45 wall

The 45 wall is raidable,in fact pretty easily and they should not be banned just because some bad raiders dont have enough skill to raid it,you do need to add things to a cannon,and im saying to all of you its possible with a 4sec cannon too just have to turn your brain on so please do not listen to not open minded bad raiders ty ps:Pizza

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1 year ago by kolikosamstar for Factions



45s are so good i love them very much Klaus is wrong its easy to raid no ban pls ty for your time downvote if like men

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1 year ago by Frxggie for Factions


Faster regens

Hello ,

I would like to suggest to faster the gen buckets block per second. For example if you are making a 100x100 base you need to gen a lot and because of this you move a lot chunks. Whenever you move a lot chunks the gen buckets which you've placed stops working.
Please make 2 or 3 blocks per second.

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2 years ago by UnbanHydra for Factions



PLEASE bring back outpost! and buff the axes again, it has made reset not the best

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2 years ago by DragonFury_ for Factions


Peh Veh Peh

I have noticed that running away in combat is a very common thing now and its easy to run away when a player is behind you...In /warp pvp arena this is happening and people run around and when they see the "You are no longer in combat" message they just type in /home or if its ranked people they can insta-tp (or climb the ladder or exit to the pvp start or whatever where you can't pvp)...So .. See more

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3 years ago by iiTrixteR for Factions


Additional PVP arenas (FPS + 1v1's)

1. Create a new or additional /pvp arena, a medium/large glass box to pvp in. Would prevent people from easily combat logging because running space is limited but would be enough space to straif or kite enemies.
Why? - Some people, (myself including) feel the pvp arena is far too open and big. Also you can simply run away and then jump back into the safe zone which is no fun.
(Pros: Harder fo.. See more

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4 years ago by FairyBottle for Factions


Trading Center

Hi,Whats Up I Have A Nice Idea To Make A Warp Trading Center You Can Put Your Item To Sell there

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4 years ago by DontAfraid for Factions


PvP Arena

Hello! Since the last reset, Factions server has used a different PvP arena. In my opinion, this should be changed again. Since the new arena began to be used, the number of people there has decreased a lot. Some of my friends think so, too. It is also too big, and it is easy to lose our enemy. In my opinion, the previous arena would be ideal if it were just a little bigger, maybe it was a bit t.. See more

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4 years ago by East_Is_Up_018 for Factions


/warp TradingCenter

Salutations, I heard on some other servers that there is a ./warp tradingcenter i've see it
and i found it very nice.
Can you add it in our factions too? i really want for it.
Thank you for reading!

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4 years ago by WoodenSprayShot for Factions