Pvp + Mine

I want the old pvp that have a big cube that you can mine ores in it pls bring it back

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1 month ago by Abskhiron for Skyblock


I want to get a rank.

I want to get this rank in order to improve the server conditions and deliver this server to the largest number of members and I can volunteer to post this server on my Instagram i have 3.000 followers

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4 months ago by YS_SY for Skyblock


Reset skyblock pvp arena

Reset skyblock pvp arena like you guys did to survival pvp arena last season

#7696 - Status: open

6 months ago by zgch for Skyblock


Bossfight warp

The notice in /warp bossfight states that only Top 2 damagers and the user who summoned boss would receive the Boss Key
as such in the screenshot --> http://prntscr.com/prf1tb
However, Top 3 damagers and the user who summoned boss received the Boss Key.
Therefore, you might want to change the notice to Top 3 damagers instead or only set the users who are Top 2 damagers to receive the Bos.. See more

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1 year ago by chicly for Skyblock


/warp info

Hey there,

Could you please add the things like last season in /warp info?

Such as Cobblestone gen example, stone gen example, /ps example, some more standard commands etc?
It's real handy for beginning players to see the essentials of how to play SkyBlock & make the basic stuff.

so once they have questions as; "How do I make a stone gen?" I can just say, /warp info

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2 years ago by Acrw for Skyblock


Make the cobblestone or stone generator in /warp info mineable.

Make the cobblestone or stone generator in /warp info mineable.

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2 years ago by Sirius9121 for Skyblock



Hello guys
I was pvping on skyblock yesterday
I saw that it has a really bad fps Because it's height
I hope you could create /warp fps or change the pvp zone into a small one
Not the size i mean the height ....
But i prefer to make /warp fps .

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3 years ago by xLeg1t for Skyblock