add more items to /shop, the server is anarchy. Imagine if u visit a base, u got some flint and steel on you and oh maw god you have money! With that money you silently by tnt and blow.. See more

#7124 - Status: open

1 year ago by Looptic74 for Anarchy


Re Doing the Terrine at spawn

There is a lot of issues with the safe zone there floating tree's , random snow, random water and half burnt down tree's . There a lot more issues to like there floating block's and mixed match terrine. I feel like I could rebuild it ground up with custom train. I have serval images I could show yall my skill level on building custom nature trains. Serval players has previous commen.. See more

#6840 - Status: open

1 year ago by BrokenHypnotic for Anarchy


Safe Zone (Anarchy)

This zone is pretty usefull to trade with other guys, but, its very bugged, It have holes in the middle of it, it have mini water lakes in random place and there are some trees that were burnt and now they are uncompleted, and there is a flying tree, hopefully you can fix it.


#6726 - Status: open

1 year ago by J04C for Anarchy