Allowing more building stuff

As a person who plays creative a lot in the new packs i would like it if you guys could add the new blocks and stuff so theres more building possibilities

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11 months ago by DxrkSunrxse for Creative


Creative should have /head list. So people can look for heads or search for it by the command /head search. For like example: /head search cake.

As they add /head list It will have limited pages. Like 190. It will be up to you to choose how much pages. When people can't find the heads they wan't , They use /head search (name). It is because It would be amazing If you could choose your own head easily and quickly. So at this point Adding /head list and /head search (name) , Would be amazing so you can find the head you want quickl.. See more

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1 year ago by angelxllic for Creative


World Edit Duration

The current world edit duration for 1 vote is 15mins and 90 mins for 6 votes [5 votes for cracked users], I think it would be great to give 30mins for 1 vote because if a player with no rank is doing a big project for building or even a buildbattle it wouldnt be enough. But giving 30 mins for a single vote would be a great benefit and the total duration is180mins gives the player more ti.. See more

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1 year ago by Im_Titann for Creative


For Owner Of Extremecraft [TugsuuGaming]

Can You Add Observer Block? It Help Everyone To Redstone Please?

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3 years ago by TugsuuGaming for Creative



please help me
tpa to Amir2099

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4 years ago by Amir2099 for Creative


Creative builds

Every month I’m creative the best build (voted by people / staff) gets to be in spawn of creative for 1 week

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4 years ago by LocalDeliveryMan for Creative


pvp arena

I made a sort of arena on creative maybe this could be a pvp arena for people who like to fight,
Its not done yet it needs some work but im doing that ill send the new pictures when done,
link: https://postimg.org/gallery/yk6imt3a/

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4 years ago by MrBlazeXoX for Creative