"Necromancer" title

The person who can talk with deads called necromancer .

#8014 - Status: open

1 month ago by Im_Ma3l for Titles

Special Pet Cloth Options

I am here to ask The Team Can You add Leather To Diamond Armor For Some special Pet Like Zombie Pet _ Horse pet _ Skeleton pet _ Zombie pigman Pet

#3521 - Status: closed

2 years ago by Im_Ma3l for Global

Clonner Custom enchants

I am here with an other suggestion for extremecraft Team
Clonner Custom enchant Is a Cool idea that team can add to the OP game mods like opsurvival
But what is actually Clonner Custom enchant Is ?
Clonner custom enchant will make A Clone of you with 30% of your Hp And 20% of your attack damage He will Fight For you
and the NPC Will Defend you from other Players who just attacking.. See more

#3513 - Status: rejected

2 years ago by Im_Ma3l for Opsurvival

Skeleton Title

i am here With an other suggestion ...
Please add skeleton title ...
last time i saw the store and there was not skeleton title
that would be cool if you add skeleton title if there is not any ...
thank you

#3512 - Status: closed

2 years ago by Im_Ma3l for Global


Im here to suggest to the extreme craft to add City Life Gamemode … But What is actually is this gamemode ?
This Gamemode is A modern Gamemode That every thing should be modern on it ...
I suggest the team to add this Sort Of items_Plugins_mods_Commands and buildings For this gamemode :
basical Information about this gamemode is ==> the gamemode of each player is survival Mod
The Sh.. See more

#3507 - Status: closed

2 years ago by Im_Ma3l for Global

" /fade " command

pls add /fade command that can make player invisible for 15 min and after do /fade again it will undo …
it should be elite + because elite got /near so he can get to know about other players and he can /fade him self
its realy gonna cool and people will buy to elite … then their gonna buy extreme and after that nexus …
/fade command should be just use in other placing and spawn but not for p.. See more

#3374 - Status: rejected

2 years ago by Im_Ma3l for Global

[Thanos] title

stan lee is dead So I think they need a new title that have all the power of marvel movies :P [Thanos Title] if It add to title I will buy
because thanos have all the infinity stones . he is a strong warrior that all peoples want to be like him then they will buy thanos title.
lots of people want to be like thanos that means all [fortnite players _all marvel lovers_all movie lovers _all comic .. See more

#3160 - Status: accepted

2 years ago by Im_Ma3l for Global