The end

the is a very important part of minecraft but survivalplus end is causing problems to all players .
the survival plus end is filled with random builds that make the end very hard to navigate and use alot of players i know have quited the game and went to other servers because the end is harder than usual to accses to the point that even finding the ender dragon in the end is almost impossible
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1 week ago by Epialesx for Survivalplus



if u guys can add one more /sethome for all for free all would be happy and it can help us alot too

#8484 - Status: open

2 weeks ago by Jogi_IS_Back for Survivalplus


pls make a 1.16.5 server

make a new server called servival plus when testing is over which is a normal servers [no shops,chestshops,warps,/shop,or other stuff] cause we need to improve and pls reset the survivalplus soon so we can start again we are boared there pls leave it like a singleplayer world and make spawn attractive
pls reset end and nether like monthley pls THANKYOU

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1 month ago by 1234ASniperBot for Survivalplus


Reset survivalplus

I suggest resetting survivalplus after the 1.15 update, it would be more fun and a new version so a lot of people would play right?
The update is coming on late summer 2021, U guys got time to do everything u want, and i suggest applying the same plugins as the old ones

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1 month ago by __Yonal__ for Survivalplus



We all know sur+ is a testing server and will not get a reset or become a real server any soon, how ever there are few things that are better to be noticed if you ever consider resetting it
1-Let rare loots stay rare: Some loots like Elytra, HoS, horse armours and Pigstep (Heart of the sea) are extremely rare loots so my suggestion is to not adding them to shop because it isn't really comp.. See more

#8178 - Status: open

2 months ago by Jooooohn for Survivalplus


reset survivalp

This gamemode used to be fun and non toxic and active and fresh but its become old boring and there is no ecconemy and the little ecconemy there was is ruined by a dupe glich. It would be nice for this to be reset.

#8136 - Status: open

2 months ago by WhySoTNT for Survivalplus



make /kit have unbreaking 1 in survival plus plzz

#8117 - Status: open

2 months ago by CrystaDemon for Survivalplus


Boss fight

im not 1.16 player but its unfair 1.16 players dosent have boss fight add some bosses like

(Venom) potion and slowness all players and spawn cave spiders

(Herobrine with netherite sword) its too powerful just like Zeus and spawn armed zombies

(ravanger) just like Raid but 10000hp on him and spawn some vindicators or evokers

rewards like netherite or netherite blocks or trident idk

#8091 - Status: open

2 months ago by _Billie__Jean_ for Survivalplus


no /shop

pls dont add /shop because the players in survivalplus try theyre best to get the things they want and it would just ruin a part of the gamemode if theres a /shop in it. Im honestly ok with /pwarp and /ah but as long as theres no /shop and also NO /fly for claims cause that would ruin a part of the elytra purposes

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3 months ago by Acerafa for Survivalplus


Idk just read

I would suggest updating or just creating a new survivalplus in 1.17 it would be a reset and ppl would play it cuz 1.17 is a new version and ofc it's not out I mean when it's out u guys could add it with the same commands and plugins but add/withdraw cuz there are soo many scammers

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3 months ago by __Yonal__ for Survivalplus


add a auction into survivalplus

Survivalplus is a really fun sever and i generally enjoy it's just that when making money it's very hard and if we ad the selection of /ah but no /shop it would make the server a bit faster in the eco and boost the player base due to s+ never actually having updates on the gamemode, with /ah or /auction we can actually make a general amount of money because if survivalplus is really dead.. See more

#7878 - Status: open

3 months ago by 212_ for Survivalplus


Safer trading for survivalPlus

I was recently scammed on survivalPlus because there is no safe way of trading money. i would appreciate it if you could add the /withdraw command which is also there in survival to survivalPlus. If the command is already there in survival i don't think it will be hard to add the plugin to survivalPlus as well because you already have it. -

-(I would like it of you could replace my.. See more

#7785 - Status: open

4 months ago by BlackFireFury for Survivalplus


SurvivalPlus Join version

We should be able to Join with 1.8 or Any Version to SurvivalPlus. If we want to trade keys or do smthg there. We have to Launch MC again and change Version :Weary:, If this isnt Possible or wont be implemented.
I would suggest to Allow players to join other gamemodes with only 1.8/1.8.9 Because when they play with other version they get advantages like Block and stuff....

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5 months ago by the_batatouille for Survivalplus


SurvivalPlus Suggestions

- Vote Key crates have Spawners only. I would suggest to add Original Weapons to Crates as well. Having only spawners is kinda wierd lol. Weapons are hard to make so, Would be nice If y'all add them (But with alot of Rarity)
- Add the claim size, In other Survival gamemode (1.8) We can see the size of our claim when the Owner of the claim right clicks with a Stick. But in SurvivalPlus we do.. See more

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5 months ago by the_batatouille for Survivalplus


/givepet toggle

I Hate Minecraft Dogs... I really do.. If this was happened with Cats I would be totally fine with it..
Now I have about 20dogs around me that aren't even mine...

A toggle for /givepet command Would be really useful since everyone can gift u a pet whether u like it or not..

(Don't make me kill all those dogs)

#7652 - Status: open

5 months ago by Jooooohn for Survivalplus


/claim kick [IGN]

I would like to suggest and put /claim kick.
Consider it :D

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5 months ago by XD_gamer3 for Survivalplus


1.9+ pvp

make the pvp in sur+ 1.9+

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6 months ago by iChooseMJ for Survivalplus



Add Quests in Survivalplus

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6 months ago by iChooseMJ for Survivalplus



Set the difficulty to hard.

#7367 - Status: open

6 months ago by iChooseMJ for Survivalplus



Pls make it so players can't use tridents that have channeling in people's claims recently my villagers were turned into witches cause someone came by and struck them with lightning

#7294 - Status: open

6 months ago by Aeugher for Survivalplus



survival plus is already soo good but few problem is there which i like you improve that
1: range of see thing like enderdragon, arrows and ore etc. fight with ender dragon make it soo irritating because 80% time you cant see him if its soo close than you able to see it
2: its 1.16.1 but pvp not look like example there is not a timer to use axe so its make hard to enjoy if you like new pvp s.. See more

#7137 - Status: open

7 months ago by Manish053 for Survivalplus


Rest Survival+ Plus Survival

reset survivalplus as well as normal survival.. we're done testing it
Also add /claim kick same as /trapped
and /claim blacklist
also make the midlle island of End reset when ever enderdragon resummons
Also change game to normal
also add /withdraw
remove or modify grief spawner like vex and elder guardian too
Don't add /shop
Don't add /toggle givepet... its a good for cat gr.. See more

#7080 - Status: open

7 months ago by Jooooohn for Survivalplus



can you enable /withdraw in SurvivalPlus? So we can trade money when trading.

That's only I need, thanks!

#7056 - Status: open

7 months ago by CreeperDj26 for Survivalplus


custom biomes?

pls add custom biomes in survival or creative it makes building easier :D

#7022 - Status: open

8 months ago by darksideoreo for Survivalplus


We know that survival plus is a testing server but:

If you decided to make it a real server with all /hof and other things..
1-game mode is on easy please put it on normal
2-do not allow claiming nether or allow it but if the player does not come online for 1 month declaim it
3-It's good that we don't have a /shop so that people can be more competitive
4-add a plugin that Illagers which are summoned before a raid do not count as raid.. See more

#7014 - Status: open

8 months ago by Jooooohn for Survivalplus