Do not Griefing Offensive Behaviors

Do not Griefing Offensive Behaviors Buildis https://www.extremecraft.net/rules/details/

#8679 - Status: rejected - See reply

2 weeks ago by 0_luqazhary_0 for Global


Allowing more building stuff

As a person who plays creative a lot in the new packs i would like it if you guys could add the new blocks and stuff so theres more building possibilities

#8671 - Status: open

2 weeks ago by DxrkSunrxse for Creative


Private Mine

Please, Add a place that you can mine with your self only.
And you only who can go there and you can invite your friends by /Pmine invite <Username>
/Pmine is skip of Private mine and you can upgrade it by /Pmine Upgrade
And to go there just write /Pmine
And I think that's it, Thanks so much!


#8576 - Status: open

1 month ago by Abskhiron for Prison


Pvp + Mine

I want the old pvp that have a big cube that you can mine ores in it pls bring it back

#8575 - Status: open

1 month ago by Abskhiron for Skyblock


Creative should have /head list. So people can look for heads or search for it by the command /head search. For like example: /head search cake.

As they add /head list It will have limited pages. Like 190. It will be up to you to choose how much pages. When people can't find the heads they wan't , They use /head search (name). It is because It would be amazing If you could choose your own head easily and quickly. So at this point Adding /head list and /head search (name) , Would be amazing so you can find the head you want quickl.. See more

#8542 - Status: open

1 month ago by angelxllic for Creative


Basic and old themed buildings/maps

I recently joined this server and noticed that the skywars server maps are small, basic and not well done.
I'd suggest better maps to be built in it.

#8462 - Status: open

2 months ago by Lazublue for Skywars


Crafting Table

you should add crafting tables on spawns in survival opfactions factions etc..

#8370 - Status: open

3 months ago by CCee for Global


I want to get a rank.

I want to get this rank in order to improve the server conditions and deliver this server to the largest number of members and I can volunteer to post this server on my Instagram i have 3.000 followers

#8063 - Status: rejected - See reply

4 months ago by YS_SY for Skyblock


Printing allowed (no cactus allowed)

Why is Printing not allowed it would make more fun with printing a cannon its faster and you don't need to stand there 3 hours building a cannon.
You can't even print something what doesn't even help you in the game!! I think we should allowe Printer for everything but not cactus

#8044 - Status: rejected - See reply

5 months ago by NikBaseBuilder for Global


Revamp PvP

please return the pvp mine on skyblock

#7795 - Status: open

6 months ago by HafizArmani for Global



Add Pistons and sticky pistons in the shop

#7771 - Status: rejected - See reply

6 months ago by Mvtss for Prison


Update Eggwars

New map maybe some maps from bedwars and some by community
New kits
and something new

#7734 - Status: open

6 months ago by suomilanittaja for Eggwars


Auto Cactus build.

This item HAS to be expensive and will let a chunk of cactus be built near instantly, maybe put it as a low chance in Legendary keys or buy of shop for 25 dollars each.

#7730 - Status: rejected - See reply

6 months ago by BakaTora for Global


Reset skyblock pvp arena

Reset skyblock pvp arena like you guys did to survival pvp arena last season

#7696 - Status: open

6 months ago by zgch for Skyblock


/reset kit

A command used to retrieve inventory after death in survival mode

#7651 - Status: rejected - See reply

7 months ago by ATOMDRAGON56 for Survival


Allow Badlion Client to use printer on cannoning

It's hard for BLC users to manually put block by blocks. All of us wants to try out our cannons, it will take alot of time. Please allow printer on BLC

#7637 - Status: open

7 months ago by xXfallenepiczXx for Global


Vote poll system?

This idea goes for all new spawns, maps such as in bedwars, skywars, etc... Basically, my idea is make a vote poll of random 2 or 4 or even more build themes... for example theme: Medieval, Fantasy orr... even theme NxDs? Idk. Just to make things more interesting and so the majority of the community can contribute in the look of future upcoming maps, spawns, etc... In my opinion, i think it wou.. See more

#7623 - Status: open

7 months ago by Fr0styFlqkes for Global


Pvpmine in skyblock

I believe that you guys should add a pvpmine in skyblock pvp. This will allow players to be able to get ores easily other than voting and buying the ore. This will be a great addition to skyblock because it will allow newer players to get ores easily with a risk of dying. The pvpmine should be the same as last season's pvpmine.

#7453 - Status: open

8 months ago by F2ke for Global


Add somemore blocks to /shop

Add some more blocks to the building materials section in /shop

#7349 - Status: open

8 months ago by Sergaj for Rpg


Add in more building blocks at /shop

Please add in all the building blocks like last season or 2 seasons ago, because right now we don’t even have any building blocks that we can use to build our base(s) with.

We’ve all been used to the old shop where every blocks were all listed to sell or buy.
Having to search up for recipes of every blocks that we need on Google isn’t fun, but rather annoying and time consuming.

I do und.. See more

#7299 - Status: open

8 months ago by Keihro for Survival


Build New maps At Eggwars

Hello I suggest that new designs be created For Eggwars Because The maps Is too old And It made the players bored
Egg Wars now rarely have more than ten players Because they played The games very much

#7202 - Status: open

9 months ago by Mr_Dracula for Eggwars


Ender chest

Add an ender chest in /warp pvpmine

#6927 - Status: accepted - See reply

10 months ago by C0lim0n for Prison



I suggest having a bathroom in the lobby section so people can pee! They can do /warp bathroom!

#6844 - Status: rejected - See reply

10 months ago by CreeperDj26 for Lobby


World Edit Duration

The current world edit duration for 1 vote is 15mins and 90 mins for 6 votes [5 votes for cracked users], I think it would be great to give 30mins for 1 vote because if a player with no rank is doing a big project for building or even a buildbattle it wouldnt be enough. But giving 30 mins for a single vote would be a great benefit and the total duration is180mins gives the player more ti.. See more

#6748 - Status: accepted - See reply

11 months ago by Im_Titann for Creative


The old pvp map

Bring back the white pvp map (the one that has sumo)
when survival resets

#6741 - Status: open

11 months ago by NIKOSEN for Survival