RPG Pvp map

RPG PvP map is unfortunately very bad this season, i like how it matches the theme but there are a few problems with it. ( Specifically it being too big ).

#1 Its massive, because wind staffs are enabled, its super easy to fly away and run from pvp, basically defeating the purpose, you dont even need special tools to run because of how big it is.

#2 Lag spikes, when you pvp someone in the arena you randomly getting giant fps drops, we concluded this was from the map

#3 Design, the new pvp map has a suprising lack of design compared to the spawn, and previous rpg pvp maps, the most detailed part of it is the pillars we cant access

#3 CTA, the cta arena is the same as the pvp arena, in previous versions there was a seperate place for cta ( E.G, last seasons was under the original pvp map, which i think was ALOT better, with the cta arena being the same as the pvp arena, this makes it alot easier for invisibles to capture, makes it very difficult to kill the person whos capturing bcs they can go everywhere, and very difficult to leave the pvp arena if you accidently capture, ( theres no place to go to stop capturing )

Again, no offence to the builders. I just dont think its the type of pvp map for RPG
thanks for reading ily bye

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1 week ago by SilaNz for Buildings