Prison improvements

I'd like to give some suggestions that could improve the experience of playing prison and make that mode more enjoyable:
-ability to get pets that help increase the profit while mining.
-ability to buy/get a private mine for costly price. Can upgrade the blocks just like rankup but with double or more the original price.
-new enchants:
. Chain explosions: a small chance to create a chain of explosions with small radius with each blow.
. Auto-repair: your pickaxe has a 50% chance to auto repair if it break.
. Bomber: while mining there is a very small chance to summon a random bomb.
-add treasure chest inside mines that contain average loot (vote keys, quest keys...) Same as luckyblocks but with greater spawn rate.
-remove pickaxe xp from luckyblocks because peoples mine for hours with a tiny chance of finding luckyblocks and if they find one they get rewarded xp which is pointless.

#9500 - Status: open

1 week ago by Painful_ for Buildings