/reset kit

A command used to retrieve inventory after death in survival mode

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1 year ago by ATOMDRAGON56 for Survival


Add in more building blocks at /shop

Please add in all the building blocks like last season or 2 seasons ago, because right now we don’t even have any building blocks that we can use to build our base(s) with.

We’ve all been used to the old shop where every blocks were all listed to sell or buy.
Having to search up for recipes of every blocks that we need on Google isn’t fun, but rather annoying and time consuming.

I do und.. See more

#7299 - Status: open

1 year ago by swaggoo for Survival


The old pvp map

Bring back the white pvp map (the one that has sumo)
when survival resets

#6741 - Status: open

1 year ago by NIKOSEN for Survival


Add a Crafting table in survival pvp arena

i play on survival server and play pvp . in the pvp arena we dont have any crafting table . we have to go to home for crafting . it will be good if you add a crafting table in survival pvp arena . thanks

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2 years ago by Apurbo for Survival


Survival's PvP arena!

I believe that survival's pvp arena has no texture what so ever, it is all white. The builders can make an amazing job making a better one, I am aware that the current one is built by players but it is just a bad sight, no shading, very little buildings.

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2 years ago by Paiq for Survival



I wish there was a physical shop like there used to be - /warp shop. I don't like that the /shop is just digital and not an actual place.

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2 years ago by VIVAXD for Survival


Spawner limit

Heyy...Dieu you make spawner limit on 40 spawners and its hard to make good farm, i have cow farm and its hard to make farn with more spawners because of spawner limit....I want if you can remove spawner limit OR...or make spawner limit 60 to 80 spawners pls because 40 is to small...and other players have cow farms andangel other and they'r sad like me because of spawner limit, please make i.. See more

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3 years ago by SimpleXtreme for Survival