OPSkyblock - Official Release

by NxDs Sat Aug 12, 2017 2:06 pm


We're proud to announce the OPSkyblock release few days before than announced in my previous announcement :D

As we noticed the release on testing servers was pretty successful and the issues encountered weren't too big, we didn't want to waste further time and we released it so you will not lose your progresses while you explore the new features of this server.

You can find the guide posts here:

OPSkyblock Guide: viewtopic.php?f=40&t=54162
Custom Enchantments Guide: viewtopic.php?f=22&t=54028

And below here you can watch the trailer of the server:

OPSkyblock - 2.0 Beta Release

by NxDs Thu Aug 10, 2017 4:26 pm

I promised you an OP server and after few weeks of development we can finally announce it :D

We followed all the suggestions and the examples provided, we learnt from our mistakes and we added so many things that I had to make a guide specifically for that!
You can see the guide here viewtopic.php?f=40&t=54162 or in game with /kit guide

In the numerous features of this server you can find:
  • More crates
  • Custom Enchantments
  • Quests (replacing /challenge)
  • Fly mode on your island
  • Improved cobblestone generators
  • Variable economy
  • Much much more, visit the guide post to find out more!
We are going to release this server in /go testing for 2 days and after this time we will release it replacing the current OPSkyblock server :O

BE AWARE: playing in testing server in the next 2 days will mean that you are going to test the server, there is a small chance of losing ALL your progress there.

New Hub - Release

by NxDs Tue Aug 08, 2017 10:02 pm


It took us several months but we managed to fix everything and now the new lobby is stable enough, we released it officially today :D

Go check it out at /hub or check out the trailer we made:

So excited and so sad, our old lobby served us for years until today... And for this reason I couldn't leave it behind, somewhere in the new lobby I placed a new NPC that will bring you to the old lobby for the most nostalgic :D

Updates for EC - August 2017

by NxDs Sat Aug 05, 2017 3:20 pm


And again, updates for this month.

New /afk
The new enhanced /afk will allow you to specify a reason such as /afk studying (sure...)
When someone will try to PM you he'll receive also the message saying that you're afk for "studying"

NPC Shop everywhere
We brought the NPC shops on all the servers now, no more signs to click. Now you'll have NPCs to click, big improvements here.
(Please note that we're still working on NPC shops, they may change in the next few days)

We added a new Discord channel in which you'll be able to follow the status of development and server management in live.
Every time I fix something, every time I add something new, every time I remove something, every time i sneeze or go to the bathroom you'll know it.
I hope that with this channel you'll see how much work there's behind what you see, so be sure to join our discord server:

Essentials Replacement
After 2 years of life we can finally announce that we entirely replaced Essentials, the plugin handling almost every command such as /afk, /recipe, /vanish, /help, /ptime, /pweather, etc.

Most of the updates, not listed here, and the work done in the past month was more focused on the core of our server and this means that now providing updates, fixes and new things will be a lot easier and faster for us = more stuff for you.

Expect some new releases in the next few days.

PvP Server - Pre-Early-Alpha

by NxDs Sun Jul 23, 2017 5:58 pm


The day has come.
After just 1 year of development, delays, procrastination, "soon", "really soon", "ah you missed it, too soon", "we'll release next week I swaer", etc etc
We managed to release a pre-pre-pre-pre early access for our new PvP server.

We would like to thank the awesome external builders team, Entity Builds, for their spawn (that was ready since a while now)
Visit and follow them at the following links I'm sure you won't regret it :D

Portfolio (check it out, it's worth it):

You can see a trailer of it here, also offered by Entity Builds guys:

Please consider that this is a pre-alpha in early access. It means that the server is not 100% done and that bugs may be present.
It also means that there's the chance you might lose all your progresses until we'll reach a stable release.
There's a lot of stuff planned and we'll release and finish everything in the next few days so meanwhile check it out at /go pvp :o

Updates for EC - July 2017

by NxDs Thu Jul 13, 2017 4:19 pm


Another month, another set of updates.

New /pwarps sorting
As decided by players in the poll on Discord the warps are now sorted by addition date from the oldest to the newest warp :O

New /kit system
We entirely remade the kit system and it comes with a new fancy menu instead of chat messages

Quick commands for /itemfilter
You can now edit the filter without using the menu just by using commands:
  • /itemfilter on/off
  • /itemfilter blacklist/whitelist
New functional chat
The chat is now more interactive. Hovering the mouse on different parts of the chat will show different options:
  • Reply to private messages
  • Reply to mails
  • Tag in public chat
  • Click on links
  • Show stats about players (balances, play time, etc)
Image New [item] tag for the chat
After several requests we added [item] tag, you just need to hold an item that you want to show to others and type [item] in chat
We'll replace that with the name of the item and when people will hover the mouse on it they'll see useful information about it


Improved /homelist
/homelist will now show a list of interactive homes, you can see the coordinates and the world of each home you set, if you want to warp to a specific home you just need to click it, it's magical.


Improved /ci
/ci <item> is now a thing. If you want to remove only the items of a specific type from your inventory you'll just need to specify it in the command: /ci potato

Note: items that have more than 1 word like "iron sword" must be typed as "iron_sword" with the underscore
Improved /list
It will now show a brief summary of who's online between donors, members and staff.
Image Also, OPSkyblock reset is being worked on, there are so many changes and updates about it that it's taking a bit more than expected but we want to deliver a real OP server for once so it has to be good and provide OP stuff :O

OPSkyblock Reset - Poll

by NxDs Wed Jun 21, 2017 11:29 am

After several requests by a lot of users we decided to make a poll regarding OpSkyblock reset.
If the poll will reach enough "Yes" votes we'll reset the server shortly.

A lot of people complained about a lot of things after that problem we had a while ago when the plugin stopped working.
The reset will:
  • Remove your island and its content
  • Clear your enderchest/inventory/vaults
  • Reset your balance
  • Remove everything from /ah
We will keep the poll running for 7 days, using alts to vote will lead to a permanent ban on both accounts (eventually account reset too).